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Evans Engineering & Design Build Services Inc.

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The website was actually where I placed my order
I made a purchase of a LOL dollhouseThey immediately took the payment of 99.00+ tax out of my accountI received an email a few days later that the dollhouse was sold out and I would receive a refundWell I still haven't received my money and have no way to contact themNo phone number and their website no longer works

I like many others over the last month placed an order with this company who has changed their name to and they have cancelled my order after a week of me trying to get in touch with them and they have now taken down their website and I'm still waiting for a response about my refund for my order

This website is fraudulent and part of a slew of other fraudulent websites that sell low priced items that never shipLast week, I ordered a product from and it was never sentThen, the website mysteriously was taken down...It was only live for less than daysI emailed the "customer service" and did not receive a reply back
This week, this new website has popped up and it looks the exact same and has a "business address" with store hours of a residential apartment complexAll the wording and items advertised are the same as the Bazastores website

HelloI purchased a *** Channel Surround Bar from on 7/17/My credit card was charged shortly after for $I received a receipt for my purchase on 7/17/via email so I could track my itemA few days went by and my purchase was pendingFinally on 7/23/I received an email stating that Buk Camera could not fulfill my order due to the item was not in stock and that a refund would be applied to my credit cardThe email also stated that it could take as many as days for my order to be refundedAfter days with no refund I attempted to contact Buk Camera on 8/14/via their website to inquire about my refundI received an automated email from the company that my email was received and a response would be returned in 24-hoursNo response was received so I once again on 8/16/submitted another email inquiring about my refund and that I was not happy with the customer serviceI have since not received any additional information regarding my ref

SCAM! Took money right away and then sent an email stating it was out of stockMoney would be refunded in 7-days and that has not happenedNow their site has magically disappearedWould like my hard earned money back

Same as below two reviewsOrdered unit and immediately chargedReceived notice of refund next day because item was out of stockWas never refundedI did a chargeback on my credit card since this is obviously a complete scam

The company advertised an a/c window unit at sell price It allowed me to make the purchase, but three days later was informed the item was no longer available The email stated I would receive a refund anywhere from 7-21days which seemed excessive to me, but I patiently waited However, now it has been more than days and any attempt in contacting the company have gone unanswered since informing them it has been more than the days

Details of the product is: *** *** 5, BTU 115V Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner with Mechanical Controls
order # *** (07/03/2018)
I just received email it has been refunded but I did not get the money back in my bank account (I used my credit card)

On 7/16/I ordered a 12×pool and on 7/22/I recieved an email that an error occured on their website and my pool is no longer available and expect a refund within daysAs of now the same pool is still being advertised with the same promises and price

Ordered a *** TOA-Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer (Order# ***, $96.59) with on 06/20/ Received the following email from on 6/25/and no refund to date:
"Your order on has been refundedWe regret to inform you that your order could not be completedWhile our website may have indicated an in-stock status, one or more items in your order were not in stock at the time your order was to be fulfilledYour order cancellation will process today, and we are currently processing your refundHowever, depending on your card issuer, it may take up to 7-days for the money to be available in your card balanceIf you have any further questions, please contact usWe sincerely apologize for this problem."

Company advertised a product they did not have, changed me before it was shipped and now refuse to send me a refundIt's a scam

I ordered the ninmega system for $on June 21stI got a confirmation about my order but nothing about shippingOn June 25th I got an email saying they do not have the item anymore and are reimbursing me
When I checked their website, they still have the item for sale which is advertisingI'm hoping this isn't a scam and that they aren't trying to get people's credit card information

Made a purchase but item was never shipped Asked for refund and did not get reply

Ordered a window ac online with no issues on 6/18/On 6/I received an email stating the item was out of stock and the money was refunded to my card but would take 7-business days to show in the accountI called my credit card and they had no contact info for the purchase along with the webpage now has issues loading and also has no contact infoThe money has never been refunded nor do I believe any intention will be made to do soI now have to dispute the charge with my credit card companyIn my opinion this is most likely a scam since I have seen others have reported the same issuesNot even providing contact info to resolve issues is a huge red flag! BUYER BEWARE!

A fake shopping website was formed using my contact informationIt is ***Under contacts the have "***" and then had my home address and phone number listedOn 8/25/I started receiving calls from "customers" trying to find out about their ordersI was getting an average of calls a dayOn 8/27/I completed the *** report and the *** report for cyber crimeI also contact the Sheriff's DepartmentThey advised me to find out the domain owner to get the information removedThey were not able to pursue it because it is was an internet-based businessThe domain owner listed was shopify.comFrom 9/I have spoken to over representatives to try to resolve this matterIn spite of their to business day guarantees, the matter has not been resolved nor did I ever get updates on the investigation process (via email or telephone)I have also requested multiple times to speak with a supervisorI have been denied each time as the rep

I ordered the LOL dollhouse, it took the money out of my account immediately, I received email confirmation that my order was processing then days later received another email telling me my order was cancelled due to it being out of stock and I would receive a refundWell of course, still no refund so I emailed them and haven’t received any responseThis is fraud, they took my money and will not respond back to me but they cancelled my order and said it refunded on there website

This company advertised *** *** 20v Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit (1.3Ah) $onlineI made the purchase on their secure site with a *** credit cardI never received a tracking number so emailed them or timesI did get a reply saying they were out of stockYet the item was still listed for saleThey said My refund was on the way here is the email word for word
"Hi ,
This product is out of stock
Your order has been refundedHowever, depending on your card issuer, it may take up to 7-days for the money to be available in your card balanceIf you have any further questions, please contact usWe sincerely apologize for this problem
Best regards,
Customer Service"
It never came, I called ***, and getting it worked outButI've have spent to hours correcting this attempt to scam money from me hoping I would forget about the refund
Thank you *** *

PLEASE, DO NOT purchase any items from this siteIt will take your money and send you no product or refund !!!I was scammed by this company if it in fact is a real company at allAVOID this business at all is the site to avoidThey are located in Sacramento, CA

This company does not have a website anymoreAfter getting my payment, they immediately said they were out of stockSaid my Refund would be 7-days depending on my bankIts been days since they said thisNothing has been refundedThey are a scam, they list products for way cheap so you will pay for them, then they say they are not in stock and keep your money hoping you wont noticeI filed with my CC and the FCC, doesnt really enforce anything, but at least other people will knowIf you bought something from these crooks, file with your CC, dont bother contacting them, its just automated replies

I ordered an electric lawn mower from the ChangeAX website I received an email two days later informing me there was a mistake in the inventory I was informed that I would have my money fully refunded in 5-business days Its been business days and no refund The company was just started days before my purchase so it sure appears ChangeAX is a scam!

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