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Evergreen Contractors, Inc.

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About six and a half years ago I sustained damage to my cedar shake roofRunning it through my insurance company I was advised I needed to us of companies that they recommended
I chose ***
years after the roof was replace shingles started to fall off, one at a timeand not realizing I had a warranty for years, I had them come back to replace the shingles and PAIND THEM
they did not mention my warranty at all
in the last year I have had a few dozen more shingles fall offI contacted them but they never responded ...and it was after the year warranty
I had a roofer out to look at it..and they said the roof was done incorrectly and basically they used wrong nails and the ones they used become brittle and break when exposed to the elements
A recent windstorm in Virginiaweek of Feb cause many more shigles to blow off and many more very loose

Review: Hired Evergreen Contracting on 28 April to paint the entire inside of our home, as well as replace the kitchen back splash so we could put the home on the market prior to our move to Texas. The job entailed replacing the back splash in the kitchen, fix the trim, replace the kitchen sink, and add under counter lights in the cabinets. In addition, they were to paint the whole inside including trim and moulding. They obtained their deposit of $2300 on 28 April but did not plan to start until 22 May. They failed to start when originally planned on 22 May; delay until 28 May for back splash replacement. Continual delays in painting project where project manager sent only 1 person on multiple days for 2 weeks. Requested additional money for a job they quoted and did not send the proper crew to finish the work. We fired them on 12 June for an incomplete project and hired another vendor. Evergreen Contracting charged our credit card the remaining $2300 balance although they failed to finish the project. We have been unable to receive the refund of the $2300.Desired Settlement: It is our expectation to have the $2300 refunded because Evergreen Contracting did not finish the job; they did not replace the sink; they did not put the lights in the kitchen cabinet and did not finish the paint project in the time expected in order for us to put the home on the market.



We have made several attempts to contact the owner without reply. Our contract clearly stated that the painting contract did not include anything beyond normal nail pops, minor settlement cracks, etc. The owner indicated the home would be vacant and ready for sale as they were preparing to relocate to [redacted], Texas. Given this information we provided a bid that was based on the home being vacate so we could use a professional paint sprayer to paint the ceilings in two days. Unfortunately this was not able to be completed because the owner failed to disclose that the home would be occupied with family and all of the furniture to include multiple wall mounted devices which further damaged the condition of the walls. The combination of the property not being vacant and the additional drywall repair caused a delay on time but also an increase in labor and material costs. In an effort of good business practice we reached out to the customer many times in an effort to resolve a change order to accommodate the above described circumstances. We providedore than the services contracted. It was the customers immenent job relocation that resulted in poor contractual performance. We provided much more than the contractual agreement and would have easily completed the project if the customer fulfilled their obligation to deliver the home vacant without the tremendous drywall damage or responded with a reasonable change order agreement so we could recoup our project losses. We have verifiable records of time and material spent beyond our contractual agreement. We have a right to be paid for work completed in addition to our contract inclusive of the additional work change orders we attempted to convey but were ignored.

Review: Our bathroom remodel project was contracted to take 8 business days but the project took 6 weeks. On several occasions, our contractor did not appear for work with very short or no notification. Also, we were charged for materials without our consent and were not provided all materials that were purchased by us and the owner has failed to provided an itemized invoice for our review after several requests. Lastly, several contruction issues that were a direct result of the work completed were not addressed correctly or safely.

Repeated attempts to the owner have received responses but no action has been taken to correct or address these issues.Desired Settlement: $500 to address unfinished and improperly completed contracted services within our home.



We have contacted the customer and have resolved this complaint. Customer has agreed to remove the complaint. Please contact customer to verify and remove complaint.

Review: We had been planning to renovate our upstairs bathroom for a while. The original bathroom was from the late 1970s and desperately needed remodeling, including moving a wall back to add space. We received bids from several companies and ultimately chose Evergreen. Our contact with the company was [redacted]. His charge was for labor only, which was fine with us as it allowed us to choose and control material costs. There were delays in the start date and many delays in the completion date but ultimately the bathroom remodel appeared to be almost complete, with the exception of the install of the side panel to the vanity (see below.) That said, the remodel itself was not without problems. The foreman on the job received absolutely no direction about anything but the most basic of plans, and made no effort to ask what we wanted. He did not add electric sockets, put light switches on back walls out of sight from the bathroom entrance, and had no knowledge at all of the wall with shelves to be next to the bathtub. Also, when the custom made vanity arrived, he installed it inversely and out of alignment. He and his assistant also destroyed the carpet on our stairs, spilling sticky and greasy paints or lubricants or something and trudging in mud and dirt. We have since brought in professional carpet cleaners and they did the best that they could, but most of the stains are irreversible, so we have no choice but to change the carpet altogether. We also learned near the completion of the project that [redacted] had failed to secure the county permit as required.

We wish we could at least say that after all this we got a professionally constructed and remodeled bathroom. Unfortunately, it looks far more like we did it ourselves, with no help from a professional. The wall paint is splotchy all over with some areas darker than others; there is paint on the tiles; much of the tile grout on the floor and around the bathtub is broken off / gone, and overall, the look is sloppy and poorly finished.

There was also the issue of no wall on the side of the vanity by the bathtub. Because the vanity had been designed and built with this wall in mind, that side of the vanity was unfinished. We agreed to have a finished side panel ordered and installed in lieu of the wall. [redacted] was supposed to order the panel from the cabinet makers, but never did. We put the order in ourselves and emailed [redacted] with the information. This was around the beginning of May. He promised to have the panel installed when we received it. He also indicated that we would receive a refund for the unused tile that he had ordered and taken back. Still waiting for that, of course.

On May 26, I texted [redacted] to let him know that we had received the side panel and needed to scheduled installation. I also told him that both towel bars had fallen down and we did not have the appropriate tools to reattach them ourselves. He promised to have [redacted] (the foreman) contact us. 10 days later, we still had heard nothing. I re-contacted [redacted] and he promised to have [redacted] call immediately. 2 days later, still no word from [redacted]. I again re-contacted [redacted] and he told me that he had let [redacted] go, and that he had a new “warranty tech” on staff that would contact us in the next day or so. A week later I still had not heard back from either [redacted] or his new tech, so I sent [redacted] another text and left him another voice mail. Nearly another week passed before he responded, promising that he would “get it done this week.” Four days later I followed up and still nothing. Finally, after 10 days without a response or follow up, I sent him a message asking him if he had “decided to not finish or fix our bathroom.” He then sent me a text explaining that he had been in a bad accident and was catching up on work. He and I then spoke by phone and he once again promised to have his new tech call me within the week. That was June 26th. We are now in September, and to date, we have never heard a word back. In the meantime, much of the grout between the floor tiles has broken off. Worse, the new toilet started to back up on a daily basis. After plunging it every day for a week, we called in a plumber who changed the mechanism in the toilet to add water pressure. This has helped somewhat, but not solved the problem, as the toilet still gets backed up. The plumber is pretty sure that there is a valve at the drain level that was not removed when the toilet was installed; because the toilet was siliconed to the floor (apparently something done by inexperienced contractors/plumbers), this can only be checked and remedied by ripping the toilet out. Also, our brand new bathtub has started to squeak and groan when you step in it. While it may be nothing, what if it is not? With everything else, we are very concerned that there may be a structural defect. We don’t even want to think about what could happen if the weight of the tub is not being properly supported.

With all of this, we have again reached out to [redacted] to let him know what is going on and to request that he send someone immediately to check the toilet and the tub (not to mention install the side vanity panel, fix the grout, reattached the towel bars, clean grout and paint off tiles and glass….) . My husband called and spoke with him last Monday, and [redacted] once again began with an excuse for why he has still not followed up despite our months of email, calls and texts. This time, his excuse is that he is going through a difficult divorce. When they spoke, [redacted] also informed my husband that his “new tech” is no longer working with him, and that [redacted] is back. We made an appointment (and reconfirmed) for [redacted] to come this past Monday to check and begin fixing the problems. [redacted] never showed up even though my husband stayed home from work all day waiting for him. No call or contact either. Needless to say, we have given up any hope of resolving things amicably. [redacted] and his staff at Evergreen are utterly unreliable and unprofessional, with no regard for their clients or the finished product.Desired Settlement: We want an independent engineer to check for any structural issues with the bathtub (which was repositiioned), and to repair what ever needs to be reparied. We want the toilet fixed by a professional plumber, including having it removed to see if a valve was not removed and is the cause of the continual flushing problems. We want the floor and tub regrouted properly, the towel bars re-attached properly, the side panel to the vanity attached, the walls repainted so that the color is consistent and not blotchy and mis-matched, and any other items repaired if needed. We would also like a partial return of payment to cover the cost of recarpeting the stairs.



We have met with the customer and agreed to the items to be completed as part of our commitment to the customers satisfaction and the warranty provided to the customer. The work is scheduled for completion and no further issues are pending between Evergreen Contractors and the customer.

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