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Complainant [redacted] cancellation process on February [redacted] was not completed However, as a gesture of good faith, we reached out and refunded her the monthly service charges upon confirmation her items out were on their way back We have since received all items, and this matter is resolved We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience here

Complainant [redacted] was offered the 50% off one month promotion on March *** When she called in to ask about it in the call referenced in her complaint, the customer service representative did not see the discount applied and incorrectly told Complainant that she would not receive the discount We apologize for any confusion, and have since reached out to Complainant to correct this mistake of communication After we reached out, she has re-joined at the correct promotional rate

We reached out to Complainant Shondra R [redacted] when we received this complaint Our customer manager discussed the history and offered to refund $if the three outstanding garments were returned within days We've received one garment, but two remain outstanding, with a combined value of $ We are happy to honor our original offer if Complainant returns the two remaining garments as soon as possible, and reaches out to our CS manager with the tracking numbers so we can verify

Complainant [redacted] joined our monthly subscription service on April *, on the item plan At the end of her day free trial, she was billed for the item plan monthly charge, as per our terms of service When the charge did not go through on the card Complainant provided, [redacted] received an automatic email asking her to update her card information, which Complainant acknowledges receiving Per our terms, which Complainant agreed to upon signing up, she would continue to be billed monthly while she was a member She has had items at home since going past due, and thus is using the clothing rental service for its very purpose However, as a gesture of good faith, we are willing to sell Complainant the clothing she has at home as requested and grant a reduction in the amount owed We have removed Complainant's name from the collections list to provide days in which she may call our customer service hotline and request CS manager Crystal, who will help her arrange payment for the garments still in Complainant's possession

Complainant [redacted] claims she called in to cancel sometime in April or May, however, there is no record of any calls from [redacted] at that time Furthermore, in her response to the 9/ [redacted] past due email, she did not indicate that she had cancelled; just that she had not actively used the account for a while (she did still have garments at home, however) However, as a gesture of good faith in this situation, we waived the past due amount once she paid for the garments still in her possession

Complainant [redacted] contacted us with what she claims to be fraudulent charges on her card When we asked for her address to verify her identity, she would not provide, so we asked her to contact her bank and have them provide us with a confirmation of a fraud report We additionally need to ascertain her address as someone has received (and never sent back) garments from this account We cannot give out further information without some sort of verification, as we take customer privacy seriously, but we are ready to work with her to resolve this matter when we receive a letter from her bank or another form of verification

Complainant [redacted] account went paid past due on May *, when her monthly payment did not go through We did reach out with our standard emails to the email address on file, notifying Complainant that her payment did not go through Our automated emails went out repeatedly before the pre-collection email in September Complainant claims she did not receive these emails, and it is possible they may have been caught by a spam filter In her email to customer service in September, Complainant indicated she would send the dress she had at home back As of today, we have not yet received this dress As a courtesy, we are willing to remove [redacted] from collections upon receipt of the outstanding dress We ask that she provides the tracking number of the pre-paid return package to our customer service via email or phone, Attention: Crystal, Manager

We investigated Complainant [redacted] 's complaint, and believe we have determined the cause of confusion On the date Complainant first signed up, she created two separate and active accounts, using slightly different email addresses (one of which appears to be missing a couple of letters)When Complainant called in to cancel on February *, 2016, the account under the email address you provided on the call (without the missing letters) was cancelled immediately As our Terms of Service only allow one account per member, we did not know there was a second account active at that time After Complainant reached out about the charge, our investigation discovered the second account (with the missing letters) We have cancelled the second account and refunded the contested amount in full

Upon review of the communications, we understand where the confusion stemmed from, and the customer service response did not live up to our high standard of service As a result, we have spoken to the CS representative handling the matter, and would like to extend Complainant [redacted] a refund for the remaining two months as a gesture of good faith We ask that she reach out to our customer service manager Crystal on our customer service hotline, and the refund will then be processed

Complainant [redacted] filed this complaint on June *, At that time, we were already in the process of locating the garment, and a manager was able to track it down using the additional information provided by Complainant on June *** When the garment was found, we promptly refunded Complainant for the full amount The charge was made due to an error made by one of our warehouse associates, who has been dealt with accordingly We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this mix up In addition to the refund, we would like to offer Complainant a discount should she choose to rejoin and allow us to make it up to her

Complainant M [redacted] wrote inquiring about cancellation on March **, 2016, and customer service wrote back providing instructions to call for cancellation We received no calls from Complainant thereafter However, given the extenuating health issues, we are prepared to provide Complainant a refund for the months after March **, 2016, minus the price for the two garments she has had at home As a courtesy, we are extending the discounted member price to her for these garments In order to process the refund, we ask Complainant to contact our customer service and ask for Crystal, who is familiar with this matter

Complainant [redacted] received two separate promotions for 35% off her "at home" items through our "Try Then Buy" program The promotion already was applied to her account when she received the garment initially, so the first price she saw was not the base price, but the discounted price Thus, when she saw the email about the second 35% off promotion, there was some confusion about the discount We've reached out to Complainant to explain the pricing and offer an additional discount as a gesture Complainant can call to redeem

Complainant [redacted] cancelled her account on March ***, with one outstanding garment with her at homePer our Terms of Service, which the Complainant agreed to upon joining, all garments must be returned within seven (7) days of cancellation or a customer will be charged for the outstanding garmentsAs we did not receive the garments within the day grace period, we sent Complainant our standard garment recovery emails on May [redacted] and ***, letting her know of the upcoming chargesAfter notifying her of such and receiving no response, we charged her the $value of the outstanding garment All charges were fully authorized, and were done well after the expiration of the grace period - in fact, Complainant was not charged until days after her cancellationComplainant did not contact us after canceling on March *** (as stated)Upon receiving this complaint we reached out to address her issuesAfter explaining our Terms of Service to Complainant, as a courtesy, we issued refund for her 3/ [redacted] charge, since she called to cancel within days of her bill dateAs an additional courtesy, if she were to return the outstanding garment by 517, we would refund the garment changeWe sent prepaid return labels on multiple occasions, which she was unable to receive until todayWe have extended her return window through 6/*/17, at which time her remaining refund will be processed I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved Sincerely, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: The refunds have been processed to my satisfaction in interactions between myself and [redacted] customer service In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved. Sincerely, [redacted] Gwynnie Bee was extremely helpful and resolved the situation very well after I made this complaintI will be continuing with their service at this time Sincerely, [redacted]

Complainant [redacted] subscribed to the service on the item plan on January **, 2014, and continued active use (receiving and returning garments) until September *, Complainant's card was declined for the monthly subscription price on September *, 2014, so she received no further shipments after that date Complainant still had four garments at home, however, with a total retail value of $ Once her card was declined, Complainant received numerous emails asking her to update her billing information so she could be shipped again She was thus on notice that her account was not cancelled When she logged in and updated her card information on July **, 2015, she was automatically charged for the back due amount for the service She contacted customer service and our manager worked with her to come to a compromise: Though she was subscribed to the five item plan and had four items at home for the entirety of the time she was past due (using the service for its very purpose - garment rental), we instead billed her for a two item plan, and refunded the difference of $ Complainant accepted the refund with the below message and feedback on the customer service ticket:Message: "Thank you, I appreciate your effort on all of this."Feedback: "While everyone was super friendly the resolution is beyond unsatisfactoryI'm sure I'm viewed as a "bad customer" but an unauthorized charge for almost is completely unacceptable, and caused a financial hardship that I will be dealing with for months if not years to comeThis is not in response to the items listed below but a larger issue!"We certainly do not want to cause financial hardship for our customers, but the charge for the past due membership charges was completely authorized When customers join, they agree to terms of service that state they will be billed monthly unless they cancel, and that they must return all property to us promptly after cancellation or they will be charged for its value We worked with Complainant in good faith to reduce the total charge significantly, despite having garments out the entire time she as past due Indeed, had Complainant completed the cancellation process, she would have been on notice that she had a seven (7) day grace period to return the four items she still had at home Had she cancelled and retained the garments, she would have been charged $ After the courtesy refund of $(which has already been made), the amount Complainant is disputing is $ If Complainant did not cancel, she would be properly liable for the full amount for back charges As a gesture, if Complainant chooses, we can honor the purported date of cancellation and offer an additional refund of $68.60, which would bring Complainant to the same position she would have been if she cancelled as she had claimed (a total charge of $for the outstanding garments)

The attached list of tracking numbers is a complete list of prepaid return labels sent to Complainant Ms [redacted] Per the ***, all bags she has mailed have been delivered to us, and there is no activity (after the creation of the label on our end) on any of the other bags we provided Our internal garment identification numbers for the four garments outstanding are as follows: 5430-MUL-1X; 5278-YEL-18; 4241-MUL-16W; and 4222-MUL-1X None of these garments were in the bags delivered to us As there is no indication that the remaining bags were ever utilized to return these four garments, we ask Complainant to compare the numbers on the bags in her possession to those on the attached list to help us sort out this matter I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolvedThank you Sincerely, [redacted]

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