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limousine broke down and I was forced to stay at the church to wait for a replacement missing my appt with my photographer at a separate locationOn April 3, 2013 I booked a limo for my wedding on August 24th, 2013. They were to send a black limo and pick up at 3:45 which they did. They brought me to my church where I had a 30 min ceremony (X:XX-X). When it was time to leave the limo driver met me at the door saying I have bad news the limo wont start. Said it will take 15 minutes that they were coming from Holyoke. At 4:15 I came back he said they are still not there and he was sorry and not sure what was going on. We stood in the foyer of the church waiting when my groom said here he comes it was 5:45. We immediately went out and at that time the driver was transferring my belongings over noticed we were standing and waiting ran back over to serve us our champagne on our 3 foot if that mat which was supposed to be a 6 ft long red carpet. I than got into my now white limo and said to the driver I cannot take my outdoor pictures now because this consumed all the time I paid for. I than called my photographer and informed him I wasn't going to be able to make it. I told the driver that I needed a name of someone who could fix this because im now out of money and captured memories and he understood. I asked how long I had him and he said because of the problem I had him the rest of the night. I had my gifts loaded at 9 and my car sent away only to find out at the end of my reception 11 o'clock the limo was gone forcing me to catch a ride.I have written statements and phone records proving the time it took and cell phone pictures showing that I was NOT given red carpet treatment. Trip#: XXXXXsales rep: [redacted]Payment: [redacted]Desired Settlementpartial refund to cover the time lost that I paid a photographer for. Business' Initial Response 1) customer's husband called and we resolved this matter several days after the wedding.2) limo picked them up on time and go them to the church.3) during the service the limo's battery died.4) the service ran late (not the fault of the limo company)5)limo company sent another limo.6) this limo had to wait 20 minutes for the wedding party to come out of the church and get in.7) The limo took them to the reception8) the limo waited 1 hour while they took pictures9) later the bride complaint the red carpet was not the correct shade of red.10) she later complained the driver was not there after the reception. This service was never contracted for or promised.11) for several days thew bride demanded a 100% refund saying they did not have time to take pictures at a park between the wedding and reception. Not the fault of the limo company.Their wedding ran late and when they came out abeautiful lime with great air conditioning as there to take them to where ever they wented to go.12) Maybe the bride wanted something for nothing. That was not the case with her husband. But we gave him a discount we agreed upon. Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)My wedding ran as scheduled the entire ceremony is recorded ended promptly at 4:30. Your staff lies my photographer was waiting for me at Forest park to take pictures but I couldn't get there because the limo was dead. I watched the driver transfer my belongings from one limo to the next which was caught on camera when I was taking my toast. If he waited I would not have witnessed this. Your limoguy promised to be there at end of night because his company screwed up. Waited an hour where for us to take pictures. At the reception hall? Of course pictures where taken there with disposable cameras and cell phone. You wasted my picture time with a beat down limo then sent me a white one when I stressed the importance of black. Have email and receipt to back that up also pictures. I never complained of the shade of red you promised red carpet treatment when what I got was a Burgundy mat which is also in a picture. I never asked for a full refund which is clear here I spoke to you ONCE immediately following there weren't several days. Notice the date of this complaint. Mt wedding was 8/24. Couldn't contact anyone Sunday. Spoke to you Monday. You didn't apologize or offer any resolution ([redacted]) then hung up in my face. Great customer service. Your company is dishonest. I asked for half the cost to recoup from time lost with paid photographer. I never Expected something for nothing but $100 is a slap in the face. You agreed to that not me!!!Business' Final Response 1) the brides husband called and agreed a 20% was appropriate.2) now the bride says it was not.3) she claims the replacement limo was not there but on 9/10 she state it was there while they were doing the champaigne toast.4)No one promised her a car at the end of the evening.5) the carpet was red.6) we gave her one hour at the reception site for picture taking.7) she has call our office screaming and all staff are instructed not to take that kind of abuse.8. her husband was calm and professional and he resolved thing in just a fe minutes.9) there is nothing more we can do for this woman.

Credit card was charged full amount for cancelled service and was not fully refunded.On [redacted] I made a reservation for limo service on [redacted] I had given the representative my credit card information for a refundable deposit of [redacted] In the evening of [redacted] I called to cancel the reservation and was ensured that the [redacted] deposit would be returned (per Exclusive Car Service's policies at [redacted] On [redacted] I was charged the trip total of [redacted] on my credit card. I called Exclusive Car Service and they again ensured that the full amount of [redacted] would be returned to my credit card. On [redacted] I checked my credit card statement and only [redacted] has been returned. I sent this information in an email to Exclusive Car Service on [redacted] and [redacted] and have not yet been responded to or refunded the remaining $50 that I was guaranteed would be returned.Desired SettlementRemaining [redacted] to be refunded to credit card.Business Response Customer made a [redacted] deposit on a limo for her wedding. Then she made a payment of [redacted] to pay for the wedding in full. This was against our policy which suggest the payment be made one week in advance, not months in advance.She then called and said her weddign was called off and she wanted a refund. We have reason to believe the wedding was not called off. We refunded the [redacted] but kept the [redacted] deposit to cover the cost of our staff's time in making, scheduling and cancelling her limo.A deposit is non-refundable. Once we take it we cannot sell that vehicle.There will be no further refund.As a responsible individual she should not have made any reservaton until she knew what she was doing.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The response provided by Exclusive Car Service is nothing but untruthful. The order was cancelled on the same evening as the order was placed [redacted] due to "service no longer needed" not because the "wedding was called off", as indicated in the company's response. When requesting the cancellation, Exclusive Car Service ensured that the refundable deposit would not be charged to the credit card. However, as indicated on my credit card report (provided on request), Exclusive Car Service charged an unauthorized single transaction of [redacted] This is in contradiction to Exclusive Car Service's agreement to refund the[redacted] and the charge of the full [redacted] was, in fact, never requested or authorized.In addition to my credit card being fraudulently charged, as indicated in the provided email between myself and Exclusive Car Service, the transaction was in accords with the "policies, terms and conditions on our web site [redacted] The policies on Exclusive Car Service's website [redacted] and also provided in the additional information provided) have the following policy of "Refunds: No refund or credit will be made if a sedan trip is cancelled less than 2 hours before dispatch time; Limos, vans and buses less than 7 days before dispatch time; Weddings, proms, quinceaneras and events requiring special services or equipment - less then 30 days before dispatch time." As previously indicated, the request for limousine service was both requested and cancelled on [redacted] well in advance of the [redacted] service date and the 30 day requirement for a refund. Moreover, as previously stated, Exclusive Car Service ensured that the deposit would be fully refunded when the cancellation was placed on [redacted] I am continuing to request a refund in the amount of [redacted]Final Business Response Customer is quoting a section on refunds.She should look at section of Deposits.Here is what it says:Exclusive charges only [redacted] on limo and bus trips irregardless of the number of vehicles used for that particular event.This deposit is not refundable unless the reason for the cancellation is beyond the control of the customer. For example: illness, death, serious weather problems or cancelation of an event by others.The deposit portion is non-refundable. Thepayment was refunded in full.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Per the document attached to my [redacted] rebuttal titled [redacted] which is a printout of Exclusive Car Service's policies as of [redacted] it is evident that the section on deposits did not exist at the time of my transaction with the company. The section on deposits was added to the website [redacted] after the [redacted] submission of my rebuttal. I should only be held to the policies that were in place at the time of our business dealings, not the new policies that were added to the website after my rebuttal on [redacted] Again I was assured that my [redacted] deposit was going to be refunded in full and am continuing to request a refund in the amount of [redacted]

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Description: Limousine Service, Chauffeur Service, Buses-Charter & Rental, Transportation Services

Address: 460 Race Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States, 01040-5574


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