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Exquisite Home Products

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Review: I have bought several products from Exquisite over the years. I recently paid off my last purchase and I just received a bill in September for 368.00 and they debited my account for items that they say have been shipped to me but I neither requested nor received. I also now just received another bill that has now almost doubled my bill to 670.00. I called the billing department to see what was going on and I was told that in my contract it says that I will be getting replacement cartridges for items that I never requested. One of the products I am supposedly getting replacements for is a shower head I purchased that broke shortly after I had it installed and when I called them about it they did nothing. I am now receiving bills and unauthorized debits from my account. When I asked how this can be rectified they told me I need to write a letter to cancel the shipments and will be charged a 70.00 cancellation fee!!!! I will never pay them a cancellation fee for something I never received nor requested and I am demanding my bill be rectified. I asked to speak with a customer service representative to help me and they told me she was on the phone. When I asked to be put on hold the woman from billing told me she cannot place me on hold as they have to be able to take other phone calls. I am not trying to chase people down to figure out what I owe them money. I will be having them removed from my bank and will close the account if that is what it takes.Desired Settlement: I would like Exquisite Home products to stop debiting items from my account immediately and reverse the charges on my bill.

Review: I paid this company off over a year ago, I have had no further purchases. My account was just debited on February 13, 2014 in the amount of $167.84. With ABSOLUTLY NO AUTHORIZATION I have not spoken to or been in any contact with this company since I paid my account in full.Desired Settlement: All I want is the full refund of the money stolen from my account. And my name address phone number account number deleted from their system. I also want the ability to file a civil complaint in the event this company ever dares to access my account again



We have credited the customers card [redacted] back in the full amount of $167.84 on FRI 4.11.14.

Review: 1. In 2001 I believe I purchased a water filter form Carico Int'l for over $500.00 The tower of the filter which holds the cartridge is advertised as with a life time warranty.

2. On 9/18/13, I called Carico and spoke to [redacted] I explained that I owned the filter but that the valve was not working properly.

3. [redacted] found all my info in the computer and told me that I CANNOT PURCHASE a valve separately I needed to buy a kit. The kit includes the hose and valve.

4. I also inquired about a cartridge and she gave me total cost of $232.73,( cartridge and Kit).

5. I received the package and the attempted installation was Saturday Sept 28th.

6. Installation was attempted by a past employee (Salesman) of Carico ([redacted]). Someone who definitely knew what he was doing.

7. [redacted], pointed out to me that the new 'pins" which fit into the tower or drum of the cartridge was smaller than the original one. Creating a loose connection. This resulted in water flowing out of the drum every time I tried to use the filter flowing unto the counter top.

8. I called the Bloomfield office on Monday 9 /30/ 13. I spoke to [redacted] who told me that there was nothing she could do that maybe something was wrong with my filter. I informed her that the pins were too small. I informed her that it was a past employee of exquisite that attempted the installation. We argued back and forth.I told her when all this is done I would report the matter to your office. She told me go ahead and make her day. Her only solution was a repair man at the cost of $70/hr.

9. Bottom line is that Carico has a new design for the water filter drum or base . My version being the old version needs an extra piece which is a washer in order for the pins to fit. Something the company would know and their employee [redacted] should know.

10. They know the model I bought. Then sell me the parts that fit. If they made an error, then correct it when the customer calls.


12. The valve is sold separately. [redacted] failed to inform me of this and told me I need to purchase the whole kit. This was a lie to call it mildly. COST OF THE VALVE $3.50, VS COST OF THE KIT $45.00. [redacted] wanted to make her commission, so she sold me the entire kit.

13. I ending up having to mail the bottom of the drum to Florida costing me an additional $15.30. They installed the washer free of cost.

14. I had to purchase water for three weeks.

15. THE REP IN FLORIDA INFORMED ME THAT THE VALVE IS SOLD SEPERATLY . THAT THE PRICES THAT [redacted] QUOTED TO ME FOR THE KIT AND THE CARTRIDGE WERE NOT DISCOUNTED PRICES AS [redacted] INFORMED ME BUT THE REGULAR PRICES AS FOUND ON THE WEBSITE.Desired Settlement: This should never happen to another of Exquisite's customers. Beside an apology to me, I should be given a full refund including my shipping cost to Florida.

This is because [redacted] deliberately mislead me to buy the kit when she knew that I could purchase only the valve . The thing is she did not want to loose the sale. They sell the kit at Bloomfield and she would have to direct me to the website to purchase the valve and cartridge. If I go to the website she does not get a commission. This is the deceitful practice I want punitive action taken against. This is why I ask for full refund including the shipping cost. I had to call Florida on my own and explain my problem. [redacted] did not call them on my behalf. Once [redacted] got her sale she did not care about me the customer. I did not redesign the drum. the company did. They advertise the drum as having a lifetime warranty, then they turn around and redesign the pin that fits into the drum! Then where is the life time warranty?



Requested that the local representative visit this customer to resolve service issues.


Sales Administration

EHP, Ultra Pure



We can give her a refund.

No problem.

She has to provide me with the receipt that states the amount charged on her card and the card she wants the refund put back on



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

how do I proceed. Do I mail the receipt and card info to them and copy to the They would have the receipt and info for the products I purchased from them. The only receipt they do not have is the one from USPS for the mailing to Florida.


Review: I buy the product, in my house , a employee [redacted] come to my house sell me pots , she never tell me that it will be interest involved, 1 of the pot get burned, I call her to pick up the staff , she never did, they take money from my bank with out my permission, I never give them my bank account, I just tell in the creidt application that I do banking in Bank of America, never put the account number , they never have my authorization to take any money.

Now a person call Barbara call my job from her sell ###-###-#### I tell her to stop calling my job and she say that she will keep calling, I want exquisite home to send me how they get my bank account, from where , and stop the calls



Dear Representative,

The customer in question, [redacted], is a client with us since May of 2012. Her original purchase was for an Ultra Tech II 10 piece cookware set for a sales price of $1,439 with a $287 deposit given. She chose to finance the rest of her unpaid balance totaling $1,339.00. When choosing the financing option, she was given a "revolving credit application" to fill out and sign agreeing to terms of interest on the amount financed of 2% of her unpaid balance accumulated monthly. I have attached both a copy of her sales order form and revolving credit application. On the bottom of the revolving credit application you will see under "Notice" that it states "Finance charges not in excess of those permitted by law will be imposed on the outstanding balance of your account from month to month." Furthermore, on the back of the revolving credit application, it goes into detail regarding the percentage she would accrue month to month off her unpaid balance (2%). At no point in time was this customer not made aware that she would be receiving interest when she chose to finance her products and open a line of credit with us.

Regarding her claim of having an issue with her product, she stated that she burned her cookware. Many people burn food from time to time. This can be caused from having the heat too high or something as simple as forgetting about your food on the stove. This is not a case of having faulty cookware or a defective product that would warrant the company to issue the customer a return for full refund. In addition, there are no notes recorded anywhere in our system that she had any complaints with the cookware. I searched our records back to original date of purchase and found no recorded calls of a complaint she made regarding her cookware.

Lastly, I would like to address her claims regarding payment. Currently, this customer is 5 months past due on her account and the true reason I feel for her claim today. Once an account reaches a certain length of time past due with no payment, it will be turned over to a collection specialist, a similar process as with most companies. The collection specialist, [redacted], whom she mentioned in her claim attempted to collect the debt the customer owes. Phone calls were made to both her residence and place of business in attempt to collect the debt. She currently is past due the amount of $288.00. [redacted] has submitted report on her calls to Ms. [redacted] stating that no progress was able to be made. All attempts at contacting customer to arrange payment options went unsuccessful due to the customer only yelling when speaking and not willing to arrange any payment options. Her account was then turned over to an independent paralegal, Barbara Stern, we work with for past due accounts over 5 months. According to Ms. Stern, she received the same hostile responses from Ms. [redacted] and was unable to arrange payment options with her. Her remarks were that "Ms. [redacted] refused to handle the issue in a civil manner and was irate and unable to speak in a reasonable tone of voice. No resolution has been made to date."

The revolving credit application mentioned gives its terms in detail on the back of the receipt the customer was given a copy of. There, under clause 11, it states the following: "If the buyer fails to make payment due, buyer authorizes Seller to charge any balance due on Debit card, checking account or credit card on the buyer's file." With that, we were in fact authorized to attempt collection through her payment information on file.

We have remained within our limits of authorization given by the customer's signed contract she submitted to us at time of purchase regarding all claims made. We do request that our collection specialist's name and phone number be removed from this claim as that is personal information she does not authorize to be public. If you would like any further information from us regarding this claim do not hesitate to ask.


Review: On 01/25/2012 we purchased a water filter that was to be replaced every 18 months. We are in the process of moving and have notified them in writing and by phone of such. They said I only completed part one of the process. They WANT $70 for the cancellation . NEVER was this ever mentioned by the sales rep [redacted] and [redacted]. I AM NOT PAYING such a fee never in my life. On my recipt it does not mention any fees. Bunch of crooks! A sales presentation that leads one to belive they change their contracts as they want!Desired Settlement: They CANCLE any further shipments and close the account as paid in full! NO FURTHER BILLING OF SAID PROUDUCT TO ME OR MY WIFE and THEY DON"T SCREW WITH MY CREDIT SCORE. The contract I have does not state any thing needs to be paid only a notification and that has been done!



I spoke to [redacted].

He paid his account in full and I waived the $70 cancellation fee.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I puerchased $3000 plus of products from Exquisite Home Products (EHP) 2010, the sales person made assuances to the product and service, failing to mention I was under contract to purchase filters every year for $300. I did not pay they sent their attorney to collect on it on December 24, 2011, threathening to take me to court; I paid, they [redacted] out of NY assured me this was taken care of, agreed the fine print on the contract was deceptive, sdtated they will discuss with their client to end this practice. Now in 2015 they (EHP) have [redacted] Agency call me to collect a dept of $500 plus dollars stating they don't have proof from attorney that I paid. I called [redacted] they stated I need to chase this down with EHP, I called EHP and they state that I need to call [redacted] and get proof, meanwhile they have sent a negative report to my Credit Agency.Desired Settlement: EHP sales tactics are deceptive, the sales girl quit the company after she was paid the commision on my sale. She did not provide the service stated. I want a letter of apology and assurance that they will not contact me again.

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