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Review: On April 12,2013 we signed a contract to have my deck restored, fixed,reinforced and some fence work . On 5/13/2013 the subcontractor stated the project was complete and needed the final payment. We were unable to walk on the deck at the product was wet and we submitted the final payment to his sub-contractor via cashiers check. Total paid was $8810.00. On 5/17 I went on to the deck and white caulking was visible between the boards and the deck restore was coming off the top deck. I contacted [redacted] he sent his crew out 3 days later where they proceeded to reapply a different color of deck restore. By the next morning the white caulking was showing thru as the product does not stick nor should caulking be applied to a wood deck. We contacted deck restore and they stated this should not be done nor would it be recommended. On 5/23/2013 [redacted] stated his team would be out to correct any and all issues and ensure his work would be correct and that he would correct the product issues and pull up the caulking and correct decking issues. On 5/23 the sub contractor arrived scraped up half of the caulking- stated he would not do the other as [redacted] needed to pay him due he did what he was directed from [redacted] to do. He than left with out executing the project due o heat. After reaching out to [redacted] again he stated they would be on site Wednesday June 5th and that the entire project would be complete. We have had no one arrive, nor will anyone pick up via all 3 contact numbers. We are sitting with a half completed deck, paid in full without a completed project. We have pictures, videos and emails from the site as well as information from deck restore.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund in order to have another contractor finish, or I would like the contractor to execute what he was paid for and complete the project.

Review: On March 12, 2012 My Husband and I agreed to sign a promissory note for the amount stated for renovations to our home. [redacted] and [redacted] of Exteriors R Us got us the "loan for the [redacted] and told us that they were the companies representatives and would handle the negotiations and perform the renovations on our home. After a few weeks I noticed that we had not received a check or mortgage documents even thought the work on our home had begun. My husband and I started making monthly payments as of April 2012, but we still had no documents. I then asked for the paperwork and received excuses on why we did not have any, as well as never received the check for the loan. We were then told that [redacted] thought it was best to give the loan to Exteriors R US. We then received a few word documents that were obviously from a home computer. We even asked for documentation on company letter head and still received nothing but word documents. I disagreed but at the time they had displaced us and were working on my home and I did not want to do anything to jeopardize that. For the next few months they were unbearable to deal with and would not give us any of the information we requested. They even made threatening statements. We finally decided to start to withhold payments to get them to do the work. Instead they sent us a letter from a lawyers office stating that they were starting foreclosure proceedings. Some of the paperwork we received from the lawyer,we believe has been falsified. We believe we have been defrauded by [redacted] and [redacted], and that there is no such mortgage company in the name of "[redacted]" because we never received a loan check, official documents or contact information for the company. Exteriors R Us still have not finished with all of the renovations and we have not signed off on any of the work done.Desired Settlement: To find out if we have been defrauded, and if so prosecute the responsible parties. Nullify the contract and only pay for work done by Exteriors R US with proof of receipts.



Exteriors R Us, LLC entered into a contract agreement with the customer as spoken in the complaint. The contract was for $68,110 and represented a renovation to a portion of the foundation of the home as well as moving of walls and complete kitchen renovation, renovation of the laundry room, renovation of the bathroom and replacement of the flooring and [redacted] system. These contracts were cash contracts and the customer was going to obtain their own financing. When the customer couldn't find financing on their own, we offered to introduce them to a private company that might be able to loan them the money. The customer then signed a loan agreement with [redacted] to obtain the money to pay for the renovations. The loan was for the contract amount of $68,110 minus a $9,000 deposit to be paid by the customer. The paperwork was drawn up by a lawyer and signed in his office with the customer, the lawyer and a notary public present. It was explained that the investment group was just that - a group that had money to invest and were interested in granting a loan to the customer for the work that they wanted completed on their home. The house in question was to be used as collateral for the loan and therefore a deed was registered at the court house with a lien against the house. The customer received a copy of the documentation the day of signing.

All the work on the contract was completed as stated in the contract including a second contract for additional work needed under the house because of termite damage to the foundation of the home. The investment company stated that the customer began having difficulties making payments to [redacted] starting in October of 2012 and is currently 4 months behind on their payments. The investment company has begun the foreclosure process with the assistance of an attorney because of the arrearages. The customer hasn't begun to make payments to Exteriors R Us, LLC for the second contract.

The husband states that he understands that they owe [redacted] and is trying to catch up their payments. He also maintains that he is happy with the work and states that after an initial punch list, there are no punch list items left for Exteriors R Us to complete. We have been back to the house when the customer had a problem with the [redacted] system and fixed the problem which was the result of the customer placing attic items on or too near the unit and caused a malfunction of the equipment which we didn't charge the customer for the service call. The wife stopped making payments without the husband's knowledge several months ago and he is trying to rectify this. Just for your edification, the complainant is not the owner of the house - it is only owned by the husband.

I will not slander my customer during this process, but I can say without hesitation that we were not unbearable to deal with and we NEVER threatened the customer during any of our dealings with them. This company has nothing to do with their dealings with [redacted] and this company has not sent paperwork to a lawyer and certainly hasn't sent falsified documents to anyone.

When I took out a loan to purchase a car, the check was written to the company selling the car - not me. And if we were to discuss dealings with a mortgage company, they don't issue the check to the customer obtaining the mortgage, they issue the check written directly to the seller of the property being purchased.

It seems to me that the concerns from the client aren't directed at Exteriors R Us but at the investment company. Although, it appears that the paperwork from the investment company, drawn up by a lawyer for the client and the company, are legitimate and legal.

Bottom line for my company, Exteriors R Us, is that all the items on the contracts signed between the customers and my company have been completed. My company has done no wrong to the customers. The house that was worth between $15,000 to $20,000 before we signed contracts is now worth between $100,000 to $120,000.



Exteriors R Us

Should you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to contact me. [redacted]



If [redacted] and [redacted] are stating that the companies are legitimate, then why don’t they

show us the a copy of the signed and cashed check from the [redacted], the signed

statement of work that my husband and I both had signed off on stating that the work was completed,

itemized receipts from supply purchases for the job, contact information for the [redacted] along with the license numbers.

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Description: Building Contractors, Home Builders, Other Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors (NAICS: 238190)

Address: 9629 Rainbow Drive, Henrico, Virginia, United States, 23238


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