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Extreme Exteriors

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Extreme Exteriors Reviews (1) I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.] I met with [redacted] (owner of the company) and the first thing he said was “I apologize for all the problems” He said everything would get fixed but has not responded back to me as of today I sent him an email on 1/12/(attached) per him and meeting but have not received a response Based on our conversation/meeting I don’t know why he did not respond I am now trying to understand his response as noted above and this does not make sense As of today the job is not complete as many issues have not been resolved I have personally purchased new light fixtures for the outside of my home and was told I would be reimbursed (nothing yet and still missing that I was told would be fixedThey were broken by the workers because they threw them on the ground and did not take care of them [redacted] said this was the first he was informed about many of the issue I was talking about and I said I have been communicating them to [redacted] his manager on the job about the issues for months and the response was always “we will take care of it” [redacted] informed me that this was the first time [redacted] was on his own and he was not hired to be a manager but gave him a try and also the first time they sub contracted out on a siding job for a home like mine I did not know this until he told me so As we went through some of the issues I brought to his attention he agreed with everything and said he would fix everything He continued to apologize for everything He said he would do anything to make it right He said this has never happened to him before [redacted] informed me that he fired [redacted] and that he would take care of everything yet [redacted] has dropped off missing screens to my home and I am still waiting for to be returned (to be repaired and missing) about week ago [redacted] was surprised with how many things were done incorrectly and that he would never have done it that way [redacted] knew how the siding should have been installed and I agreed with him [redacted] was surprised why things were done the way they were and should have never sub contracted the work out As I described what had happened he said it was not correct and would “make it right” I agreed with what he was saying as well I informed him/showed him cracks in the concrete floor in my basement (at every corner) due to water was getting in under the concrete slab because I did not have gutters on the home for months and water was ponding collecting at the corners and seeping under the concreteThe hardwood floors in my dining room are warped due to rain getting in at my sliding door because there was not siding covering up the insulation/housewrap I also showed him how drywall tape had pulled away from the walls due to getting wet because there was not siding on the home for months just loose house wrap He apologized over and over about everything and that this was not how he did business and would fix everything He repeatedly said the work done was not professional or to his standardsPay [redacted] could not be properly trained as he could not give me any details about how the siding should be installed (specifications) He did not know simple procedures, or how things needed to be done I researched through the LP Smartside website what the requirement are and it was not being done per those specifications I also contacted LP corporate and spoke with the customer service area and they informed me of how it should be installed and I know it was being not done correctly [redacted] would respond with “I will fix it and do it correctly, [redacted] was just a frustrated with the work being done as I was and he repeatedly said it to me often”I also contacted the local rep that is mentioned above because [redacted] gave me his phone number and as of today he has not responded to any of the voicemail’s I left for him There are more than minor issues Improper reveal, exposed nails, improper installation (to close to concrete and the ground) improper nailing etcAs for requesting that I pay what is owed, [redacted] did not ask me to pay anything, he said that if it was him he would not pay until he was satisfied As for “going on to long” if Extreme Exteriors would have completed the job in the weeks they said it would have taken I would have paid but it is now months and it is still not done correctly or finishedWhen [redacted] left my house he said to think about what I wanted to do and he would take care of everythingThat is why I responded via the email on 1/12/ He informed me that he would not expect payment for the job until it was complete He also said he would have never want a customer to be disappointed with the work they doI believed him and what he said that is why I am requesting that the job be done correctly and all the additional damage/repairs be fixed as well I am more than willing to pay the full price owed as soon as the work is done correctly and when completed as agreed Regards, [redacted]

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Address: 5420 Jones St, Milton, Oklahoma, United States, 32570


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