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Hello ***,
The member is angry because l called and asked her and her boyfriend to not leave dumbbells and iron plates on the floorI also asked if they could not track mud all over the rubber flooringThere were huge amounts of mud tracked on the floors and not just a pair of 101b
dumbbells but other dumbbells and plates left out on the floor in the way where others would walkThese were rules explained during the sign up processI did not make any harassing phone callsI called one time and left one voicemail message asking the member in a professional matter as I ask all members, I did not leave voicemails as the member implied, it was one voicemailIt is part of gym etiquette to put your weights back and not track mud all over floorThis is a 24/gym whereas members use their keycard at the card reader outside the gym to gain access into the gymI leave at 9pm but members can still access the gym at anytimeThe member attended the gym around 1:amUpon entering the gym at am that morning I noticed the mud tracked everywhere and checked the surveillance footage and the chelogThey were the only ones to enter the gym from the time I left at 9pm and when I returned at 6amThe footage shows the member and her boyfriend leaving weights lying around and he tracking mud, Since I do not see them during gym hours I had no choice but to phone themI did not randomly accuse them, I had video proofAs other members entered the gym that morning, they were appalled to see that someone would leave the gym in that conditionI have long time members, some who have been here since who don’t take kindly to people trashing the gym with mud and leaving plates and dumbbells all over the placeEveryone is given the rules during the sign-upI remember the member telling me on their first visit that they work out at another gym that they claimed is filthyI thought that to be strange since that gym has never had that reputationI thought something must have angered them to make that accusationEveryone can tour a gym to see if it has the equipment they need and if it is a clean environment.As far as their infection, an infection can be had anywhereIt’s a shame that someone can try to ruin someone’s business by making a claim with no proofNo one knows what other places the member visited which could have caused an infection if there was oneI had asked to see the doctor or hospital document showing an infection just to see if there was oneThe boyfriend declined to bring it to meI told them I can meet them at anytime for them to bring to me and the boyfriend got angry and declined againSince they said they workout at different gyms, if there was an infection how do they not know if it was from some place else, Infections can be caused from other people, outside, shopping cart handles, cuts, work place, anywhereHow can someone accuse my gym? I clean regularly and always ask if people are sick to think of others and wait until they are well before entering the gym or until they are cleared by a doctorThis is to protect all membersIt clearly states in the contract that a member can cancel contract with a doctor's noteNo doctor will say that a person received an infection from a particular locationIt is impossible when you don’t know where they have beenHowever, I would cancel a contract with Dr’s note if someone had an health issue that could affect the health of othersI have been here years and know one has made claims of infections or the gym being filthyThe only time any claim of dirt that has been mentioned was from a competitor many years ago and I was told that by one of their employees who worked out at the gymThe mop bucket was empty and left out to mop but was forgotten due to my mother passing (death certificate available by request if needed)I found her lying face down in her home on the floor.There is bactericide on both sides of gym which members are required to use and wipe down equipment after useThe video recording shows the member and her boyfriend not using the bactericideAnd if the member received an infection the first day as they claimed why did they continued to use the gym days afterwardsThey worked out right after signing up and afterwards I asked them how everything was and they responded greatThis is a small 24/gym and our focus is on helping people get in shape and most importantly get healthy, I do not have the membership of the large corporate gyms but I run an honest business and treat everyone the same on a professional manner and would never jeopardize not putting food into my three young sons mouth by being unprofessional with any member, My business is built on referrals and it's just as easy to get a negative referral as a positive oneI pride myself on the positive referrals winning best kept secret by the daily time readersIt’s a shame that someone would make claims to get out of a membership or to receive a refundI teach my young sons about bullying and I will not be bullied into a refundThe member's boyfriend also a member called me 1/weeks after posting the complaint threatening me if a refund and cancellation wasn't issuedI didn't receive your letter until today May 11th as I receive mail at a P.Obox and not the gym addressPlease note the member said the problem occurred on March 29th but records show the member working out at the gym up until April 9thAgain if an infection occurred on Mar 29th why keep working out up until April 9th when it takes 1-days for an infection to ariseAgain they choose the more expensive hour plan and sometimes people will try to get out of there gym contract but this is way too lowMakes me think it is another competitor's employee or relativeBecause I don’t want my business ruin, I have cancelled their membership but have not issued a refund because if there is an infection there is no way to discern where it came fromThe member said she attended the gym once but records show she continued to workout after Mar 29thAlso they made no mention of a *** *** promotion and the membership plan they chose was not part of the *** *** promotionI also want to point out the member did not contact me regarding any infection or about my phone call until last Friday May, 8thI appreciate you giving me the opportunity to tell my sideIt is unfair for someone to make claims without proofThese are accusationsThank you,
David W/Extreme Gym

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Address: 1516 Chester Pike, Folcroft, Pennsylvania, United States, 19032


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