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Thank you for your help and assistance in this matter
We would first like to correct several errors in the customer’s record:
The Purchase Date was June 22,
Shipped: July 15th via Estes Express Pro# *** (
Delivered and Signed by *** ***: July 21,
Contacted Customer Service: July 24,
Prior to her receiving her pool, *** *** received an email confirming her online purchase of her pool packageThis email was sent on June 23, to “***”In this email there are several links that allow a customer to download a copy of the Assembly Guide in advance of the shipmentIn addition, when the customer is sent an email from our shipping department, with the pro number and online source for tracking the shipment, these links are again addedThis was put in place because often times the guide that accompany the pool package get lost, damaged, or wet and not readable
On July 24, 2014, *** *** sent us an email with a picture of her pool assembled and in the process of fillingHer need to contact Customer Service was some questions about assembling the pump and filter, how it attaches to the pool, and her concern about some water appearing under her poolFor which she received both an email response as well as a phone call
Our records indicate that she had all her questions answered and she made no further calls or emails back to customer serviceShe used her pool all summer longWe know this because she did not contact us or email us until November 4, 2014, with some questions on how to winterize her pool for the winter using her pool cover, and asked about a faded area on her liner
She had incorrectly drained the pool before attaching the coverWe have details online about how to properly winterize an EZ Pool, as they vary from the old-fashion above-ground poolsShe was attempting to fit a pool cover over a drained pool which is very difficult - but more importantly is the improper way to do itWith regard to her faded area of the liner, this was due to a chlorine tablet being dropped onto the linerRegardless of the chlorine she would have used, chlorine bleaches anything it gets in contact withIt was explained to her that though faded, the material and structural integrity of her EZ Pool were still sound
Our policy for returns is clearly posted onlineAs she used the pool during the summer, she did in fact use a product she bought
Thank you again for your help and assistance with this matter

We did reach out to the customer via email on August stating that our credit card processor (Paypal) does not allow refunds after daysWe offered to instead credit her Paypal account or send her a checkWe did not get her response until the 26th (please see attached)The check was scheduled and is mailing out todayWe can not anticipate mailing time, but she should have her check in 5-business days.Please Note: this refund was a courtesyThere was no fault or defect with her swimmillShe merely was unaware of that type of swimming treadmillWe have exhausting postings, pictures, video and customer satisfaction testimonies by professional swimmers demonstrating and supporting our product and its useWe strongly feel that our SwimMill is everything we demonstrate and claim it to beIn the spirit of customer support, we offered to refund her the cost of a new swimmill not because of any fault with the product, but because there was some confusion with her order and some shipping delays in correcting some of these issues.Thank you

We would like to clarify several points.The website’s ordering page, where the order was placed, states the pool ships in 10-business daysThe order did come through on September 16th and fourteen business days from there is October 6thIt was therefore shipped within the posted time frame.When
the order came in, there is a section where notes can be provided by the customerThis customer made no indication of a date it was needed byThe only notes provided by this customer, with their order, was a request for a custom color and a very customized size: “We would like the dimensions to be 3' x 6' and 30" deep.”Our *** ** *** are clearly posted on the website with regards to Custom Orders: “We are unable to offer any refunds on custom pool ordersExchanges are available but only if the exchange occurs before the original pool is shippedOnce a custom order is shipped, there is no refund available.”On September 16th, upon receipt of their order confirmation, we emailed the customer an email indicating the details of their order with an Estimated Ship Date of October This would be the “earliest” date it would ship, according to the dates posted onlineHowever, it did not ship until the 14th business day - from time of orderA simple email response from them at the time of this email (Sept16), indicating the date they needed it by, would have served them well.Though the author of this complaint claims that he called and spoke with us several times, that is incorrectAll our dealings have been with *** ***The order was placed by her, the email provided with the order was directed to her, all communications with us were with ***It was the following week of October that *** contacted us stating his concerns.Had the Notes indicated that the shipment needed to arrive by a certain date, we would have made certain it would have shipped in time to arrive by that dateIn all the communications prior to October 6th, there is no mention or request that it needed to arrive by a certain date.Our company did not fail to deliver, in a timely manner, the product that was orderedWe regret that *** or *** did not take the necessary steps to insure the order was delivered in the time manner they neededA simple email from them or a note from them indicating this request would have easily addressed thisWe do not feel we have failed in any way, and since this is a highly customized order, are unable to provide a refund
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. I did not know what to do as the problem is NOT solved but was in the processand I wantedto WAIT to see IF they mail me a check refund! They told me they could not credit my credit card- which seems strange to me!I have NOT yet received refund from them.Please reopen this case.Thank you*** *** ** *** *** *** *** *** ** ***
*** ***

We have spoken with Ms. [redacted] and have had the correct timer shipped directly. Shipping simply sent the wrong one as the outdoor timers where backordered. We have also agreed to refund Ms. [redacted] $50 for the swimming harness. Although it is as described, she has been very patient with our recent...

computer issues and absences we have had at the company. Her credit card will be credited this week.Thank you.[redacted]

Thank you Mr. [redacted] for your response and respecting the [redacted] that are clearly posted on the website. The reason these are posted and available for reading prior to ordering is to let customers know that a Custom Pool can not be refunded. This is primarily because the ability to re-sell a customized made-to-order [redacted] would be almost impossible for us to resale. In reviewing your ordering Notes, you will see that you requested a very unique color (Burgundy), a very unique width (3') and an unusual depth (30" down from the standard 42"). As such we would be hard pressed to resell this. It is again the reason why the [redacted] are posted in advance of your order.The order was made to your specific request and delivered in the time manner posted on the website prior to your order. Although we have no record of any conversation by [redacted], only that he and [redacted] did speak, Fed-Ex's own delivery map shows it being delivered to [redacted] on Friday - which you confirmed. Regardless, a simple note from you or [redacted] via email or with the order stating "need-it-by-this-date" would have prevented this. So again we did not fail to deliver what was ordered in a timely manner that is consistent with what is posted online.However, we are willing to post it in our computer inventory so that if we are able to sell it for you - we will gladly do so. Although the uniqueness of the color and dimensions will make it hard - we do get last minute callers who need the pool faster than our production can produce and ship for them. As such they may be willing to take it as is. This is your very best option for recouping your investment. We will list it for the same price as you purchased it - therefore you would only be out the shipping costs to you.We do not expect you to be happy about this offer, as your listing of this complaint is evident of that. But you must agreed that had you simply noted in the Notes section with your order, along side the custom color and size request, that you need it by a certain date - all of this could have been avoided.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
consumer complaint #[redacted]. I still have not received refund check from this company. ALso the item in question the "Swim Mill" is NOT pictured on the website - in spite of what the company has replied to Thank you.[redacted] 

I received refund check finally! So I am happy.Thanks! I tried to update my complaint - but the system would not let me at for your help. I am now satisfied.Thanks so much for your help![redacted] :-)
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
1.        Mr. [redacted] has repeatedly communicated that the product not arriving in time for us to use it is my fault because I did not include a “need-by” date when I ordered initially. As I have stated before, it did not even occur to me that  the company would not meet its own estimates, and do so without notifying the customer.  Including languageon the website as simple as “From time to time, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able to meet our own shipping estimates.  Therefore, if you need this product by a certain date, please specify that in the notes”  would have been very helpful.2.       When we ordered, we received an estimated shipping date of October 1, which was ten days before we needed it.  Again, with ten days for it to be shipped, it did not occur to me to suggest a “need-by” date, as I have stated above.  I assumed that the company would comply with their own estimate or notify the customer if unable to do that.  My former career was in sales that required installations.  I am well aware of scheduling issues that come up, but I also placed a high value on notifying the customer if I was unable to meet my own previously-stated commitments. 3.       On October 6, with no word from the company about it being shipped, I asked my assistant, [redacted], to call.  I naively assumed that it had been shipped on October 1, per the estimate I had gotten, and I just had not yet received tracking info.  [redacted] left a message first-thing on October 6 (about 9 Eastern) and another betwee noon and one (Eastern), because she is aware that EZPools is on Pacific time.4.       Mr. [redacted] called back at about three, Eastern, and said that the item had not shipped yet, but would that day.  At that time, with the product having not been shipped yet, she told him that we needed it by Sunday, October 11.  He assured her that it would arrive by Friday, October 9. 5.       Despite missing their own estimated ship date and not notifying me, I still took Mr. [redacted] at his word and assumed that he must be using some special shipping to have it go from Nevada to Columbus, [redacted] in only three days. As I have stated before, I am reasonable and would gladly have paid for a faster shipping if I had known that Mr. [redacted] would not (or could not) follow through on his promise.6.       When I received the tracking information late in the day on October 6, my heart sank, because [redacted] Ground is not known for getting things from Nevada to [redacted] in three days.7.       The product arrived to a [redacted]regional distribution hub in [redacted] by Friday, October 9, and consumers are not able to access that building or pick up packages.  In short, I spent hours tracking the package, on the phone with [redacted] trying to obtain itbecause it had not reached its destination yet and finally, spent hours finding a replacement for the product that did not arrive on time. Thank you for your consideration, [redacted], and feel free to email back with any clarifying questions. [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I appreciate Mr. [redacted]'s response.  Regarding the use of pronouns, he is correct that much of his dealing has been with [redacted].  However, she is my representative and responds to my emails and phone calls and in every way represents me.  Please know that that was not an attempt to deceive.  She prepared this initial complaint under my name and through my email address.Regarding the [redacted],  I respect those.  Where it gets difficult for me, is that we received a estimated ship date of October 1, which was 10 days before we needed it.  At that time, I assumed that Mr. [redacted] would follow through on that estimate, or notify us of a change.  Also, having done a lot of shipping myself, I knew that 10 days was plenty of time to get it to us, therefore it did not even occur to me to mention when we needed it.  My first mistake was naively assuming that the company would follow through on their stated estimate.  On October 6, with no communication that it had shipped, both I and [redacted] got nervous and began calling.  Mr. [redacted] returned her second message that day and said that while it had not shipped, it would ship out later that day. [redacted] clearly expressed that we needed it for a baptism on Sunday, the 11th.  He assured her that it would be there on Friday.  I assumed that the pool was coming from the west coast and knew that to get it to [redacted] by Friday, there would need to be some kind of rush shipping.  My second mistake was taking Mr. [redacted] at his word and I was somewhat shocked to find out that he shipped it out at the end of that day (from Nevada as far as I can tell) via [redacted] Ground and I tracked it in agony as it crept across the US.  The item got to Central [redacted] on Friday night but was in a regional [redacted] distribution hub that did not allow customer pick-up.  I am a very reasonable person and if Mr. [redacted] had even mentioned that standard shipping would not get it to us on time, I would have happily paid an upcharge for faster shipping. Between tracking, and calling various numbers at [redacted], and then spending Saturday afternoon trying to find an alternative, I spent several hours that I will not get back. Mr. [redacted] has not only not apologized for his false statement that it would arrive by Friday, but also has  never expressed remorse for the several hours that I wasted because of this and my inability to use the product.In summary, Mr. [redacted] did not follow through on that verbal promise, even though the product had not shipped yet and faster shipping arrangements could have been made, had I known that there would be a problem with him following through.   I don't believe that [redacted] speaks to broken verbal promises on the part of the company.I have proposed that I ship the item back for a full refund (it is unopened) and am even happy to pay the return shipping if necessary.

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