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User Debra H.

The [redacted] tribute should have been a good show, however, the [redacted] Monroe part consists of the female entertainer making fun of every male she comes in contact with while building herself up at their expense. The audience is primarily retired Elvis/ [redacted] era people , why on earth would people want to go pay good money to be made the end of bad taste jokesetc . Srs must face but certainly do not want to be hauled up on stage and used as props for a second rate at best act. Seriously, how stupid are the shows producers and financial backers. Make fun of your audience but performers young enough to be your grand kids!! Everyone apparently does not appreciate paying for this type of humiliation as the theater was not even one third full
Besides [redacted]'s constant baragement of tasteless jokes (be professional learn to play to your audience) to multiple men, The [redacted] made some crack about a woman not looking young after a song he sang. Did people laugh sure the laugh that said I am sure glad it's not me
If this is allowed maybe by next year only a fourth of the theater will be filled. Just not a good idea to treat your main audience like fools based on age when they are all Sr.s. Clean up your act and grow up!!

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User Lisa M.

Very disappointed in ticket sales staff. Called 1 week in advance on 10/20/16 to reserve 4 tickets with an aisle seat (due to handicap in family) for Motown show on 10/28/16. Spoke with Katie who supposedly made the reservation without a problem. Stopped by the day before the show to pickup the tickets in advance and they had no tickets reserved for me. Katie actually remembered making the reservation and even stated that she printed them and put them in the reserved box but they "disappeared". There was no apology. Theater Manager was busy. No attempt was made to improve customer satisfaction. Said I would post a review and the response was. " well you won't be the first one". Will likely never go to this theater again based on this negative experience with ticket sales.

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