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User Reviewer12406854 time Feb 05, 2019

Dear ***, Sorry for the delay in my response to this issue, this customer is that one guy you get every years, I got himHe is one of those folks who does not work and is home all the timeHe watched
everything we did, lots of discussion about what was possible and what was notHe was very happy with us when we leftI got to know this man way to well while we were in his home; he enjoys using the legal system whenever possible to create havoc for whoever he canWe have years of happy customers, thousands of them who refer their friends and neighbors, only a handful of unhappy customers in years, some were our fault, and this guy is a few shingles short of a full roofWe spent a great deal of time working on this mans home and did a great job and we completed everything he wanted, he was very aware that we could not reach all the wiring without tearing up some of the wall material and he was fine with us leaving it the way we didTo give you some idea of the customer situation, he insisted we be paid in gold coins, he had a stash of Gold Krugerrands he insisted we would have no trouble in liquidatingI have never seen or heard of such a bizarre situation, but I agreedThis is a weird little man who can't hold a job and has a bag full of gold coins and a wife with a jobSorry this is the most unusual letter I have ever written, but these people and this situation is the most unusual situation I have encountered in my careerBack to the facts of the case, we did rewire the home, 95% of the electrical wire we were able to access and replace without any damage to the home, a few of the second floor outlets were not accessible without tearing into wall material and he said to let those go with old knob and tube wiring because he was going to tear into those walls in the near future and he would take care of them at that timeThis man was home, talking with us and watching every move we made, and guarding his weird little bag of goldI have no intention of returning to his home or offering any kind of refund, we took a loss on the project after I learned what was involved in liquidation of gold krugerrand coinsSorry this letter is not the response you were looking for, I am always willing to do whatever a customer wants for me to keep them happyI tell all my employees to do whatever the customer wants to keep them happy, occasionally a customer will complain about the bill, I just lower it, whatever the customer wants we typically just give them to keep them on the happy side of the tracksWith the first phone call it was instantly very apparent we could do nothing to keep them happyThere is a disconnect between his expectations and her expectationsHe does not have the courage to tell his wife, what he told usShe is the one who has been complainingDuring the course of the project we only dealt with him, never herPaul *** FC Electric 765-418-

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User Reviewer7222133

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I think the owners response speaks for itself. We have been in contact with our attorney. His story about what he did and did not do changes every time we communicate. The owner was not present for a lot of the work that was done, he was here on day one and the final day. His workers were, he's in denial of what they were incapable of completing. One we had to kick off the job because he was wiring everything wrong. Bottom line, this project was way over the owners abilities and he should have declined to work for us. He took a loss? Give me a break. His response doesn't even address the issues we are complaining about. Of the entire second floor there was ONE outlet he said he couldn't do. Upon opening the walls that was not the case. More than 2/3 of the outlets were still on knob and tube wiring. Matter of fact there has been another electrician in our home who feels he did less than half of what his contract states. We have plenty of texts and emails with him admitting he did drop the ball and would come back. The emails also do not always address problems and resort to excuses and off topic subjects, just like the response he sent to the IndyRevdex.com.  I wonder if he reported the cash and "gold coins" he accepted as payment to the IRS-probably not. Thanks for helping us get this additional information so we may pursue him in court.

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Address: P O Box 6796, Lafayette, IN, 47903-6796

Website: https://www.fcelectric.com/

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