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In Reference to your letter received on 10/05/2016 regarding
to the complain that [redacted] sent you, kindly note that I'm not from the
ones that they neglect with any customer not just this customer. This lady before she bought this car for one month she was
texting me about another car that...

she want to buy (of course she want to buy
finance) I told her this car required a down payment more than you looking for
then after almost a month she called me she told me I'm coming to buy a car
from you but please help me in the down payment and the taxes+tags+processing
fees+title+and 30 days tag, so she came to me and she saw a different car but
in that time I had a customer here buying the car that she want, then she saw
the car that she has now, honestly I worked with her for the down payment and I
made the down payment to a payments I she drove the car and she like it and she
came later and here I and bought it (I gave her a warranty as a gift from us as
it is our policy with any car sold the warranty contains a 90 days warranty or
3,000 miles which come first the warranty finished ( and as you know we must
take care about or financing cars because those cars still for us) so she told
me that the driver window not working and the trunk too then we arrange an
appointment to fix it and I called my freelancer electrician and fix booth and
she was happy, after a while I received text from her saying my window broke
again I said ok I called the guy told him we want to order the parts for the
maxima, ( by that way before that all she cams and pay off the car which means
I helped her after 4 months in a cash deal,, any way last week at 7:35am
morning text me saying( and I have the text still in my phone ) she start to
threaten J will go to complain etc I told her as you like do whatever you want
(her way of texting seems that disrespect to me ) and those customers honestly
I don't like to chat with more because they disrespect, ) any way finally her
cousin called me which he is a good guy, he told me [redacted]window broken, I said
to him I will order the part for her don't worry, then he said thanks and
that's all and now I'm receiving this letter from you guys. So, my suggestion
if she want me continue my favor with her she must take back her complain. IF
That This Vehicle Is Being Sold "AS IS "With All Faults, And Is Not
Covered By Any Dealer Warranty. I Understand That The Dealer Is Not Required To
Make Any Repairs After I Buy this Vehicle, I Will Have To Pay For Any Repairs
This Vehicle Will Need" She signed on it and no written agreement saying
that I have to fix this window, but we don't do this we stay with customer
after they buy the car till 3, 4, 5 months, and thanks god all our customers
they buy one car or two or more and they are happy, our strategy to build a
good reputation so sometimes we pay from our pockets just to satisfied the
customers. • What You Want Me To Do I'm Willing to do, but send me back letter
saying we solve this problem and no complains on you .

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Address: 100 Turner Rd., North Chesterfield, VA, 23225

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