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F H Furr Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

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Reviews F H Furr Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

F H Furr Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc Reviews (43)

Tom L[redacted] is a valuable asset to his Company and to every Customer he serves!
He is conscientious, courteous, knowledgeable and detail oriented.
As a thorough detailed inspection of our two (2) systems evolved, he detected
a faulty capacitor on our main floor unit.
This Definitely Saved Us Future Expenses and Further Damage to our Two (2) Year
Old Installation. Great Work, Tom!
Thank you for a cordial visit on a busy pre-holiday schedule.

Paul is an excellent Tech and is an excellent rep. for the company.

Review: I had a new HVAC system installed in my home on 16 October 2013. There are two issues at present. First, the sales representative who came to my home very clearly and distincly told me that the installation included a service check-up during the first year of owning the unit. He said that the purpose of the check-up would be to ensure that everything is working properly as the season changed, and to ensure that the system was properly balanced. I asked clarifying questions about this because I had already signed a service contract with another HVAC company (who I did not select to replace my HVAC system). He assured me that FH Furr would perform this service (at no cost) for this first check-up because it was part of the service they provided with the installation. This first check-up was separate from the service agreement they offer for purchase. Now, one year later, FH Furr will not honor that promise. Their installation manager would not even show me the courtesy of speaking with me. Instead, he had a customer service rep return my call to say that he's sorry that I was mis-informed, but without a service contract, they will not come out to examine the system.

The second issue is that, as part of this installation, I had a [redacted] 16 Air Filtration system installed. Again, the sales person (and technicians) told me that I could purchase the replacement filters online, and did not need to buy from FH Furr. They noted that FH Furr sells them at a significant mark-up and that they were available for less elsewhere. I was not provided with a information on the manufacturer or given a model number for the unit. Last week, I called FH Furr and eventually was provided with a model number for my unit. When I went online to find replacement filters for that model number, I discovered that I couldn't find [redacted] 16 filters for it. It made me wonder if the system that was installed actually could handle them. I haven't received a definitive answer to that question. Today, I was advised by a customer service rep at FH Furr (via the installation manager) that I should purchase the filters from FH Furr directly because I probably wouldn't find them anywhere else. This sounds like a bait and switch.Desired Settlement: First, I would like a call from a senior manager and an apology. I do not appreciate the "it sucks to be you" attitude that I have gotten since I handed over a large sum of money to FH Furr last year.

Second, I would like that thorough, free service check-up that was promised.

Third, I would like written confirmation that the air purifying system I purchased is the one that is installed. In other words, I would like written confirmation from the manufacture (which appears to be Lennox) that this actually is a [redacted] 16 system. If it is not, I would like FH Furr to remove it and install the [redacted] 16 product that I purchased.



We have performed the check up that was requested,apologized and changed the filter. Customer complaint has been resolved.

I've dealt with F.H. Furr several times now and have had a good experience each time. They all communicate well, provide advice, and answer questions I have. They seem to be passionate about their job and enjoy sharing their knowledge. Yesterday, Jimmy C**y performed an annual inspection of our HVAC. In addition to the inspection, he showed us how our humidifier works and how to verify for ourselves that it is functioning correctly.

Juan was very pleasant and professional while preforming his work on my heating unit. He answered all my questions and explained very thing he was doing and why. Very friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend Juan and F H Furr for all my hvac work.

Excellent service...and on scheduled time, too.

This morning Comfort Technician Jimmy C[redacted] of F.H. Furr arrived promptly to perform periodic maintenance on our home gas furnace. This is the third time he has been to our home. He completed the work professionally and explained what I needed to do to maintain/improve the performance of the system. Particularly, he noted that the blower motor was dirty on account of our recent vent cleaning. He also recommended the I periodically disinfect the A/C condensate drain with bleach. Mr. C[redacted] work is a fine reflection on F.H. Furr, a company I have done business with at several homes. I look forward to having Mr. C[redacted] service our system again.

Paul R[redacted] came when expected, was polite and considerate. He knew what to do, and did it quickly. I was pleased with his work.

Review: I am writing concerning the heating and air conditioning inspection contract that I have with FH Furr for [redacted] in [redacted], Virginia. At the end of December 2013, I had to spend $975.00 for repair of a leak to my air conditioning system, including recharging the system and cleaning the outside condenser unit as well as drywall repairs. It was the professional opinion of [redacted] that the leak was caused by the extremely dirty condition of the outside condenser unit. Based on the condition of the unit, the company concluded that the condenser unit had never been cleaned. Since FH Furr has serviced the unit since installation, I am shocked that this unit was never cleaned. Or at the very least, why did FH Furr never indicate that the unit required cleaning?

In my conversation with FH Furr, I was told that FH Furr fully agreed that the condenser unit had never been cleaned until it was finally cleaned by the [redacted], and their employee fully agreed that FH Furr had never bothered to mention to me the dirty condenser unit during any of the service contract visits. However, the employee went on to say that the dirty condenser unit that FH Furr never cleaned and never recommended for cleaning was not the reason for the major malfunction of the air conditioning unit that the company installed in 2007. He had never looked at the condenser unit or the repair when he reached that conclusion. Aside from the convenience of saying that he did not know what caused the leak but knew that the filthy condenser unit was not to blame, it seems to defy logic that FH Furr impliedly stated that it is okay to have a filthy condenser unit because it does not seems to matter to the functioning capability of the air conditioning system. I sent the company the invoices and photographs.Desired Settlement: I request that FH Furr reimburse me for the expenses of $975.00 due to this unnecessary leak. If FH Furr refuses, I request that it explain why it believes the company is not responsible for this event, especially since no one from FH Furr ever personally looked at the air conditioning unit or repairs. Remember, the expert opinion of the [redacted] was that the dirty condenser unit likely caused the system malfunction, and [redacted] is a neutral party in this situation with no self-serving reason to make this determination.

I also request a refund for the service contract charges that FH Furr collected from me between July 2007 and December 2013. At the monthly fee of $13.95, the total refund would be $1,074.



[redacted] is not a neutral party. Their discrediting of F.H. Furr services results in their ability to sell services and receive business from [redacted] in the future. A dirty condenser can hurt efficiency but cannot cause a refrigerant leak in an A/C system. No refund is due on service contract. We have looked over the contract, the contract specifies no refund. We have performed over 12 no charge maintenance visits since July 2007, [redacted] is being misinformed and we regret we have lost her as a customer.General Manager,Joe B



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:Mr. B[redacted]'s response is nonsensical for the following reasons. First, he states that [redacted] is not a neutral party, yet ignores the fact that they were entitled to payment regardless of whether they blamed FH Furr or blamed it on randomness. By implication, Mr. B[redacted] is implying that FH Furr IS neutral even though they have every reason to blame anyone or anything other than themselves out of self interest. Second, Mr. B[redacted] admits that a dirty condenser can hurt efficiency but fails to explain why FH Furr deserves to have been paid even though he seems to be admitting that FH Furr did not perform proper maintenance. If it had, the condenser would not have been dirty. I would like Mr. B[redacted] to answer a simple yes or no question - would he be pleased if his own condenser was left as filthy by his company as his company left mine? Third, he says he looked over the contract and it specifies no refund; I think when maintenance is not done according to contract a refund would seem a logical response to compensate for services NOT rendered. Fourth, he says that a dirty condenser can "only" hurt efficiency but cannot cause a leak, glossing over the fact that FH Furr's services are the reason that the condenser was not clean. Is he implying that a dirty condenser is good for the system, and that the extra exertion is not enough to exploit a weakness in the refrigerant system? Fifth, he states that FH Furr did 12 no charge maintenance visits since 2007. If this statement is correct, than why was my credit charge charged each and every month since 2007 for $13.95? If Mr. B[redacted] has amnesia about these payments, I can easily provide proof from my credit card company.


Paul R[redacted], our technician that came out to our house for our semi-annual maintenance inspection of our two zone system was professional, courteous and informative. Gave us some new tips to keep in mind to ensure our HVAC system and humidifier stays trouble free.

Jimmy C was very business like and professional, did a good check of my system.

Installed a new Lennox Heat Pump System in my home. They were clean and professional and did an outstanding job. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Review: I bought a new AC/Heating system for my condo through [redacted] in [redacted], Virginia. They contracted F.H. Furr to install the system. The system was installed on April 28, 2011. On May 14, 2014, I contacted them to exercise my warranty rights under the contract because the return collapsed and my A/C was no longer providing cool air. On May 31, 2014, F.H. Furr installed a return box and fixed the kink flex in the return to provide cool air into my condo. Not even two weeks later, the return again collapsed causing the A/C not to work. I notified F.H. Furr the next day of this issue and no one got back to me. During this time the heat was unbearable so I had another company come out right away and do an emergency repair. This new company found the 14' flex pipe kinked AGAIN so they removed 4 to 5' of the pipe to make it better to receive cool air but stated that the unit still needs more return air into the system and they recommended an open air return. I had to pay $204.95 to have my system fixed because two times F.H. Furr did not fix my new unit properly - either when it was installed and with the first fix. Finally on June 28, 2014, F.H. Furr sent yet another crew to my condo to fix their repair job that didn't work. At that time I asked the representative about being reimbursed since it was their fault in the first place: (1) the unit was not installed property, and (2) they didn't fix it properly the first time. The representative, Scott R[redacted], said he totally understood where I was coming from but he would have to take it up with his boss. Scott R[redacted] said he would have his boss call me about the reimbursement. Two weeks later I had to call his boss and his boss was very curt and rude and said "We will NOT reimburse you. Our phone number is on our invoices and you should have called that number directly."Desired Settlement: Three times this company could NOT get this new AC unit installed properly causing me distress and having to take leave from my job to have this handled. This should have been done on the initial installation. I have a medical assistance service dog at home and cannot leave him with no AC. I want F.H. Furr to reimbursement $204.95 for work they didn't do right twice.



From: [redacted] <[redacted]>

Date: Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 12:29 PM

Subject: FW: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint #[redacted].

To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>

Cc: "[redacted]>

F.H. Furr and I have worked everything out. You can close this complaint. Thank you.


Excellent service and technician took time to explain service and preventive measures to keep the unit running. Thanks

Review: I had a new heat pump and furnace installed by FH Furr in May 2011. The installers crammed the old dirty air filter into the cold air return duct and left it there. The system had many minor problems but was never quite right. After having several service attempts, I contacted [redacted] and they sent (for free) a technician from another dealership. He disassembled the system and found the filthy filter inside the duct. The problems were solved and now our system seems to be working - but in the over the 2 and a half years of trying to solve it, I had to take 20 days off from work for service calls and I am sure the dirty air circulating in our home caused health issues and the reduced air flow cause higher than normal electrical and gas bills. The installers names were [redacted] and [redacted]. The reason this complaint was not filed sooner is that it took until this spring to find that the installers had sabotaged our system. I believe their goal was to have it work poorly so I would call them again and again for service and have to keep paying service calls.Desired Settlement: While nothing can compensate me for the health issues, I believe Furr should refund me $1000 (from the $12,000 installation fee, and over $500 service calls I had to pay) for my time off from work (20 days of vacation used) and the excessive gas and electric bills all caused by their incompetent installation crew.



We installed the system in May of 2011. We have performed no service or maintenance since October of 2011. [redacted]'s chronologically lists a dozen or so service calls from a different service company. This company or companies finds no dirty filter in the ductwork. Why is this filter our responsibility or something "we" crammed in there when we installed the new unit. Frankly I am offended that the customer would accuse us of intentionally sabotaging our installation. I apologize the customer had problems with their system , but cannot be responsible for a dirty filter found in their system I have not seen or serviced for 2 years.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: The dirty filter found in the duct by a certified [redacted] repairman in January 2014 had to have been left in the duct when the unit was installed in May 2011 since it was the same size my old unit used and not the size used by the heat pump that Furr installed. There was no way any of the service calls would have even had that size filter with them. The fact that the other service calls did not find it simply means that they did not totally disassemble the heat pump as the qualified technician did. If [redacted] is offended by the fact his installers sabotaged my system, he should take that up with [redacted] and [redacted] who installed this system for him since they are the ones giving him a bad name. My guess is these men have already been fired for their incompetence.


F.H. Furr's Jimmy C[redacted] came to our house yesterday to inspect our HVAC system. He did that and also suggested that we might want to consider upgrading to a new system, to replace our 19-year old system, rather than spend money for refrigerant and cleaning. We are more than pleased with the service of Mr. C[redacted]

Jimmy C[redacted] was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. Excellent overall service!

Mr. S. O[redacted] with FH Furr was prompt, courteous, and polite. I liked how he would go over the process of taking care of our heater. I have Always had great experiences with FH Furr and will continue to use them.

FH Furr has had my business for a service plan for my HVAC for 3 years and I have had only positive experiences with them. Last week, Comfort Care Technician Lorenzo L. performed routine maintenance on our system. He was very polite and courteous and he thoroughly explained one area of concern. I recommend this company (and Lorenzo) to anybody.

Review: About a month (April 2013)ago FH Furr installed a kitchen faucet for us that we supplied. Unfortunately I was not home and my husband agreed to pay $500 for the service - that cost in itself was highway robbery! Now (May 2013)the faucet is extremely loose and I called for repair. I specifically asked if FH Furr warranties installations, and she looked up our record and indicated they do. I made the appointment and was on a first call for this morning, May 20. At 8:40am I still had not heard anything from the dispatcher so I called - found out that the technician had a family emergency and they were trying to reschedule (why hadn't anybody called me to let me know?). The dispatcher also said this was a billable repair call because we supplied the equipment (which was brand new out of the box). I indicated that information contradicted what I was told when I made the appointment. The dispatcher wanted to know if I wanted to reschedule and I declined - why would I give this company more money when they don't stand behind their work?! Seems to me the company should guarantee their installations and also honor commitments of their employees (the one who told me the service call was covered under installation warranty). It is time now to find another company that guarantees the quality of their employees' work.Desired Settlement: I would like FH Furr to repair the faucet or reimburse my costs if I have already found alternative company to do the work.



[redacted] <[redacted]>2:13 PM (16 minutes ago)to meWent to customer home and retightened faucet at no charge to customer. [redacted]

Plumbing Service Manager

F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating And A/C9040 Mike Garcia Dr l Manassas, VA 20109Office: 703.490.6917

Email: [redacted]



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


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