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Had them pick up my snow blower in august 2013 to fix, as it would not blow snow at the end of past winter...Engine always started first start, but it would no longer blow snow. The [redacted]said no problem, they would fix it fro $200 and I would be all set...He also recommended a complete tune up service for an additional fee of $150, and I agreed. When the machine came back, at a cost of over $360, he assured me I would be all set...he left, and right away I couldn't get machine to start.. It had always fired right up, but now it took about ten minutes to start. Figured it might be from the ride back, so I let it sit a few days...Same issue., would not start for several minutes...He came back while I was a t work and said it may have been flooded., but he got it to start pretty easy. So here comes the snow, after struggling to get it started, low and behold, it STILL WON'T BLOW SNOW. I left him a message, and my wife and I, both over 40, shoveled the 9 inches of snow by hand. [redacted] and his son showed up later, and accused us of using the snow blower, which we hadn't, and though they couldn't get it to throw snow. I said either get it fixed or give the money back. I watched them take the cover off, and say the belts needed changing, and then left with the machine and cover. Two days later, they returned, unannounced, to drop the snow blower off. They didn't realize I was home, and I watched [redacted] struggle for a couple minutes and many pulls to get the machine started. finally it started, and I came out and saw it blow some snow. AS IF THIS WASN'T A BAD ENOUGH EXPERIENCE, I noticed right away that the belt cover was not on the machine. [redacted] got in his truck without saying a word and started to drive away. I ran to the truck and asked where the belt cover was. HE SAID " NO IDEA, I thought it might be here, we couldn't find it in the shop." I asked him if he was going to replace it, and he said "NO" and drove away. NOT ONLY SHOULD THEY BE CLOSED BECASUE THEY ARE INCOMPETENT, but they steal parts from customers and act like it is no big deal....THESE PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE, and the worst I have ever encountered.Product_Or_Service: fix non blowing issue and tuneOrder_Number: n/aAccount_Number: no number, have receDesired SettlementI want all my money back, as I have no faith that these rude and unprofessional people have any idea what they are doing, and am sure this machine [redacted] break down very shortly. I also want the belt cover back.Business Response Mister [redacted] does not know how to operate his snow blower and would benefit greatly from reading his operator's manual. The first incident in question was a result of his not knowing how to start his machine in the summertime. Once I advised him not to use 'full choke' when starting his machine in 90 degree weather, his summertime starting complaint went away and I'm sure he felt rather foolish. The second 'incident' occurred when he complained that his snow blower would not blow snow and that he had shoveled his entire driveway. I arrived to pick up his machine for 'repair' and found snow blower tracks all over his driveway. Additionally, I found that his snow blower was completely clogged with snow as a result of someone jamming the machine into a snowdrift and attempting to blow too much snow at one time. I cleared the mechanism and proceeded to blow snow without difficulty. During this time Mister [redacted] came out to his driveway screaming and yelling that he was a fifty year old man and shouldn't have to shovel. He was shouting loudly and flailing his arms about and seemed angry that we had taken photographs that clearly showed he had been using his snow blower. We took the machine back to the shop and checked out his auger belt, which was fine. We returned his machine and have not heard from him since. The story about a missing cover is a complete fabrication as he has said cover. We [redacted] not do business with Mister [redacted] and we [redacted] call the police if he should ever come to the shop. The reason we would call the police is because of his threatening words and the crazed physical actions that he displayed to us on numerous occasions. This man scares me. He is dangerous. His consternation with his snow blower would be greatly relieved if he simply read his operator's manual and learned how to operate his snow blower.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)This guy is a complete liar...The machine was not used to blow any snow the day it would not work. I opened the garage door, started the machine after quite a struggle, which was never the case before he took the machine to fix it, and tried to blow snow..right away the machine would not work, as a NORMAL amount of snow was attempted and did not blow. That is the snow he says was all clogged, another LIE...Moreover, my wife and I DID indeed shovel the whole driveway, completely without the non working machine...The only track marks on the drive way were from our cars in the slush of a couple days previous, which had frozen. They returned the machine a couple days later after HIS RUDE and threatening behavior, without the belt cover. their response was " WE can't find it. too bad." At that point I had to call the [redacted] Police, and low an behold two hours later he called me back claiming they had misplaced it and had found it.The machine just needed a new belt, and in the end, and $400 later, got one. THEY HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO DO THE JOB, OR HOW TO DEAL WITH CUSTOMERS. IT IS A JOKE THAT HE NOW SAYS HE [redacted] NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ME, AS OBVIOUSLY I MADE IT CLEAR TO HIM MONTHS AGO THAT I, NOR ANYONE I KNOW, WOULD DO BUSINESS WITH HIM...HIS BUSINESS HAS had many complaints, as I was informed by town's people who knew exactly what business I was calling about before I even told them...BEFORE I EVEN TOLD THEM!!!!The machine always started up every time for years on the first pull, the exact way the manual says to start it, winter or summer, UNTIL IT WENT TO HIS SHOP!!! THEN when he returned it it wouldn't start, and he starts blaming me. AND then the final time he returned it, it took him five minutes to start it, so I guess he needs to read the manual. AND HE TELLS ME, just use the electric start. IT NEEDED A BELT, you made up all this stuff to get extra money, then got mad and blamed me for your incompetence. It always started first pull for since I bought it new, and the day I brought It down to the driveway to be picked up it started first pull. THEN YOU FOOL WITH IT, AS FOOL IS THE WORD, NOT WORKED ON, and it comes back with all sorts of starting issues.DO NOT BRING ANYTHING HERE, they don't know what they are doing and do not have any concept of how to take responsibility for their mistakes or how to treat customers...I [redacted] be smiling the day I see the out of business sign on that little building!!!!Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)there is no response attached, just his email address...

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Description: Motorcycles-Repairing & Service

Address: 220 Main St, Boylston, Massachusetts, United States, 01505-2017


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