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Fairview Roofing

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See attached documentOn 7/22/we received a written request from the insured to cancel her home and auto policies written through the *** *** ***The forms were emailed to the insurance company on 8/6/with a request to cancel the coverage effective 7/15/15.On 8/10/*** processed
the cancellations in their office which generated an unearned premium of $on the automobile insurance and $90,on the homeowners insurance.On 8/10/our office received a voice message from the insured inquiring about the cancellation of her coverage and her return premiumOn the same day our representative called the insured back and left a message for her advising that her cancellation forms had been received and were sent to *** for processingShe was advised that it normally takes to days for the cancellation to process, and any return premium would be mailed to her directly from the carrier.On 9/18/the insured called questioning why the cancellation confirmation showed an unearned premium amount that was different from the amount that was returned to herShe advised that there was a $discrepancy between the amountsOur representative advised the insured that we would contact *** and find out why there was a difference.On 9/18/we contacted ***They advised that the policy payments were set up on electronic funds transferHer August payment was scheduled to come out of her account on 8/10/which is the same day the cancellation was processed by *** ***On 8/11/the payment that was scheduled for 8/10/we refused by the bankThe insurance company charged a $penalty fee to each payment that was refusedThis amount was deducted from the unearned premium due which caused a $difference in each return premium.On 9/18/our representative contacted insured to advise why there was a discrepancyThe insured advised that our office told her to stop payment of her EFTOur representative asked her who she spoke with as the only other conversation we had documented in our files was on 8/10/which was a voice messageOur procedure if the insured questioned her EFT payment would have been to call the carrier and have the EFT scheduled payment stopped provided there were enough days to do thisThe insured was very upset and felt that this was our error and that she should not be penalizedOur representative told her we would check it out and get back with her.At that time we pulled all calls that came from insured’s phone numberSince the date the cancellation request was received there only two phone calls from the insuredWe received the voice message on 8/10/and the call on 9/18/Our representative called *** again on 9/21/to see if they had any notes regarding the insured calling them regarding the EFT paymentThey had no documentation of the insured calling them directAt that time she asked if there was any way we could get the fees waived as the cancellation was processed by their office on the same day that the payment was scheduled to come outWe were advised that they were unable to refund the fees.On 9/22/again spoke with the insured and advised that we pulled all of the calls coming from her phone number and again explained that there were no conversations from anyone in our office advising that she should stop paymentShe questioned if perhaps her new agent who sent the cancellation forms in for her had advised her to stop the payment and she advised that it was not her new agent that she spoke with someone in our office on 8/10/She again explained to the insured that we would not instruct her to stop payment, we would have contacted the carrier to have the withdrawn stopped.Our representative asked her if there was any other number that the call could have come from, she advised noAt that point our representative suggested she contact *** direct to see if they would refund the fees.We again pulled all of our calls from 8/10/15, and the only call on that date was the voice message to the insured advising the forms had been received and that if there was a return premium it would be returned directly to the insured.On 9/25/our representative sent the insured an email confirming all of the above and again suggested she contact *** direct to see if they would be willing to refund the fees
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]
*** ***

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Address: 1236 N. Gate Business Pkwy G-7, Madison, Tennessee, United States, 37115

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