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complaint # [redacted] (You say now you’ve closed it and I’m still dissatisfied.) I’m satisfied I was waiting to see if they did what they said – which was no more emails from them I had no idea there’s a deadline for my “it’s ok now” response Thank you ***

Contents of Logos Silver can be found at the link belowThe page does states this comes with an NAC seriesIt does not state the series is complete as not all books of the bible have an NAC that has been published.
The section for NAC links
to the product page that outlines each book that is included and this is located below.
Our Silver Logos library was released 10/28/and the customer is upset that NAC Corinthians that was released 10/1/15, is not part of a library that was released a year beforeThe customer also purchase the Silver library on 7/31/before the book in question was releasedWe are unable to provide a book that comes out in months for a customer that purchases something today where the book is not available

I apologize you continue to receive our emailsI have removed your email from our database and emails will no longer be sent to youThis can take up to hours to be completeIf you get any emails past that time please let me knowI can be reached at
Don E***

The order the customer had was returned shortly after the complaint was filed. Don E***Logos Bible Software, Manager Customer Service

complaint #[redacted].    (You say now you’ve closed it and I’m still dissatisfied.)  I’m satisfied.  I was waiting to see if they did what they said – which was no more emails from them.  I had no idea there’s a deadline for my “it’s ok now” response.  Thank you.  [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
This response is inadequate as it states an untruths and reaffirms deceptive marketing.
They state that their website shows the NAC series is listed on their website and does not state it is complete.  This is true.  Many of their other resources in this package do not say complete, and  none of their incomplete resources say incomplete.  This is deceptive.  They rely on the uninformed buyer (which is the most common purchaser of their "base packages") to believe they are purchasing a complete resource.  It is nearly impossible for a buyer to search each and every resource provided to determine which ones are complete and which ones are incomplete.  Their base packages come with THOUSANDs of resources and they could easily hold back pieces of any and all of them and make the same claim that they never "said" they were complete.  This is deceptive.  In fact, the NAC series does say that it contains 41 volumes, but they rely on the uninformed buyer to know a priori that the complete NAC series contains 42 volumes.  It is very a simple matter for the business to correctly label their incomplete resources as "incomplete" or "expected to be completed by" or "limited resource" or "not a complete series".  However, they refuse to do this.  This is deceptive.  This is because they know if they label their resources this way, their sales will drop.  In fact, they would not have been able to market the Silver package "with the acclaimed NAC series" if they had to state "not a complete resource.  The NAC series is just one example of many that I have run across now that I know what I am looking for.  In addition, it seems their marketing group does not care if they appear to be deceptive or not as evidenced by their rebuttal.
They state an untruth in their rebuttal that I am upset that I did not receive the extra volume.  I have spent over $1000 on software from logos in the last few months so it does not bother me to have to spend a measly $25 to complete a resource.  What I DO care about is the company's deceptive marketing practices and their apparent lack of conscience that they are being deceptive.  If I had known beforehand that they were selling me an incomplete resource I probably would have been just fine with it and purchased the extra volume whenever it became available.  This is not the problem...the problem is that they do not label their resources and rely on deceived buyers to believe they are purchaseing a complete set.  According to their rebuttal, they apparently believe they have the prerogative to leave out pieces of resources and claim that their website "never said it was complete".  This would seem to be true for a missing page from a book...a missing chapter from a book....leaving out every other word from a critical paragraph...or removing the "T" section from the oxford dictionary (since their dictionary does not say "complete"  A quick perusal of their website shows that almost no resources say "complete".  Their rebuttal shows that they practice deceitful business marketing and rely on consumers to know beforehand that their resource is missing a piece of information.   This is extremely deceptive.
Again, I really don't care about the $25 extra I have to spend...but since they refuse to label their resources appropriately in order to deceive buyers, I think a complaint against them is more than appropriate.  This is even more true after reading their self-incriminating rebuttal.

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