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Your are my notes including steps I have taken two try to resolve this matter.[redacted]Spoke on phone client was rude and wrong. Send text message 8/2/2016Customer's Real Estate Professional:[redacted] [redacted]Scheduled an appointment to see the client on Sunday August...

14 at 10 AM. I was there the client did not show up. He called me at 10:15 and said he was there the whole time. I knocked on the door and left my business card and took a picture showing on my GPS the date and the time I was in fact there. 8/14/16Client has since posted online negative bad and also contacted 8/16/16Returning to property Sunday September the fourth for the second time 8/28/16After having a conversation with the consumer, he was questioning the protocols a home inspector takes when conducting an inspection. There were several electrical issues that were noted in the report please see comments. My client did contact the electrician who did verify there were several problems with the electric which involves switching out and repairing defective outlets. I mentioned in my report that the electrical box was utilizing 150 amp's at the time of inspection. The consumer was under the assumption that I had said the electrical panel was a 150 amp Service panel when it is actually 200 A. I explained to him he was correct the main breaker for the shut off to the home is a 200 amp rating, what my report will specify to him was that at present only 150 A A of the two hundred and being utilized. The purpose for this comment was to verify the box was not overloaded and the service was adequate. The consumer agreed that he now understood what I was talking about and suggested I might want to bring it to the attention of future prospective clients; I agreed it was constructive criticism. However the comment did not affect affect him nor did it cause any financial hardship to the consumer. The consumer did inform me that he had an electrician come through the home after he closed escrow on property. It stipulates clearly in several areas of my report that you need to contact eight qualified licensed electrician prior to closing on the property so perhaps they could seek credits from the current homeowner at the time of inspection. Although my advice was followed,Contrary to my recommendation to have the electrician to come prior to closing, the electrician came after the fact and the homeowner was not entitled to any credits because the closing had already taken place. With regards to his heating system. The consumer was very upset about the heating system because I did not pointing out in my report that the prior homeowner replaced the heating system however some of the valves the old boiler remained.The parts that remained were functioning at the time of inspection and Did not affect the systems function ability in any shape or form. I proceeded to explained to the client, there are hundreds of parts on that type of boiler he has which was a baseboard hot water boiler system. It is common practice for the heating contractor to salvage reusable parts in Effort to save the customer, in this case the prior homeowner, the expense of replacing parts that were not directly connected to the heating system rather more connected to the plumbing past the heating system but do function as part of the heat distribution system. The only analogy I can think of help explain this is-if the engine in your car needs to be replaced, they do not replace the gas tank, exhaust system, fuel injection system, gas pump, transmission, provided those parts are functioning properly at the time the engine is replaced. With the exception of one leaky radiator which was revealed upstairs when the client removed the carpet to replace it, there was a stain on the hardwood floor, revealing the leak, which I did not have a visual access to at the time of inspection. The customer said it cost $200 which I agreed to reimburse even though the problem did not prevent itself at the time of inspection. The client claims I did not even run of the heating system. The client nor his father did not accompany me during the entire inspection, and unfortunately they did not see me turn on the heating system which I did do as it is a major part of any home inspection, therefore they simply assumed I did not do it. There was a window upstairs which was a thermal insulated double pane window. The client was upset because the storm window that accompanied the thermal insulated window had pulled loose in the corner. Even though the prior homeowner did not remove the storm window when they installed the new windows. I also agreed to pay for the repair of the storm window. Price has yet to be determined. I agree to pay even though it is not uncommon to leave the storm window when new windows are installed, it was redundant to leave it in place however it was not a defect so I did not mention it in the report. The client had also installed a air conditioner unit in that window since of the inspection. The damage to the storm window was not mentioned in the report. It wasn't mention because I did not see it at the time of inspection. I had asked the customer if it was possible that he himself may have damage the storm window when he installed the air conditioner unit. He was upset with the question and informed me that he did not. We have a situation where we both feel we are correct in this matter. In fairness to me I explained to the customer that it's ironic the only window that was not mentioned in the report what was the only window Which was damaged happened to be the window that he installed a window air conditioning unit in. Giving the customer the benefit of the doubt I offered to pay for the work needed to repair the window. I have pictures I can provide upon request. The customer and I have agreed to bring in a heating contractor to determine if the components that were not replaced with regards to heating system to determine if any further repairs are needed. If the heating contractor feels those parts should have been replaced when the new boiler was installed I agreed to pay for the work.After visiting the home to address the issues, the following business day I went to the township to ask for an opera form or report. That report which I can provide upon request indicates a permit was pulled to install the boiler system hey it was inspected by the city inspectors, the plumbing permit past which means the installation was installed according to industry standardsAnd the city inspector concluded that it was functioning at the time of his inspection also, this system met all current code standards to date and was issued a pass in the permit was closed out. I concluded the boiler was functioning properly at this time of inspection along with a city inspector so I felt my obligation was met with the client however I didn't agree to pay for anything if need be once we bringing a heating contractor. The outcome is pending the inspection from the heating contractor.At the end of the day the only thing that matters to me no matter who was right or who was wrong that I have a satisfied client. I had left my iPad at the clients home when I returned for the third time and made that clear to him. We are currently in the process of resolving this matter can I have committed to pay for any issues regardless of who's fault it is. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.Robert H[redacted]Family building inspectors LLC[redacted] Please forgive some of the typing errors in this response. My typing skills leave a lot to be desired

Review: I used [redacted] to do a home inspection of a property that I was looking to buy on 10/1/14. In the service, the house was inspected for Termites, Radon, and upon his recommendation, Mold. The purchase of the home was a short sale and the scheduled closing date was set for 10/27/14. Upon numerous calls I received different reasons for not having the Radon Results and Mold results. The mold results were delivered 3 weeks later and to this day , 11-9-14, I have not received the Radon results. [redacted] told me that the initial radon canister dropped off was "taken". He said he had an associate place another canister. After another phone call was placed, I was informed that the person who works at the company that conducts the tests for Radon had left and the company was in a state of disarray. I was charged $100.00 for the Radon testing, price listed on invoice, a service to which I was charged and never received results for.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for a service which I was charged $100.00 for and have not received a report.

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Description: Home Inspection Service

Address: 27 New Dover Road, East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States, 08816


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