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Family Dermatology of Pennsylvania

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Review: Back in 2011 my husband was seen for skin cancer during this time we paid ofc copay of $20.00 and paid what ins did not.There has always been a problem with wrong medical codes being given to ins for claims. In 2012 I recieved a bill from family dermatology in which the billing dept said they were having problems with billing, and not to worry they said I had a 0 balance. So on august 14 2014 I recieve a collection notice from [redacted] for $85.20 Phone #[redacted] ext [redacted] Reps name is Remma.I cotacted A Tammy @ the reading ofc of this practice ###-###-#### explained my anger for them sending to collections for something I do owe. She told me to pay it and she would remove from collections, She then gave me a # of ###-###-#### for a solid week I get no answer.Tammy also stated they are still trying to collect $1.100.00 from the ins company. the ins company told them as well as me the claim is over 3 years old and due to time limits and wrong med codes this claim would not be paid by ins.I tried my best to handle this with DR. ofc and collecton dept last calling them on august 20 2014. I am in poor health and this is not helping in any way.They had a write up in the reading eagle RE: patients taking them to court on the same problems I am now having. Since I was told in 2012 that I had a 0 balance I therefore did not do anything with there court issuse. I want this to be removed from my credit report and hope in future they send me a bill for the over $1.00.00 claim. I always pay my bills but refuse to pay for something 4 years old. Or for there mistakes in there billing dept. I have tried to handle this matter on my own with no results just comments to pay it to have it removed from collections. I will not pay for something that is not owed, This claim is 4 years old and from 2012 to 2014 have not heard from them till I recieved a collection notice.The account for this is [redacted] under my husbands name [redacted]. This is no way to run a business Please call if needed my # is ###-###-####Desired Settlement: I want this removed from collection agency and off my credit report. Thank you for your help in this matter [redacted]



[A default letter is provided here which indicates that the business has not responded to you directly. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]At this time, I have not been contacted by Family Dermatology of Pennsylvania regarding complaint ID [redacted].Regards,[redacted] I would also like to add that I contacted the credit agency today and got a recording stating they no longer handle cases with family dermitology. that I should deal with family derm which I never get anyone to answer the phone. Again thank you for your help in this manner.

Review: My husband [redacted] went to see the dermatologist and was seen on 05/31/2011 and 06/14/2011 in the office. At that time he was covered under his insurance as primary and had my insurance as secondary. He gave the office both insurance cards. Back in September 2011 we received a bill from the office in the amount of $442.39 which at that time my husband called on 09/16/11 and spoke with a Laura who stated that this claim would be sent into my secondary insurance. Then once again we received the same bill in November 2011, I called the office on 11/02/11 and left a voicemail since no one answered the phone. I got no response, so I emailed the office the next day on 11/03/2011 stating we were told back in September that this was going to be sent into my insurance as secondary. I got a response email back that same day stating the claim has been submitted to the secondary insurance. After that we never heard anything until May 2014 where we got a statement yet again for the same balance. On the statement it doesn't show payment or any correspondence from my secondary insurance. I called the billing office twice and got another voicemail stating to leave a message and due to high call volume to allow 3-5 business days to return your call. I got no phone call back, so I mailed them two different times since no one was returning my calls. I emailed them on 06/03/14 and 06/17/14, never got a response. Now just in August 2014 we get a letter from a collection agency for the balance of $442.39. I tried calling the office for the past week everyday starting August 27th until today 09/03/14. Still no response and now I am not even able to leave a message. I called the collection agency and they said I need to contact the office. In the meantime on 08/28/14 I called my insurance and they told me the claim was paid back on 09/17/12 and the check was cashed on 09/26/12. They faxed me a copy of the explanation of benefits showing it was paid and it shows that we are not responsible for the balance. Since I never got a phone call back I did email the billing office on 08/29/14 at one last attempt to try and get this resolved and still no type of response what so ever. My husband has given verbal permission to both the collection agency and the billing office to speak with me regarding his account and I just can't get any type of response. My husband has me handle the billing when it comes to the medical bills because I am a medical billing coordinator for a major health network here in PA which I think is why I am frustrated with not being able to actually talk to someone about this bill that was paid by the insurance and somehow or another winded up in collections.Desired Settlement: To have the balance taken care of, to have it removed from any credit bureaus that it was reported too and have it removed from my husbands credit report entirely. I would like in writing that this balance has been adjusted and that we are not responsible.

Review: Family Dermatology of PA has been billing me $83.51 for services rendered on 10/25/12 (account #[redacted]). I have confirmed with my insurance company that these services were paid for by the insurance company. Family Dermatology of PA office and billing department repeatedly told me that this was an error in the computer and that I don't have to pay anything. After the 5th or 6th bill, they have not returned my emails or telephone calls. I have continued to receive the same bill, again and again.

On 8/27/14, I received a bill from [redacted], Medical Billing and Practice Management for $38.00 on behalf of Family Dermatology of PA. I gave them a call and was told that my account was in collections.Desired Settlement: I would like Family Dermatology of PA to clear my account, contact [redacted] regarding my cleared account, give me written proof that my account has been cleared on the books of Family Dermatology of PA and [redacted]. After that, I would like no further communications with Family Dermatology of PA.

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Description: Physicians - Specialists

Address: 426 Airport Rd Ste 3, Hazle Townshp, Pennsylvania, United States, 18202


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