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400-3025 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3K 2E2

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FBC accounting. It is one of them we have a contract to do my company and my personal taxes and none of my work was done. They have 5 different people who came to the house and they only came once and never show up to do my work. We sign the contract in January of 2019. And my work was never done. I call the office trying to call with Yvette ***. But the office front decks answer the phone and say she away. I went in right away to the office and see her there inside her office at that time. I was done and this is in June 2019. Because of that, my children's tax benefit was 4 months behind because of that. I have to look for a new accounting company to do my work.
They are still owing me about $3,000.
Telling me that it's now hours rate after they didn't do any job for me. I am asking for my money back because the job was never done.
Product_Or_Service: service
Account_Number: contract

Desired Outcome


Farm Business Consultants Response • Jun 15, 2020

We are writing in response to the comments made by the complainant. For ease of review we provide FBC's position in point form.
The complainant entered into a Membership Agreement with FBC January 7, 2019.
The FBC Membership Agreement was for the 2019 Taxation Year for the personal returns of the complainant as well as the corporation controlled by her
The complainant also requested that FBC complete the outstanding tax returns for the 2017 and 218 taxation years
The FBC Membership Agreement required the payment of $3,520.35 (net of taxes) at the time of execution of the agreement
The agreement also required the payment of $3,000.00 (net of taxes) for the completion of the 2017 and 2018 taxation returns.
The complainant states that the work contracted for was not completed. It should be noted that the complainant did not meet the contractually required payments.
The complainant placed a stop payment on a Membership Agreement payment in the amount of $1,086.73 (net of taxes).
It was agreed with the complainant on June 26, 2019 that the remaining post-dated cheques in the amount of $3,260.18 would be returned to the Member and that the FBC Membership would be null and void at this point.
The net result of the stop payment and return of the post-dated cheques was the complaint paying FBC $2,173.44 (net of taxes)
FBC completed the New Member Orientation process which includes, among other things, a review of prior year tax return, development of historical data bases for tax planning, and onsite visit for the purposes of reviewing the results of the review and development process as well as discussions on future tax planning. This process involved approximately 10 person hours
FBC completed the 2018 T4s and T4Summary for the corporation associated with this Membership. Due to missing information, general lack of adequate records of employment, information on employees, and the requirement to reverse engineer payroll records this process took in excess of 10 person hours to complete
FBC completed the 2018 T1 Income Tax and Benefits Return for the complainant.
FBC completed the bookkeeping onsite and financial statements for the 2017 corporation fiscal year end.
FBC completed the bookkeeping for the 2018 corporation fiscal year end on-site. This process due to the disarray of the source documents took 24 person hours to complete.
The complainant, on June 26, 2019, agreed in a meeting with FBC Operations Supervisor Ms. to part ways with FBC with no hard feelings. The complainant stated that she did not wish to work with FBC any longer but agreed that we have done a fair amount of work and only asks that we return her postdated cheques and provide her with an update of how far we got with her bookkeeping. The complainant acknowledged the work and hours expended on her behalf by FBC in relation to the New Member Orientation process, T4 & T4 Summary work, as well as bookkeeping and financial statements.
While FBC does not engage in fee for service for Non-Members we do in fact have an established Value-Added Service fee schedule for use in situations that may arise where fees must be charged for items not included in the FBC Membership.
In the case of the complainant the services not included within the Membership are bookkeeping fees as well as T4 & T4 Summary preparation. Even with the lack of payment in full for the Membership we did not put forward any fees related to the T1 Personal Income Tax & Benefits Return, New Member Orientation process or the creation of the 2017 corporate financial statements which would normally be covered in an active and valid FBC Membership.
Based on the foregoing point the fees due for services rendered would be:
o T4 & T4 Summary Preparation (40 @ $45.00) $1,000
o On-Site Bookkeeping (8 - 3 Hour Units @ $465.00) $3,720
o Total $4,720.00 (net of taxes)
o Paid by Complainant: $2,173.44
FBC essentially agreed to honour items that would be covered if the Membership had been paid in full and current. These items outside of the Membership Agreement would have attracted fee for service charges. In addition, FBC did not request that the complainant pay FBC the shortfall for services rendered in the amount of $2,546.56 (net of taxes)
The complainant notes that several different FBC staff attended at her home to complete work on her behalf. The reason for several staff attending is that we do our work on-site at the Member's home or office as well as the fact we utilize the person best suited to the task.
The complainant remarks that the Federal Canada Child Benefit was delayed four months. We provided the required T1 Income Tax & Benefits Return July 2, 2019. While this was not in keeping with the legislated filing deadline the return was in a refund position. We are not aware of this delay or of any reason for the delay of the Federal Canada Child Benefit.
Considering the foregoing points, a refund of fees is not warranted.

Customer Response • Jul 09, 2020

January 16, 2019,

One of the Fbc associates came to my old address ***, signed me up on a contract to be doing my Business Taxes and Personal tax. And they were going to doing my business tax from 2017,2018,2019. but they need to look into my previous taxes from 2016 as well which, I give all the documents and also my payroll everything as already organized.

My old office manager had all my payrolls documents in a big filling folder bi- weekly and monthly wish make more easier for them to do my T4. I give them all my paperwork to the associates that came to house that was this time two payments as been taking from me no T4. No paperwork has been done no phone call at this time employees as been calling for T4.

I call the office on February 25,2019. Asking when are the going to be done. I was told by Yvette ***, please let check in and see what is going on. I call Henry. No answer when he finally picks up his phone he told. I am no longer working with Fbc. Call the office, I made another call on the 26 of February 2019.

All this was going on in February 26,27/ 2019
What, I am saying is they took payment from me upon the contract that we have that all my taxes will be done by Fbc both business and personal taxes to be competed by fbc. That it was never done everyone that was sent to me only came once and having 3 of the associates come to my house and nothing was done. 4 times Tim. Cancel 30 minutes before my appointments not only. I was sad but each time. I was paying my employees overtime or moved my clients and at the end of the day no one shows up.

The last associates that came to my new address did the same thing in come twice June 10,2019 and June 17, 2019 the two times he was here. I have to pay my employees to here so if he needs anything we can help and that's exactly what, I was doing. I keep ask is my personal done his say very soon but its was never done.

When you have a contract in place or agreements to do some job or a job that should be agreed before you start working and that is what they did take my job and signed a contract with me and take some money absolutely did not and came back and saying that they spent hours doing work that was never done or sent to CRA. My child tax benefits were delayed for 4 months because it was never done not evil my personal no paperwork was giving to me.
I call the office at the front decks so; I could talk to Yvette ***. I was could she was on vacation so. I went in to speak to someone about the problem. Who was there the Penson that was on vacation was in the office. Yvette ***

How it becomes hours rates. I need to know and the contract most be presented if. I was told that is hour rates. I will go some where ease. Also there did not void the cheque. I cancel the cheque. I can prove that as well from my bank. I was changed to put a stop payment on the cheques.

The contract was $7368
The total cheque that was cash by Fbc is $2,456

Nothing was done or send to CRA.

Farm Business Consultants Response • Jul 20, 2020

While we may empathize with the complainant in her understanding of the matters at hand, there must be a realization on her part that was a mutual decision for the complainant and FBC to terminate the business relationship. The complainant has essentially not advanced any new or cogent information with in her second submission that persuades FBC to alter the original response or the mutual decision.
The complainant appears to wish to rely on the Membership agreement she entered into with FBC as the basis of requesting a refund of fees paid. As the complainant by her own actions and admission did not meet the financial payment obligations of the agreement FBC was under no obligation to complete the services provided for within the agreement. As stated in our original submission in this matter, FBC completed work on behalf of the complainant in an amount that exceeded what the complainant had paid FBC.
We rely upon and refer the complainant to our original submission in this matter rather that restate the facts in a different, or even same, format. As to the complainant's remarks related to having staff available to her when our consultants were on site, it should be noted that the appointments were scheduled with the complainant at times convenient to her schedule. FBC at no time requested her staff to be available or for the complainant to reschedule her own clients to accommodate appointments for our consultants. It is a unique part of FBC's service that we attend at our Members' (clients') home or place of business at times convenient to them - evening and weekends included.

While the complainant may be less that pleased with our position, we trust that she will understand that it was her decision to end the business relationship with FBC and that it was her decision not to meet the financial obligations of the Membership Agreement. We remain of the opinion that no refund is warranted in this matter.

My wife and I had FBC come to our home and the employee they had sent had told us that FBC would go back and re do our taxes from 3 years back and that there would be many things we could write off as part of my business in order to get a bigger return.

FBC then sent out another employee who we had a meeting with for 2 hours and accomplished nothing. I was later informed that he was indeed supposed to go over our "completed" tax returns with us which never happened.

I contacted FBC repeatedly about our tax returns being completed and to date April 4th they have not completed what they had told us they would. We hired FBC back in December.

I have repeatedly asked FBC to refund our investment and not continue with our tax return and have not received any reply.
Product_Or_Service: Tax return services

Desired Outcome

Billing Adjustment I would like the money that we have invested in FBC to complete our taxes refunded in full. As they have not completed anything and after having spoken with a representative from FBC been told that we were mislead by the original employee that met with us I don't think it is too much to ask for a full refund and part ways.

Farm Business Consultants Response • Apr 16, 2019

Following the 1st visit from one of our representatives to review the 3 prior years taxes a letter was sent to the client summarizing the results of the discussions at this appointment. All supporting documentation from this appointment also demonstrates that results were reviewed with the client, however no adjustments were identified other than a possible carry forward. Our representative reviewed in detail what can and cannot be claimed as expenses against his business income as was promised in the initial sign up appointment. The client contacted our office after this appointment to express dissatisfaction stating that the results had not been presented. In order to resolve this, the representative who would be doing their taxes was advised to review these results with them again. These results were discussed as well as their tax data was collected for the purposes of preparing their 2018 tax returns.

Twelve days later, on March 27th, the client emailed me indicating that he and his wife had just checked online with CRA and the taxes had not been filed. I followed up with this representative who stated he felt the client misunderstood that the prior years returns were to be reviewed for possible adjustments if identified instead of re-collecting the data for the purposes of redoing the returns altogether, essentially the difference between review and redo. Although the client states in his written correspondence a review was to be done, upon speaking with him to discuss the processing time of his tax returns, he insisted he was told his returns would be redone.

When I explained the processing time for the tax returns and that we would be addressing with the other representatives what the client had indicated as concerns in our processes, the client seem satisfied and we agreed that the returns that were complete and in the final verification stage could be printed the next day and I would have them delivered by one of our representatives and reviewed with them.

The following day, I received an email from the client stating he spoke with his wife and they did not wish for FBC to file the returns, and indicated that they were no longer satisfied with the results of our discussion the previous day and they wanted a full refund as no financial compensation had been previously offered. Two days later we received this complaint through the

In an effort to resolve this matter with the client, we offered a 50% reimbursement of fees paid. A lot of work has gone into the review process of the prior year's tax returns, the visit to review these results and the data collection and completion of the tax return. Other than the filing of the returns for which the client has requested in writing that FBC does not complete, we have completed all obligations set out on the contract signed by the client. We feel that a 50% reimbursement of fees is more than fair and that the client is not entitled to a full refund considering the work put in.

Customer Response • Apr 21, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I did not misunderstand the services that FBC provides.

To date FBC has still not completed the services that they claimed they would.

I fail to see why I should be responsible to pay FBC anything as they did not complete what we had a greed to.

Beyond that I have email correspondences between myself and Ms. that clearly state my grievances about FBC, their staff, and the services after the second visit which at no point did Mr. ever make any mention that our taxes had been completed nor did he provide any other relevant information in a nearly 2 hour meeting. Only after I complained several times did anything happen as far as making headway on completing our taxes and I had in fact asked for my money back after the second visit from an FBC rep and was told that there would be a remedy to the situation.

Unfortunately that never happened and as a result I am still asking for a 100% refund from FBC

Farm Business Consultants Response • Apr 26, 2019

50% reimbursement of fees paid is the most we are willing to consider in this matter. I reiterate what was agreed to in the original contract:

1) Have an FBC Representative complete an On-site review of the Applicant's past income tax returns, record keeping system, and GST/HST Status.

This was done by Mr. during the New Member Orientation appointment. His notes from this appointment regarding the items that needed to be reviewed, additional data that the client was asked to provide and items discussed for future tax planning.

2) Provide record keeping support plus exclusive access to FBC's phone apps and tools, the FBC Member Centre and FBC Membership newletters.

This was provided upon sign up and has been available since March 11, 2019 to the client. Additional "Support" was provided at the New Member Orientation appointment with Mr.. His notes also reflect this.

3) Have an FBC Representative complete an on-site appointment to obtain the information required to prepare the below listed Applicant's tax return(s) and complete an annual GST/HST review and reconciliation.

4) Prepare all special calculations and schedules needed for the Applicant's income tax purposes.

5) Prepare a Business Management Report for non-incorporated business and/or Enhanced Financial Statements for incorporations.

This was completed by Mr. on March 15th - Supporting documentation can be provided for this as well. The tax returns produced from this appointment will also provide the above noted products to which the client has declined to receive.

6) Access to unlimited phone/email support on matters relating to Canadian Income and Sales Taxes when requested by the Applicant.

Available to the client at any time

7) Provide On-site tax planning and consulting when requested by the Applicant (e.g. Business Structure and Estate Planning).

Available to the client at any time

8) Represent Applicants in the event of an audit by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) when requested by the Applicant.

Available to the client upon being advised of a pending audit.

As we can provide supporting documentation for the points 1-5 and points 6-8 are available at any time, we feel that we have completed our contractual obligations and can support that we have and stand by the 50% reimbursement maximum.

A bookkeeper messed up my PST. Through the Minister of Finance Office Manitoba I was granted the time to understand and look into it, and the payment demands from PST. Looking for a service provider I signed up with FBC, a small business tax firm that operates nation wide. I explained to the Sheldon *** (Business Developer) in detail my needs and gave all information. And paid up front $ 2905.23. An intake manager, Marvin ***, over the e-mail was made aware of the issue, again, and I signed that he can contact the tax office on my behalf. He cancelled a joint meeting with PST representative, myself and him as my specialist (prove on joint e-mail). This meeting was set up through he minister's office. Instead of 4-5 weeks wait, it became almost 8 weeks when a field consultant came to my house, telling me that FBC does not do PST (October 16th). I would have never signed up with FBC if that is the case. A supervisors called by the field consultant confirmed that FBC does not do PST.
My business suffered an enormous set back in time, FBC wasted the efforts of winning time to review this issue, is not knowledgeable on the subject of PST, cancels important meetings, does not get back to me, does not inform correctly in selling their company; is unaware of procedures I found out about,now, through another help. Management is not to be seen and disappears, leaving a field consultant (in training) to deal with mistakes of higher ups. *** I want my money back. I told them so. Theoretically in word, FBC agreed to it? But the whole business of FBC must be reviewed and addressed. FBC is not available besides their consultant. This is a serious issue with much money involved. FBC shrinks all this off as miscommunication. An intake manager asked me to cancel a joint meeting. FBC assumes and portrays PST knowledge and capability to act.
I want my money back in full. I suffered loss of time, too.

Desired Outcome

Refund FBC needs to be addressed that they need to sell their company and services truthfully and not portray they are capable of handling it. Referring to cases of going to the superior court,and others. To get my business. They cannot deliver. Management needs to inform correctly and responsibly. In a timely fashion. Management that caused this added mess needs to be available and they are not. Refund of all monies in a timely and expedient fashion. The case should not be closed unless the money is refunded.

Farm Business Consultants Response • Nov 08, 2018

Meet with client, was unable to resolve his issues. Have now refunded all fees paid.

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