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EZ Pass ** Fraudulent Charge PracticesI have been a Fast Lane/EzPass ** subscriber for 10 years when I received two toll violation notices, both issued for 11/29/13, each with $50 fine. My credit card statement shown I had enough available credit on that day, and EzPass [redacted] charged the card on 12/3.Checking my EzPass [redacted] I also found numerous V-toll Admin fees in the past 6 months, $1 each. EzPass [redacted] are extremely cryptic, with no explanation for fees. Searching on the web clarified V-toll Admin fee is charged when the toll booth cannot recognize the car's transponder. It then uses video equipment to find out the account by the license plate. So it became apparent my transponder was malfunctioning for the past 6 months. I however was never notified about it. Every time I used the toll road, not only I was charged the admin fee, but also the maximum possible toll amount : EzPass [redacted] not use the same equipment to detect where you entered the highway. I went to the Service Center in Auburn, MA on 12/8 to replace my transponder and ask why I was not notified. The answer was the top light at the toll exit shows the problem. I stopped at the light to check it. The top light is not red anymore, it is yellow. 'Call EzPass' is written on the light, but it is practically impossible to see from a car. When people pass * traffic light, they look at the road, and not at the light. You see the light with your peripheral vision. Since yellow also indicates a low balance, it does not warrant much attention. I am a detail oriented person and infer, if I did not see the message for 6 months, most people do not see it either.I receive EzPass [redacted] with statements every month. However no email or letter reporting the malfunction was sent for 6 months, yet the system detected it every time I used the toll. Instead, EzPass [redacted] charged admin fees and maximum toll amounts.The explanation for toll violations was also amusing. EzPass [redacted] charges customers credit cards overnight, when the balance during the previous day goes below $10. My personal one time toll usage on the violation day did not exceed $6. If in one day your balance goes from $10 to $4, EzPass [redacted] enough opportunity to charge the card until your next toll usage. But the system is not built this way, it waits till the next night to charge. If you use a toll again on the same day, the balance becomes negative. Then EzPass [redacted] a toll violation, basically for its own system deficiency. The violation notices stated if you have a valid EzPass [redacted] the violation should be appealed. Though, $5 admin fee will still be charged. I appealed both violations. Since I believed customers should not fund issuing false violations, I noted on one appeal a complaint to will be filed if the admin fee is charged. The appeal without a note was granted. The reason: 'patron had a valid EzPass [redacted] on the day of the violation'. The appeal with the note was denied. The reason: 'Patron contesting admin fee as outlined in the terms and conditions of EzPass [redacted] Both responses came from the same Auburn Service Center. Obviously the 2nd reviewer was not concerned with logic or facts. Even more interesting, the rejection was not a result of actions. The base for rejection was customer's thoughts the fee is unfair. Summarizing, it seems the whole EzPass ** system is carefully built to profit from deception. You are never notified your transponder malfunctions. You are shown yellow lights, and not the red ones to prevent you from paying attention. Your bill's objective is to be a mystery. The goal is for EzPass ** keep overcharging you as long as possible. And if you still figure it out, EzPass [redacted] a policy to refund only 2 months of overcharged fees. And not to refund V-toll fees at all. As another source of revenue, EzPass [redacted] toll violations when its computer system fails to do its job. Then, it denies appeals for reasons as fabricated as the reasons for the violations.Desired SettlementEz Pass [redacted] last two months of overcharged fees ($55) , and some overcharged fees for previous 4 months ($34). No V-toll fees were refunded.I received a postcard with the EZPass [redacted] my transponder malfunctioned on 12/12/13. I.e., 4 days after replacing the transponder, multiple complaints to Customer Service, and 6 months after it stopped working. Since I have not been notified of the transponder malfunction for 6 months, I believe EZ Pass [redacted] a full refund of all overcharged fees as well as all V-toll fees .As I explained in Auburn Service Center, I live in North Grafton and work in Hopkinton. The two Mass Pike exits I use the most are 11 and 11a. In my estimate, the refund of overcharged fees should have been $159, but I was refunded only $89. V-toll fees for the 6 months period are $54. None was refunded. Toll violations: while denying my appeal, the Auburn Center letter contained an invitation for a hearing. If customer does not attend the hearing, the violation stands. I do not plan to lose 3 hours of work to argue what is obvious: the violations should not been issued in the first place; fees should not be charged for issuing false violations; appeals should not be denied for fictional reasons. I believe Ez Pass [redacted] to cancel both violations with no admin fees.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted], MassDOT Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted] response to complaint case #XXXXXX, I would like to start off by saying, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has strict privacy rules in regards to sharing E-ZPass [redacted] information with a third party. If the complainant/customer would like to contract me directly to review her case I would happy to do so. She may reach me at XXX-XXX-XXXX. If she reaches my voice mail, please instruct her to leave her name and repeat her telephone number twice so I may return her call. Regards, [redacted] MassDOTConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I have already shared my account details with, and do not see how Ez Pass [redacted] break its privacy rules.I also have previously attempted to review the case with Customer Service a number of times, and received no satisfactory response.Therefore I would like Ez Pass [redacted] in writing.The response can be mailed to my home address.SincerelyFinal Business Response The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has communicated to the complainant that we have done everything according to the state laws, policies and procedures in place. MassDOT resent these policies and procedures to the complainant as a reminder of the information she received upon signing up and joining the E-ZPass [redacted] After months of communication the complainant is unfortunately still not satisfied with the policy and procedures of E-ZPass [redacted] and how the system works. Out of the millions of customers who choose to use the E-ZPass [redacted] toll payments in Massachusetts each year, most are very happy.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Nothing in EZPass [redacted] and Condition denotes dealing with yellow light signals at toll exits. Yellow lights are ambiguous. The same color light cannot imply two different actions. The obvious reason here is to misguide the consumer.EzPass [redacted] and Conditions specify the car transponder is the property of EZPass. Since EZPass [redacted] detects its equipment malfunctions, it needs to notify the consumer at once. In my case it took 6 months, and was done only after multiple complaints. This allowed EZPass ** charge extra toll and admin fees for 6 months. Terms and Conditions indicate consumers may dispute an overcharge of electronic system during 3 years post the overcharge. I did it, but was not refunded fully. Nothing in Terms and Conditions stipulates V-toll Admin fees are not refunded in case of malfunctioning EzPass [redacted]

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