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• Dec 23, 2021

Return not offering refund
I purchased a gift item for my husband and it’s is not suitable. There is not other item in store that he currently would like to purchase. I have tried to get a refund for the item however it is only online purchases that Fendi will refund. This makes no sense to me. I’d like to request a refund and hope that something can be done about this ridiculous policy. this time, my complaint, ID *** regarding Fendi Stores Inchas been resolved
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Sincerely,*** ***

On or about August 13, 2018 I purchased a $3,000 Fendi bag at the Short Hills Mall in NJ while I was visiting from Florida. I wasn't quite sure if I really wanted the bag, but Michele and Susan (store manager) both assured me that if I purchase it and then decide when I get home that if I want to return it, I have 14 days (Fendi store policy) to take it to the nearest store in Florida which is in the Aventura Mall and get a full refund. When I did get home, I decided the bag wasn't practical for my use since it was to small and didn't accommodate my wallet, phone, keys, etc. Today I drove almost an hour to the Fendi store at the Aventura Mall to return the bag and was told that Fendi does not refund the purchase price but rather will issue a store credit or I can replace the bag with other merchandise. I was told by Michele and Susan from the Fendi store in Short Hills that I would get a full refund if I returned the bag. So I called them both today and they both said they did not tell me that. This is a "bait & switch" tactic and a totally fraudulent statement on their part. They lied and now I have no recourse other than to keep the bag. I am trying to dispute it with American Express, but was told I probably will not see a credit to my account. Both women lied to me
just to close a sale. There are others who have also posted similar complaints about the same two people on other websites. I am a savvy shopper and would have never purchased this bag without first asking about the return policy. All well known and high quality leather good stores allow you to return a purchase for a full refund within a specified time period. Obviously, Fendi is not one of these stores. Their store return policy was not clearly posted in a convenient or easy to read location prior to completing the purchase. So, all I had to go
on was the word of the two salespeople who down and out lied. Obviously, they were more concerned about their commissions or meeting quotas on a bag worth thousands, than being honest with the customer. "Caveat emptor"

+1 this time, I have not been contacted by Fendi Stores Inc. regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted] this time, I have not been contacted by Fendi Stores Inc. regarding complaint ID [redacted]. I have contacted the store twice after the complaint. The salesperson whom I purchased the product from confirms that she has already contacted corporate regarding the issue...

and said she will not receive any update or notifications since corporate will be following-up with me directly on this complaint. She filed the complaint after I went to the store, Saturday, May **, 2017. I still haven't received any response regarding to the issue so I reached out the store via phone, and the assistant manager of the store told me the director was out till next week but she was nice and contacted her personally and called me back. She confirms that the complaint is no longer associated with the store since it has been forwarded to corporate, corporate will be the one handling the complaint and they will be contacting me directly. Therefore, this issue is still pending and we are still waiting on a response from corporate. Sincerely,[redacted]

Fendi needs to be more careful of who the hire, I understand they are in business to make money but US as the consumer/ buyer is the reason why they are in business. One bad sales rep can cost an entire sale and lose a customer forever.
I am a paying customer and was not treated like on at all. I called in to see if a Handbag was in stoke the rep that answered was rude and said she can’t tell me by description only item number I kindly told her that the item was no longer on line but I have a photo and can describe it. She then said In a rude fashion please hold and came back after almost 2 minutes. I described the bag and she told me they had it in and the price. I explained to her that I was ready to order can I place the order over the phone. She said only if you shopped at fendi before I said that’s fine the Atlanta location should have my information because I shopped there. I said I’m positive you can access that she then said no I can only see what’s in the database at my store. At that point I was insulted because I shop at luxury stores often and know that’s not true. I said ma’am here is my name just see if you can pull me up. She then asked for my Information and said I don’t see it I said ok that’s not possible but try my partners. She proceeds to say are you ready to order I said I been ready. I gave her my information and when it came to my address she said are you shipping to the adresss on file I said yes ok so then she says this Handbag is hold I’m sorry I can’t sell it. Are you kidding me the Handbag was not on hold because she told me earlier that it was sold out and that one just came in. I feel like she was very disrespectful and judgement especially after I said my name. I have shopped at fendi before and never had a issue I even called back the next day and a nice young man told me the bag was still available. So the rep lied and was rude. I’m so upset because I want the Handbag but I’m second guessing spending my money with fendi due to this.

Review: Good afternoon,

On 6/**/2014 I entered the Fendi [redacted] location to purchase a shoe.

after trying on several shoes I was not satified with the color the fendi store was offering. On my way to Sak's Fendi department, the sales representaive in the fendi store found the color I was satified with assuring me that all fendi locations have the same 50% of and I would not locate the shoes at a cheaper price. I purchase the shoe from the fendi store. On arrival to Sak's 5th avenue about 15minutes later I located the same shoes at ($542.50 with a promo of an extra 33.3% (-180.65) = 361.85+ 32.11tax, Grand total of $393.96.

I called over to Fendi spoke to the sales [redacted] for a price ajustment , but in belief she states all fendi lisences department store price or the same .

reference for the price check at Sak's [redacted] ###-###-#### item Fendi Diamond Heel Red Snakeskin Pump on sale for $393.96 style #503130968 size 40 can be verfied with store [redacted]: [redacted] , assoc: [redacted] at Fendi didnt honor the price match which was $144.97. stating all sales or final. I agree all sales or final but at the bottom of my invoice it states store merchandise credit only within 10 days of purchase.

our sale representative [redacted] and if could recall we was on our way to Saks when she located our shoes and assured that's the companies lowest price.

Later that even I traveled to Barneys New York which was even more surprising they had the same shoe:

Fendi Diamond Heel Snakeskin Pump on sale for $399.99 style #503130968 size 40. all store had the size available.

if Fendi assures that all pricing or uniform by fendi liscenses department its only respectful of the store merchandise credit to be issue.Desired Settlement: please im only asking for Fendi to do the research I provided stock numbers and 2 location which or well know fendi dealers Saks and Barneys .

and issue me my refund of $144.97

thank you in advance



We are happy to issue this client a store credit in the amount of $144.97 to match the promotional discounted price that she saw at Saks Fifth Avenue for the same shoes. I would need to clarify the customers name, address, phone and email address to create the credit. The store credit will be valid for one year from the date of issue and can be used only in a freestanding Fendi store in the US. This will not be valid in a leased department or an outlet location. Once created, we will mail a copy of the credit to the client at the verified address.

As soon as we receive confirmation of this agreement from the client we will proceed.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Best regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.




Review: I purchased a purse from fendi in short hills mall within the saks store while on vacation in NJ. I made several calls to the store to inquire about returning the bag due to the chain already chipping and it hasn't even been worn. I received no response. Called again and asked for a manager to contact me, but that never happened. I finally drove back to NJ as there isn't a saks store in Charlotte, nc. Went to saks, but no manager was on duty. I left a message for the manager, still no call back.. I waited 48 hrs, by this time the return period passed. I finally reached [redacted], she proceeds to accuse me of already returning the bag although I kept telling her that the bag and receipt is right beside me, she didnt believe me. She told me shed call me back, about 2 hrs later she said it was a mistake but the time had passed so I needed to just exchange it bc there's nothing she could do. By this time I'm super disappointed with fendi. I asked to be in contact with corporate as I needed the bag returned and had to go back to Charlotte. She told me to leave the bag with my mom and she'd contact me by the end of the week. Almost 3 wks later and nothing. I called and left a message and still noticing. I drove back once again, because at this point I am losing my patience. At this point, I'm no longer a happy Fendi customer.Desired Settlement: I would just like the bag to be accepted for return and someone to speak to [redacted] about the importance of customer service. I'd like to continue to be a happy fendi customer. Thank you.



Multiple phone & voicemail attempts were made to [redacted] to resolve her concern with her bag purchase.

10/* contact was made with [redacted], welcoming her to return the bag for a credit back to her account.

Review: I'm an owner of the Fendi beaded baguette. This bag retails for $2,700. Ive used the bag a handful of times and the outer layer of fabric(the beading) completely detached from the infrastructure of the bag along the seam . I brought the bag to the Fendi store on [redacted] in [redacted] for repair on May [redacted]. I was given a receipt for repair request and told I would receive a call later- no [redacted] was available. The call never came. I never heard one peep from the store team at all. I decided to reach out to Fendi managment June [redacted] after still waiting and totally beside myself with the terrible level of [redacted]. I also felt curious about where my $2000 + pocketbook is and will I ever even get it back, even worse what condition might it be in. I feared it had been lost all this time, who knows. My call was unsuccessful with getting any answers and I was given the wrong contact information for the [redacted]. I called back and I was placed on hold and finally told the [redacted] is available I was told , but would have to call me back why they look into the story with my bag. . I decided to write an email to the store [redacted] of which I found the correct email online. It was only then did I get a response . I was told my cut and dry my bag could not be repaired and I could come pick it up anytime, I was not even offered a delivery of the bag as per policy. .

I think this level of service is completely unacceptable. This bag cost a fortune and should be repaired or replaced. The store representatives may think nothing of the price paid , but $2700 is a large amount of money. I was willing and did spend this amount and I feel the service should't cease once the purchase is made. It so sad. I have not returned to the store to pick up the bag, Im afraid of the condition it must be in.

Thank you,

.Desired Settlement: I would like my silver baguette replaced with a new one since the store claims it cannot be repaired.

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