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Tried several times and left messages & emails to have someone get back to me which I was told would happen & still hasn't happened re: return.Bought 2 collars & 2 leashes from this company. Collars didn't fit although they should have according to the chart on the page. Called Company & spoke 2 [redacted]. Was told return shouldn't b a problem cuz it was only $48 & there wasn't an option 2 buy a size small in these products. Products didn't fit right. [redacted] wasn't even sure where return policy was on website cuz I couldn't find it either. I was told by her that return associate would get back to me next day. No one did. Since then (5 days) I have been calling several times a day, leaving several messages; along with emailing them to have someone get back to me and still no response. I don't know what else to do. I am very discouraged and very unhappy that a company can do this kind of customer service.Desired SettlementI would like a full refund. There is no other option available because the collars didn't fit and there is no option available to buy a smaller size and the leashes match the collars so I want them returned to. Business Response Customer said she wanted refund for items that didn't fit. Our return policy is if size chart was correct, return can not be commissioned. After research, it was determined that the size chart was in fact incorrect on our site. Customer was given a 100% refund after research completed.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Although their response is partially right...I still have not received a credit to my PayPal account for shipping. This was suppose to be done weeks ago. I'm tired of emailing them and leaving voice messages and getting NO response. This is horrible business practices. I want my shipping refund done and then I am done with this company!

On [redacted] I won a facebook contest through Fido4ever for a [redacted] gift card to Petco or Petsmart. I have never received the gift card.On [redacted] 2014, I won a facebook contest from Fido4ever. I ended in first place with around 40 votes. I was notified that I was the winner through a facebook message and asked to send emails to 2 people [redacted] - [redacted] and [redacted] - [redacted]), which I did. On [redacted] I received this message on facebook:hi can you please e-mail [redacted] we need you address again. the e-mail address is [redacted] and if you could cc him too. we would like to send your prize thanksOn [redacted] I responded and sent the information again that they had requested. I waited over a month and still nothing. On [redacted] I messaged them through facebook asking about my prize. On [redacted] they finally responded saying "sent thanks". I assumed this meant that they sent the gift card. I again messaged them on [redacted] as I had not received the gift card.They responded on [redacted] e-mail [redacted] from our understanding it was sentI contined messaging them through facebook, still not getting any response. I tried emailing [redacted] and [redacted] I called their toll free number around half a dozen times, leaving messages on their contest line. On [redacted] they asked for my paypal address. I waited, nothing was ever deposited.Desired SettlementI would like to receive the [redacted] gift card I won.Business Response We are trying to settle with Ms. [redacted] and offered her her coupon. It was alleged that she cheated, and we investigated it. We have tried to reach out to her to giver her a coupon, however she has not responded back to us. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)on [redacted] I received this message from [redacted]Congratulations! you are the winner of the Fido4ever Photo Contest. Please e-mail [redacted] and where we can send your pet smart gift certificate. Thank you kindlyI emailed [redacted] right away with my address. At no time did this company ever notify me that they thought I cheated in their contest. I ONLY had around 37 votes. I have [redacted] friends, and what I did was exactly what they wanted me to do (ask friends to vote for me in their contest). On [redacted] I received this email from [redacted] in response to the email I sent him:OK it will take between 8-10 business days to receive your card. Thanks for participating[redacted]Social Media ManagerEmail: [redacted]Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXOn [redacted] I received this message by facebook (please note, I had not contacted them since my initial email on [redacted] so I assumed I would be receiving the gift card shortly): Fido4everhi can you please e-mail [redacted] we need you address again. the e-mail address is [redacted] and if you could cc him too. we would like to send your prize thankson [redacted] I responded with:sent thanks On [redacted] I messaged them inquiring about the gift card. Finally on [redacted] they responded with:Fido4eversent thanksSo again, I assumed the gift card had been sent.Multiple email since have gone unanswered. On the day I filed the complaint with the, I received a message via facebook with them offering me a leash. I do not want leashes or collars as we lost our dog last summer. As for the allegation of cheating, it seems that this has been a common defense for them. Please view the other complaints against them. Again, really? Do they really think I cheated with 37 votes? Or are they just trying to get out of rewarding prizes? [redacted]Social Media ManagerEmail: [redacted]Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Fido4ever was having a FaceBook contest duing the month of [redacted] 2014 so I entered my dog. My dog and a friend of mine took 1st and 2nd place which I should have received a [redacted] gift card and my friend a [redacted] gift card, we never received the prize. I contacted Mr Smith this morning as he had emailed me 2 weeks ago asking for my address to send the card to and he responds by telling me that I cheated in the contest. He removed all posts concerning the contest which I thought was rather odd but he did leave the 3rd place winner on his page and that winner attacked, bullied and bashed me for one entire weekend with him allowing it. I asked Mr Smith to show me proof I cheated as it did require the voter to enter their email address prior to voting to prove it was not a bot and all he will tell me is that 10% of the emails were reached that were used to vote therefore that means the 90% of votes were fakes. Now, I got my votes using FaceBook and every person who voted has to use an email address to log in and he is trying to tell me this? This is very unfair and he is now running 2 more contests which means he will scam those entrants out of the prizes they should have won.Desired SettlementI won the contest without cheating as Mr [redacted] is accusing me of doing and I want the prize my dog won fair and squareBusiness Response After completing an investigation, it was discovered that Ms. [redacted] cheated during the contest. She purchased votes using a service, that uses fake Facebok profiles, and e-mails. After speaking with Ms. [redacted] we decided to compensate her if she agreed not to contact this business any longer. Thank You[redacted]

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Description: Pet Services

Address: 18 Byron St, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, 01605


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