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Finest Floors

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I have been working with Sheldon for a long time . He knows more about flooring than anyone I know. I'm grateful for all the nice jobs he gets me . And his attention for detail keeps me on my toes :) he always pays me on time and gives me performance bonuses .

Sheldon is the total package !
As a real estate investor I am so blessed to have Sheldon work on all of my real estate deals . His extensive knowledge And flair for design is just what I need to get my properties on the market. He is always on time and under budget.
So grateful to have him on my team and as a great friend!

Setting the record straight ...
I have been in the flooring business for 32 years . I have overseen and had my signature on over 5000 flooring projects.
I have more than one dozen certificates and awards.
Acknowledging my ACHIEVEMENTS in the flooring industry.
I have been to MANY coveted Mill Tours where the flooring and carpets are made.
I have worked as a sales consultant for many of the most iconic flooring stores in the greater Sacramento area for 20 years.
I have work my way into upper management.
And finally I was part owner of one of the most exclusive flooring stores in the area as well.
One of the things that has remained constant over my career, is my allegiance and commitment to providing excellent customer service to all of my customers.
At the same time the flooring business can be very difficult and challenging .
I have seen many ugly and unethical practices over the years.
Perpetrated by installers, flooring stores and also, by some suppliers.
The complaints below were a result of such two Unethical installers and one deceitful supplier.
In all 3 incidents, I feel strongly that they were
trying to take advantage of the nice guy that I am
In an effort to clear my name , I will be asking my many happy customers and robust supporters, to submit positive reviews and their positive experiences they have had with me .
I'm a busy guy, so the reviews will come gradually, not all at once.
In the mean time, I want to specifically address the three complaints posted here.
As you can see, I have only three allegedly complaints . 3 complaints out of over 5,000 customers.
Complaint #1. was an Installer I recently hired to put in some floors and baseboards.
Plain and simple his work was shoddy and unacceptable to me and to the Customer.
The customer asked me to remove him from the job because after a couple tries he was still not achieving proper results.
I had to bring in a second crew to redo all of his work and they did it properly. And they were paid in full.
Complaint #2 was another installer who gave me a set price for the work to be done.
When the job was finished his girlfriend
over billed me by $900 . They never properly submitted any change order requests or notification of increase prices . This is clearly a case of a very Shoddy installer trying to take advantage of me simply because I'm a nice guy.
Complaint #3. I honestly don't even know who this person is. I do know that in that timeframe I ordered about $5000 worth of Hardwood from a local company. And after me and my customers waited for four weeks for the product to arrive , it was the wrong product. My customer refused it. I return the product back to the supplier . They tried to charge me a 50% restocking fee . So I disputed it with my credit card company .
This was a case of a shoddy supplier trying to have me foot the bill for bad/ wrong product.

Notice to shoddy installers and suppliers:
I have been in this industry much too long to be taken advantage of.
I will always stand by my customers.
Their satisfaction is my number one goal.

You're just a straight up sham and scam man. Take peoples deposits and then say you're working on getting the materials and installation date set up. All the while putting me off and not returning my money after 6 months of stringing me along. $1000 "deposit" is gone so I will contact the district Attorney fraud unit. All you had to do was refund me if you couldn't install my flooring but instead you obscond with the funds and then lie! You don't think I work hard for my money? On top of that I have a disabled since birth disabled sibling that I have taken care of his whole life. There is no extra money as if anyone has extra money. How does it feel knowing you're ripping off disabled person? Is that your target clientelle. I've worked 2 jobs most of my life to support us both as he has no income and can't work. I pay for his stuff and manage his life. I make do with what I can earn and don't complain about it. You always seem to have some sort of personal problem that you use as an excuse why you can't fulfill your contract. You're just a crook, fraudster and have NO integrity whatsoever. You don't even call or text to give me status of the job. So I guess that means that you have stolen from me and my disabled sibling. Nothing like taking poor peoples money and just spending it on yourself. You are disgusting!

Satisfaction My butt... Your a thief and a scammer! you don"t ask for 500.00 to hold on a quoted price, then cash before you have even set a date to do the work..

Sheldon –†irsh contacted me the beginning of October needed laminate flooring installed told me he needed it done as soon as possible I was working on another job during the day and I agreed to work in the evenings for him after my day job to get the job done for him I did the floors for him plus extras the whole time him talking about how good my work was etc. and how he had more work for me after finishing the job I was told I would be paid Friday after the customers check cleared Friday came he told me Monday. Monday came he said he wasn't getting paid till the carpets were installed and Wednesday the carpets were being installed now my phone calls to him are never answered or returned whoever has the attorney I would like to get involved in this piece of ss downfall to I can be contacted at [email protected]

Sheldon Hirsch is a Total scam and con artist who never finished paying me after removal of hardwood flooring installing laminate , redoing a fireplace and installing baseboards. He still owes me $960 . He doesn't return calls after you finish the job for the customers homes.
I highly red flag him as a false contractor. Beware and Do Not do business with him. He is 61 years old & drives a champagne Lexus SUV. He speaks like a salesperson and thanks you a million times & tells you what a good job you've done but doesn't pay you in full. He lies when he says he will pay you next week and then tells you he only has $61 in his account. Stay away from Sheldon's Hirsch on Craigslist.
From a past worker of his.

Review: Sheldon Hirsch-Finest Floors is a Scam Artist. He writes bad checks on CLOSED account. Uses Credit Card for down payment on products and then falsely disputes order. Operates under a suspended license. Sheldon Hirsch has SCAMED our business and other Merchants in the immediate area.After further investigation it appears that Sheldon and his current(Wife)Melanie Hirsch have been practicing Scamming Merchants and the elderly clients for quite some time now. We are making it a priority to stop this Criminal.We have factual documentation to support all claims that are being submitted towards Sheldon Hirsch and company.BUYER BE WARE-BUYER BE WARE-BUYER BE WARE-BUYER BE WARE-BUYER BE WARE-BUYER BE WARE...We are making it a priority to go after Sheldon Hirsch and friends to the fullest extent. We have already filed a police report on this criminal. We are in talks with attorneys at this given time to take this matter further.Desired Settlement: We just want the fraudulent actions of Sheldon Hirsch and friends to be brought to the attention of the public and other merchants. It would also be nice to recoup our monies.



Sheldon paid deposit with cc (later) disputed cc transaction. Credit Card Co. holding our funds up now!!!Wrote a check for the balance of order (on a closed) account.We are our lots of $$$We have found out that we are not the only Victims here...Thank you

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Description: Floor Coverings & Installation

Address: 12513 Asbury Chapel Rd, Cold Spring Harbor, North Carolina, United States, 28078-4639


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