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First American Roofing & Siding, Inc.

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Review: In the fall of 2008 First American Roofing & Siding, Inc. worked on my roof. I was promised by [redacted] that I would have a trained crew putting on the roof, it would be a supervised job, and I would have proof of the quality of the job through photographs that would be taken throughout the job. I would have peace of mind that the roof was properly completed. I have never received the promised photographs despite asking for them for the past few years, and I now believe there are no photographs because the job was not supervised nor was it properly done. Shortly after [redacted] said the job was completed I found several issues with the roof. Some of them were fixed by First American Roofing. One was not fixed by them but by someone else, but I will not go into that specific issue here. Over the years, most of my phone calls to them on various issues have not been returned. I have asked repeatedly for the roof to be inspected to see if the rest of the job was done properly. [redacted] had repeatedly assured me it was and then I would find another problem. Last year I accidentally discovered their location and since I was right there and had time, I went in to talk to them about all the problems I’ve had over the last few years and the lack of response from First American Roofing. [redacted] came out to the house and did an inspection of a couple of spots on the roof, but not a thorough inspection of the roof because he did not believe that First American Roofing had done the job (I couldn’t locate the contract right then). He informed me [redacted] had died a couple of years ago.

On September 2, 2013 I discovered a new problem with the roof. I was putting screens into the gutters on the front of the house. This is the first time I was this close to the window/dormer area of the roof and discovered that the wood was exposed along the wall below the siding where the wall met the roof. I couldn’t see any flashing along 1 complete side and on the outsides of the front (the area directly under the window has the siding from the window but the sides of it do not). There is flashing on the other side of the dormer area. The exposed wood was soft and appears to me to have water damage. I cannot tell the extent of the damage that has been done.

I had found the contract last year after talking with [redacted], so I called First American Roofing on September 2 and I left a message for [redacted] about the problem and asked for him to call me or email me to discuss what to do about this. He returned my call on 9/3/13 but only gave his name, phone number and title. I called him 4 times after that and faxed him a copy of the contract and asked for a thorough inspection of the roof because I am still afraid of further issues. I was finally able to reach him on September 10. We agreed to meet on September 12. [redacted] came over to look at the dormer area. I pointed out how there was no flashing. He said that it looked good! He said the warranty on workmanship in the contract was for 5 years, was by First American Roofing, and it had just expired. I don’t remember the exact date of installation. I had given them a check on 8/22/08 and the warranty information sent to GAF (shingle manufacturer) stated the installation as 9/18/08 so I thought the warranty on the workmanship would still be valid.

[redacted] said he had looked at the contract and said that the contract doesn’t say to do flashing around the window/dormer area. The contract had stated “Install 20” galvanized metal and GAF/ELKTM Weather WatchR leak barrier in the valleys” which I had thought meant the area in question. He said it does not – that area is called “roof meets wall” not “valley.”

a. I asked him to point out any other valley on my roof. He could not: there are no valleys, so to give them the benefit of the doubt, this terminology of "valley" versus "roof meets wall" in the contract was probably a typo.

b. I also pointed out that since they did the flashing on 1 side of the dormer area they had thought it was part of the contract when they did it.

c. When I had spoken with his father in 2008, we discussed this area. I would not have signed a contract if they told me they would not do the flashing around the dormer area – I would have insisted they do it or I would have gone to another roofer who would.

d. The contract state that they would “furnish all materials and labor for the Professional completion of the following…” (listing the things to be done in the job). In a professional job, the flashing around the dormer area would have been done. I said that this wasn’t a professional job.

[redacted] agreed that this dormer area wasn’t properly done so he said will redo the job in this area at no cost to me. He will put me on the schedule. I insisted the Onalaska building inspector be present when the work is started, which he agreed to. Since September 12, I have called First American Roofing twice and spoke with someone who could not give me any information. She said she would give [redacted] the messages. Another time I left a message on his cell phone asking for an estimate of when they will be able to work on the roof and he has not replied. Since September 2, I have given him my home phone number (which has voicemail), two work phone numbers (one of which has voice mail), my email address, a fax number, and my working hours. He has had a multitude of ways he could contact me. It is now October 6 and I have not heard from him. In the past when First American Roofing stopped returning my calls I did not pursue because I had other priorities that took up my time and attention. I told him in the message on September 2 that this time I would pursue with the if I needed to. I think that three weeks is more than enough time to return a phone call with an estimated time frame for doing the repair. If I was actually on the schedule, couldn’t the person at the office that I spoke with look up the schedule to give me some information - even to say they don’t have a specific date yet but could give me an estimate of when it would be done (3-5 weeks, I’m number X on the list, etc.)? Due to this lack of response, I feel my only recourse is to contact the Settlement: I want First American Roofing to redo the job in the dormer area as [redacted] said they would. I had been told in 2008 by [redacted] that he had inspected the job. Because I recently found this problem, I do not believe that [redacted] had ever done a thorough inspection of the job nor do I think he supervised the job, so I also want a complete inspection of the roof to determine if there are other potential problem areas from the original job.



I have already informed [redacted] that I would add some steps tins at the requested location. I informed her that the siding would have to be removed to do so and that we would take care of this issue at no cost to her. When I completed this inspection [redacted] informed me that this area was not leaking nor had it ever, thus it is a small repair that I will get to when I can fit it into my extremely tight fall schedule. I will contact her in the near future with a date/time for this minor fix.



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