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A few months ago, I joined Independent by Liberty Travel.
I was not able to utilize the coursework for said program. To become an independent travel agent.
With several failed attempts, I had just given up.after the last dent off my card with this company. I just emailed them, to request a refund, being that I haven’t completed any coursework.
Will I received an email from Alicia L On October 9th.Stating that my money would not be refunded to me.
Even though this is a special case.Once again, I have not even utilize this program.

Flight Centre Travel Group Response time Oct 16, 2019

We have since been in contact with this consumer and were able to resolve her issues directly.

Thank you.

Awful awful experience with them. And I lost over $1,500 with them !!!!!!!
Used them in order to make things simpler, ended up in a living nightmare with my health at risk and tons of money, time and frustration involved all because I’d used a travel agency and because their agent was unclear and unavailable and her supervisors rude and also not result available at the time unneeded them when trying to get a refund from London. Got to the airport in SF on the first part of my trip to find the tickets were cancelled!!!!!!!!!!! By the travel agency!!! Unbelievable way to start the trip. Had to payback out of pocket and the. Many many emails back and forth trying to find out how to get back home since I thought those tix were also cancelled. (They weren’t but the agent didn’t make that clear)
Unbelievable. Never ever use this agency.

Flight Centre Travel Group Response time Nov 27, 2019

We are sorry to hear the customer had these issues. Upon review, the reason there was no refund was the customer arrived 30 minutes prior to flight departure at the airport and as such the airline would not check her in due to international flight check regulations. That is why they would not refund the airline tickets. It is not Flight Centre but the airlines that held the money due to her technically no showing the flight.

I am usually not one to complain and ALWAYS try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but I am beyond disgusted with the way I have been treated by *** I am a former customer with Melissa P, who unfortunately no longer works here. She has taken great care of us in the past, and it is a complete shame she left, but I may now understand why. Upon calling to find ideas for our honeymoon, I spoke with Kara. I explained my situation and told her our thoughts on prospective future honeymoon destinations. I explained to her that we are very open to any new places (as we have done cancun and DR in the past and wanted to venture off into new territory) and I would love her expertise on the most romantic all-inclusives she has heard of. Kara made me feel extremely rushed on the phone, in fact, I do not think she was writing any of this down as we spoke, and I received no initial feedback on any prospective honeymoon destination spots. It was a Friday when I spoke with Kara. She assured me that if she did not get a list of prospective resorts for us back to me by the end of Friday, she would be SURE to get them to me at the latest on Sunday. This was very clear.
Fast forward to Friday, a week later, and I received no email, no call, nothing. Again, giving her the benefit of the doubt, I called back and spoke with a co-worker. I explained my situation and the co-worker (I forget her name) was kind, took down my information, and PROMISED me that if Kara did not get back to me by the next day, she would personally call me herself and put together a list for me. She even checked my email to make sure Kara had the correct email.
Fast forward, again, to next Wednesday (5 days later). NO call. NO email. I call back. AGAIN, I am an EXTREMELY nice person. This time I spoke with April. I asked to speak with a manager. Again, I received a bit of a rude, rushed undertone as she told me the manager is in a meeting and will not be able to speak with me. I explained my situation to April (very kindly), hoping maybe she could help instead. AGAIN, I gave April all the details of our honeymoon wishes, including explaining how we would love some travel agent expertise and advice on where to go for our special trip. April then said to me “You and your fiancé need to figure out what destinations you want to go, and you need to figure out what you are looking for in a honeymoon.” Extremely rude. I responded with, “actually, we do know what we are looking for. We are looking for an all-inclusive romantic resort, in a non-traditional location, and were hoping to have a conversation with someone of expertise to help us narrow down options.” The entire conversation was myself literally trying to BEG of information from her, it was like pulling teeth. I ended up thanking her for her time and hanging up.
I am appalled. There are SO many customer services DISGRACES here. Every person I speak to at this location is very rushed, rude, and I feel like they could LITERALLY care less about my business. Like, can I PLEASE get a reliable source of help for my HONEYMOON? I am disgusted and it would take a miracle for me to even want to use Liberty Travel now for our honeymoon. You may have lost a customer, Liberty Travel.

My husband and I booked a trip with a travel agent who uses GO GO Travel. We've had the worst experience with them. We went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and stayed at ***. We had an awful experience with ***, our room wasn't being cleaned on a daily basis and we were not getting clean towels or our refrigerator restocked. We went to the front desk on a number of occasions(daily) requesting these things to be taken care of. After a 3 day stay we were ready to come home from this nightmare. We tried to leave earlier, but were told we had to contact our travel agent(whom was on vacation himself). We did reach him and he called GO Go travel, as did we. We we told there was no transportation from GO GO out to the airport when we were ready to leave so we were stuck there another night. After nothing being done to accommodate us and our needs, we have contacted an attorney (something we thought we could handle on our own) Or attorney sent a letter February, but they have not responded to him or us. I will never use Go Go travel or go back to

Flight Centre Travel Group Response time Mar 25, 2019

We did receive a letter from their lawyer last week about this and our Customer Excellence team is in the process of sending a response back to the lawyer.

They were booked for 5 nights – they stayed 4 nights and choose to leave one day early. They did not call us saying they were unhappy until day 3 saying they may come home early and they wanted a refund for the one unused night. They actually called our 24/7 emergency line.

When the customer called us initially we tried to get them help at that hotel or alternately move them. We advised them at that time that they were in penalty but we would be happy to send an email to the hotel requesting a refund.

The husband then called back a second time for the transfer and we confirmed a 1:15pm transfer for them.

Our office was only called those two times and we helped each time.

We were subsequently able to secure a refund for them for the one night of $160.00.

Additionally we extended to them a $200.00 total future travel credit with us.

Customer Response time Mar 29, 2019

Thank you for your quick response. Some of the response is true, the offer they made us in moving rooms would not have solved the problems of us not getting fresh linens, restocked room,and a clean room. My husband and I did try to give the resort the benefit of the doubt and tried to handle on our own before calling our travel agent. Both failed us and with the voucher they offered us., would not begin to touch the trouble we had with response from both Go Go Travel and *** Our work schedules are hard to coordinate for vacation time( this was our honeymoon). We declined the offer of the voucher due to poor customer service and do not plan to use there service in the future, we did try to get the problem solved in a manner of getting away from the resort. The offer made was unacceptable.

Flight Centre Travel Group Response time Apr 03, 2019

We will correspond further with the lawyer regarding this matter.

My mother physical went to this location to make arrangements for me to visit her. The worker from this location called me in California and made arrangements with me over the phone for a round trip ticket. Things didn't go well with my mother during the visit. I left her residence on Friday, January 18, 2019 and went straight to the airport to go back home. The airlines, ***, informed me I couldn't change the ticket and would have to wait to the original return flight date on February 4, 2019. I called the airlines four days before my flight and they told me the travel agency and my mother had cancelled my flight. The travel agency had eleven days to call me and inform me but they didn't. I have been stranded in New York since and am currently staying at a women's shelter. The chelter is purchasing my ticket home.

Flight Centre Travel Group Response time Feb 07, 2019

The mother, *** is the purchaser of the ticket and paid by credit card for *** round trip on *** Ticket. At a later date, the mother, Ms. came into the store to advise us to cancel the return ticket. As the purchaser of the ticket we followed her instructions.

Customer Response time Feb 07, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:
You broke the terms of the agreement you made with me when I arranged them with your travel agent when I was in New York. I would never come here if I knew you could abandon me here. Do you abondon all your clients half way through there trips. I do not live in New York, work, in New York, nor wanted to even be in New York. You cannot change the agreement half way through their trip. Stick to the original contract, that's what contracts are for, otherwise don't call me at my house to make arrangements.


Flight Centre Travel Group Response time Feb 14, 2019

Again, *** is the purchaser of the ticket and paid by credit card for *** round trip on *** Ticket. At a later date, the mother, Ms. came into the store to advise us to cancel the return ticket. As the purchaser of the ticket we followed her instructions.

Travel Agent, Megan P lied about the price difference between getting discounted Disney passes for my daughter and 2 grandkids and getting a package. I had asked to get a separate hotel reservation so that I could get discounted half price tickets because ***, my daughter and my 2 grandkids live in Florida. She said there was really no difference in price between doing it that way and getting a package. I found out from Disney that she overcharged me by $595.80. She made so many mistakes on our reservation at the Boardwalk in Disney that it took 2 hours for them to check us in. They felt so bad that they gave us a $250 resort credit. And they told us *** and my 2 grandkids could have year passes for what Megan charged for a 4 day pass. We did convert the Florida passes to yearly passes. I did go into the Travel Agency 1 1/2 weeks before our scheduled trip when I first found out about the overcharge and was told that to correct this I would have to cancel the trip and start all over again loosing all the Fast Passes that I had spent hours getting and possibly loosing our reservation at the Boardwalk. At that point I decided to handle it when I returned. The trip was 9/5/18 - 9/10/18

Flight Centre Travel Group Response time Sep 20, 2018

When I booked her Disney trip back in Early April, Disney did not have discounted resident passes for her travel dates. Disney mentioned they will announce them later if one comes available. I gave her the rate for what the room only would cost without passes, it was higher for her to book room only and not a bundle package with Disney passes. I gave her the option, she wanted to lower hotel rate, I told her I would touch base with her once Disney announces any resident rate promotion.

*** was in the office multiple times for me to do all her dining reservations and fast passes which took hours, but we had fun doing it and she was excited.

I found out Disney had discounted passes and brought this to her attention. She stopped back into the office we called Disney together, I had them on speaker phone. We had Disney price out her package without passes and the room rate was a lot higher, Disney told her it was smarter to keep her package as it was booked. She would not be saving more by have 3 people with resident rate passes.

She stopped in again 2-3 days before her trip and asked about a refund if she were to cancel, she said she didn’t realize how much money this trip was costing her. The price was the same from day 1.

This email/ complaint from her is very surprising as I feel that I did everything possible for this customer to make this an easy and smooth trip for her.

Customer Response time Sep 25, 2018

I am rejecting Megan’s response because it has many discrepancies:(1) Megan told me that there was not really any difference in price between the discounted Florida passes and the price of them in a package. The bundle offered was more expensive, not cheaper than doing everything separately which is what I had requested. She never gave me the option of a lower hotel rate, in fact, she kept telling me she had no idea of the hotel rate because it was a package. I had to go online to find out and told her the price. A Disney agent later told me that I was overcharged by $595.80 for the Passes for the 3 Florida residents. (2) Megan did 4 dining reservations with me when we initially booked the trip and showed me how to do the fast passes online. This obviously did not take hours, possibly 20-30 minuets. I did the first Fast Passes from my computer, one at each of the 4 parks 60 days before the trip. Then, a Disney agent helped me fill in the rest when I called asking how to get a map of each park. She said she had a map and would be glad to help. (3) On Megan’s 3rd paragraph, she did NOT call me. I stopped in the office about 1 1/2 weeks before our trip to address the overcharge. She did get a Disney agent on speakerphone and he said the overcharge was $400, not $595.80. He said he could fix this by cancelling the entire trip and starting all over again. But, I would loose all of our Fast Passes, dining reservations and possibly the reservation at the Boardwalk, so I decided to deal with this after the trip. The original Disney agent who told me about the overcharge also offered this, but I had spent so much time getting these Fast Passes and other reservations and it was so close to our trip starting that I just didn’t want to risk it loosing all of our good reservations (4) On Megan’s 4th paragraph, I NEVER stopped in 2-3 days before the trip asking to cancel. And, I NEVER said I didn’t realize what the trip was costing. These statements are TOTAL FABRICATIONS!Again, as I stated previously, when I checked into the Boardwalk (no one was ahead of us) it took them 2 hours to check us in and they had to get their manager involved because they said “Your travel agent made so many mistakes on this reservation “. They felt so bad they gave me a $250 Resort credit and a free room upgrade to Pool View instead of Parking Lot View. And, the manager suggested that I upgrade my daughter’s and 2 grandchildren’s Passes (the 3 Florida residents) to a Silver Yearly Pass which would be the same price as the 4 day pass that Megan overcharged me for. We did do this. Sincerely

Flight Centre Travel Group Response time Oct 08, 2018

We are sorry to hear this consumer had such a negative experience. Our agent really felt she tried to deliver the best service possible.

I booked a trip with a seasoned travel agent and was not made aware that where she recommended I travel that they had been experiencing seaweed issues for the last 4 years in the Caribbean and specifically at the Riviera Maya location. I spoke with several of the *** Riviera staff members and this is a known fact that has been occurring. When I called to make the complaint at the *** Liberty Travel staff members were well aware of this occurrence, but my agent did not tell me this after I asked her about white sand and blue waters she assured me that the beach was beautiful. I spent $2500.00 for Ocean Front Exhale Club level accommodations for 4 days. The trip was booked in January 2018 and at no time was it suggested that I travel to a different location to enjoy beach front amenities and activities that were said to be included and advertised.

Flight Centre Travel Group Response time Jul 19, 2018

The customer was booked originally for *** Jamaica with multiple people. They all canceled and she decided to travel by herself at the same property’s location in Riviera Maya. We never discussed the beach. She also never called while she was there to complain about the seaweed so I could try to move her to a different property which is all we can really do. Because this is a natural cause, the hotels do not waive penalties because of this.

We found out that she wasn’t happy with the beach after she came back. When we booked the hotel in January we did not know that there would be in a seaweed problem in May. I am sorry that she experienced this.

I would rate Liberty Travel as 1. Agent never asked travel preferences, had to be pursued to get important travel information and chose expensive lodging that was hidden in the overall package cost. Anyone going online can do a better job than they do.

I am set to travel with friends on a Liberty Travel-booked vacation and used my *** to pay my full balance of $1224.00 on 3/28/2018. Steven P from the River Edge, NJ office processed my payment for $1224 plus two separate payments of $270 (3/29) and $142 (3/28). He emailed me to let me know that he mistakenly "refunded" my card $412 and when he caught the mistake, re-charged my card when in fact, he never refunded my card for $412 at all. *** confirmed that there was no refund ever processed, my *** statement supports this as well. Yet, Steven says that there was. As a result, Liberty Travel overcharged me $412 and has not reversed the charges.

Flight Centre Travel Group Response time Apr 05, 2018

I have attached the email correspondence between the agent and the customer. *** takes 3-5 days to process refunds but this one was refunded on March 28. Customer should see the refund posted by now......

I experienced very horribly!!
I asked one of the agents to help me book airline tickets for ten passengers for Asia Tour. She never informed the international flight fees are higher than the domestic flight. I found out she charged 21% of the total flight tickets when I got back from my tour. Her explanation was her service fees, and I worked hard on the booking. I said, what service besides booking the flight. I told her...
1. You never asked anyone's mileage number.
2. You never asked who wants to seated next to each other.
3. You never asked who needs a special food order.
4. I needed an answer ASAP, and the only thing she can do is email the airline company. I called the airline, and I got the answer in 5 minutes. She emailed me next day, "I'm still waiting for the email reply.
5. She shows me the itinerary she booked, and I needed to correct her mistake. I told the agent "50 minutes is not enough time for change the connection."
6. The itinerary she arranged had seven passengers misspell names out of 10 passengers. It took me 4 hours to correct it.
7. I emailed the agent for help relocating the lost luggage. Of course, the agent emailed me back saying "email the airline" Once again, I called the airline and solved the problem in 5 minutes.
8. She did not handle applying for the visa.
I talked to the manager and told her about the unethical 21% fees. Her explanation was sorry for the miscommunication. I said 21% fees are outrageous. Her excuse was "that's an airline fee charges us and directly charging it to you." I told her "what about the seven passengers careless misspelled itineraries." The manager said, "that's because of foreign names." I was shocked! Liberty Travel Agency has everyone's copy of passport, and they don't know how to spell people's name. By the way, 7 passengers were from Spain.
I'm a female owner of a fast-growing company and travel internationally. I always believe using local. Now I know, not to use Liberty Travel Agency EVER AGAIN. The only things the company cares about is short-term business and NEVER LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP.
If you are thinking about using Liberty Travel Agency, Please think twice before planning to have a business with them.

• On 9/7/2017 I cancelled my trip to Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Irma.
• A refund was requested from *** for the amount of the plane tickets.
• On 10/4/2017, a refund check from *** was sent to ***
• On 10/20/2017 I contacted my travel agent Larry S w/*** Travel letting him know that I had not received my refund from AA yet. I told Larry at that time that I had spoken with a supervisor at AA (Felicia Smith) who gave me the name and address of *** Worldwide Travel where the refund check had been sent on 10/4/2017. He contacted *** and spoke with “***” who told Larry that *** did indeed have my refund and had received it shortly after it was mailed to ***, but, he was “waiting to disburse the funds until he received my travel partner’s refund so he could do one disbursement”. (my travel partner and I paid separately so this made no sense at all).
• 10/20/2017: My travel agent told me he requested that “***” send my refund to me ASAP, and “***” said that I would have the $478.22 back in my account in “48 BUSINESS hours”, which would have been Tuesday 10/24/2017.
• 10/24/2017 NO REFUND in my bank account.
• 10/25/2017: Still NO REFUND in my bank account.
• 10/25/2017: Contacted my travel agent Larry S informing him I still had not received my refund. No response from him.
• 10//25/2017: Attempted to contact “***” at *** with no success.

This travel agency is fraudulent and I want something done so that they don’t do this to anyone else.

Flight Centre Travel Group Response

I can confirm that a refund was processed to the consumers visa card on Oct 25, 2017 in the total amount of $505.31. Apologies if there were any delays.

Customer Response

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


My husband and I booked a trip to Puerto Rico in July 2017...we made a deposit of $2000.00 towards our trip...and one month later we were being harassed about making full payment towards the trip which was booked for October and lied about our agreeing to do this. Well, after being made feel uncomfortable by this service agent and the turn of events, we had to change travel plans and switch from travel agent to Unit Leader to assist with the cancellation of Puerto Rico Trip to booking two flight tickets, one car reservation, and one hotel reservation to Arizona. We met with this Unit Leader who had promised to transfer the tickets, with minimal fees and then changed the story by blaming the airlines for the high price of change fee when we paid for the highest insurance which again we were lied to about. The highest insurance did not free us from any transfer or cancellation fees. The process continued with lies and deceit, false advertisement of a product. Unit leader stated that being that we paid the $2000.00 in cash, we would have to go through Liberty travels' credit card for payments or reservations for Arizona. We were told that the Hotel and Car reservations were booked and paid for and that we even had $ left over and would be given to us in a check form. Again, my husband and I went back to confirm that all was paid for and tickets were ready for pick up. Keep in mind that as we made reservations and spoke about our concerns we were told not to worry because everything was taken care of and aid with the cash we had deposited with Liberty Travel. Approximately one to weeks after the trip, husband was already home from trip....our account gets debited $575.00 from the hotel in Arizona? Confused and uncomfortable, I quickly called the Unit leader and left a voicemail...also sent her an this point our bank account is at a negative balance and fees have been tagged on to any bills or use of our personal bank account. We also were charged for the Car rental, which again we were told that was covered with the money Liberty Travel already had from us...So I had numerous concerns. We met with the Unit leader again and she told me that the Hotel should not have charged us because the reservation was being covered, with our money, through Liberty Travel then was told that she never said that the car rental was paid for because "We just don't do that"....What? So why did I hire Liberty travel to reserve and make payments towards my trip? They had our deposit of $2000.00, we were assured that the money we had deposited for our trip covered the change fees and reservations, all of it....and why did this Unit leader leave a message to the Arizona hotel Manager, that They have an emergency? Why did the Hotel Manager tell me that there was no method of payment and that is why we were charged for the room? The Unit Leader then apologized and made a breakdown of all the fees that were paid and how we were left over with $125.00.....but then changed the whole story of what was paid and not paid for the Arizona trip. I am a Cancer survivor suffering severe side effects from Chemo and my husband was on workmen comp which meant we have a very strict budget for everything especially travel. I would like to reimbursed for the hotel reservation of $575.00 and the car rental of $392.00 because at no time in any of our meetings with this Unit Leader were we told we would have to pay for these reservations outside of the $2000.00 we had already deposited towards our trip. I am so uncomfortable and angry....We have been lied to to each and everytime we met with this Unit leader and have had to pay bank fees on a negative balance that we were not expecting therefore did not plan for....I have a ticket still there from the original trip cancellation and I am sick to my stomach at the thought of dealing with these people and Unit Leader because I am afraid they will continue to lie and misrepresent what Liberty Travel does....This experience was the most horrible of my life and for consumers that were very with

Flight Centre Travel Group Response

As per our manager, the consumer was never hassled for final payment. Their consultant called them once as a friendly reminder. We were told the consumer had to change her plans because her son was being scouted by major league baseball teams, this was the reason for the travel changes. They were given a breakdown of what they paid and where the money went, see below. As for the insurance, they chose to cancel their plans which is NOT covered under the insurance policy. Below is the breakdown of what was paid and where the money went to. We cannot refund them any additional monies as everything is accounted for below. Their money that was given to us was used as they were explained to.

The manager did handle making the reservations for them at the hotel and the car rental but they were never paid for. The breakdown shows where their money went. They received the $125 refund back via check in August 2017:

You gave Liberty Travel $2,000.00

Insurance Policy was $618.80

*** ticket to SJU $342.13

*** ticket to SJU $342.13

*** change fees to PHX $223.20

*** Ticket to PHX $348.40

Refund to the *** on 8/28 $125.00

Customer Response

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

1. We were called by the initial agent and I was harrassed over the phone with regards to payment..the agent went as far as asking whether or not I had a credit card to pay for the balance which we did not agree to pay for in a month's time of booking.

2. I explained to Team leader how I felt uncomfortable we felt about the situation with the initial agent and furthermore after the experience we had received a call for my son to attend the showcase in which we wanted to go through the Team leader

3. The team leader did say that the hotel was covered and would be paid through the Liberty Travel credit card, using our cash but that they still needed a our credit card to reserve thehotel...also was told that the car rental would be paid also. We left agency believing and trusting that the Team leader had everything completed and covered

4. The team leader then back tracked and stated that she made a mistake and that she never told us the car rental would be paid for

5. AFTER and only after the trip was done and my husband was home, when we addressed the charge to the Team leader, she said she would contact the hotel because they should not have charged us for the hotel...

6. I spoke to the Hotel manager and was told that there was no payment method through Liberty therefore they charged the card on file holding the reservation and also told me that he had received a message from the Team leader stating that they had an emergency situation he needed to call her back about..

7. After a week or so of going back and forth with the Teleader...dhe then back tracked again and stated that the hotel was never in the total of money we deposited

8. We went over the list again where the Team leader stated that the hotel was in our total however I questioned it by saying if this is truly tcase...why did they charge us the $575.00?

9. The team leader instead of calling us and admitting that she made a mistake from thebeginning...sent me an email with the break down as if we were the ones that wrre incorrect all along

10.No...I do not accept their reply...the business practices of this office are immoral, disrespectfuI, and insulting to us as consumers and people

11. I want my ticket back for the amount of $3342.19, as I feel uncomfortable and instructing of everyone in this specific office and the individuals working out of this office.

12. As a lied to and manipulated consumer....I do not trust or respect these individuals as professionals and therefore want the amount of my ticket returned to me as soon as possible.

13. They will be reviewed and exposed for the deceitful people they truly are


Flight Centre Travel Group Response

We apologize for any misunderstanding that may have occurred and are sorry to hear the consumer was so unhappy with our service.

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