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FLIR Systems Inc

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FLIR Systems Inc Reviews (14) have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
I would like to thank the, Flir Systems and Lorex Technology for addressing this
and resolving. I am confident that Flir systems and Lorex Technology are working hard to improve their processes and procedures that will help avoid such actions in the future
Sincerely, *** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to
It is amazing how a company can change their attitude after receiving a notice from the Revdex.comThank you
*** ***

We have called the customer to let them know the replacement adapter is in process. UPS tracking # ***

Three replacement cameras are being rushed out to this customer.  She will also be emailed a prepaid UPS label to return the defectives.  thank you. LOREX

Hi There
We are rushing out 5 cameras and 5 cables as requested by this customer.
However, we'd like to point out that the system in question is one of our more robust ones with little or no issues.  Furthermore, we have already replaced the DVR for this customer back in September.  It...

is near impossible that the problem lies in all of these components malfunctioning at the same time.  Going forward we would recommend this customer have the troubleshooting done by a Lorex Qualified Technician at [redacted] (ask for a 2 Tier Technician).   This will eliminated any frustrations with misdiagnosis and delays.
Thank you & Regards

I am writing you in response to the above referenced complaint that was submitted on 2/17/2016. The issuebehind this complaint has been successfully resolved and a corresponding notification has been posted to ourwebsite. The reported problem arose as a result of Apple no longer supporting 32-bit applications in iOS. Wesubsequently developed a 64-bit application which was compatible with the new iOS 9 and it was in review forrelease in the iTunes store at the time this complaint was received. The revised iOS 9 compatible app correctingthis problem was released by Apple on the iTunes store on March 4 of 2016. This new application fully solvesthe reported problem.We have attempted to contact the person submitting this complaint on several occasions both via phone andemail and have received no reply.Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.Best Regards,
Andrew C. T[redacted]President and CEOFLIR Systems, Inc.

We purchased an 8 camera DVR security system (Model DV708-D) with 3 year warranty LWR-1032016-00087 on 01/03/2016. I have called in...

replacement ticket orders on 03/01, 03/14, 03/23, 09/08, 10/01, 10/12, 11/08, 11/16, 12/16/2016, 01/23, 03/20/2017. We have received replacements for 2 DVRs, 5 cables, 8 power cords, and 7 cameras. This system is truly defunct and should have been fully replaced after the first DVR and a few cameras, which I had requested early on. We have paid our technician $850.00 for the replacement installations and troubleshooting requested by FLIR/Lorex tech support analysts. Thus far we have paid a total of $1348.69 for the system ($498.69), replacement installations, and troubleshooting. We are still stuck with a system that to date is still not working properly (2 cameras completely out, 1 camera flickering will probably go out soon) poor technical support, insufficient customer service, and worst of all a lack of common sense that would dictate that something is seriously wrong with this system, as a courtesy, the system should have been upgraded and a refund of some of our replacement installation costs. Each call to technical support and customer service was a nightmare with a 1-2 hour hold time to start and no resolution to our problems with this system. The last call I made on 03/20/2017, I requested an (NEW) upgraded security camera system and a partial refund of $600.00 of our replacement installation costs due to the fact that we again, need to pay our technician for the installation. Our home was broken into 12/24/15 and we need a reliable security camera system. Both myself and my husband are disabled. Our income is limited. To have paid close to two times the amount paid for the system in replacement installations and troubleshooting doesn't make sense and it should have never gone so far off the deep end. Overall, the service we have received have been substandard to say the least and beyond unacceptable.We want an upgraded NEW 8 camera DVR security system with an extended warranty and partial refund of replacement installations and troubleshooting of at least $600 of the $850 spent for these services-OR- refund of the total amount paid $498.69 and at least $600 of the $850 spent for replacement installations and troubleshooting.

Hi There
We are sorry to hear this and have rushed out a new replacement NVR via UPS # [redacted].
The customer is expected to return the defective one.  We would also like to clarify that the system this customer
purchased in November of 2015 was shipped from brand new stock. ...

The question of receiving a second hand unit was never
brought to our attention until now. 
Nevertheless, we do apologize for the inconvenience and would like this customer to know that our Tech Support personnel can be reached at 1-877-755-6739 should the need arise.
Thank you.

Hi There
Refund processed today.  This customer has been emailed the proof.
The reason the order was not refund earlier is because the customer filed a Chargeback with Visa.  Visa withdrew the money from our account until
the dispute was settled in Lorex's favor.


Complaint: [redacted]
I called back multiple times and was on hold for forever. I also never got an email from FLIR or Lorex. I just checked my spam folder and never got anything from them. I have a ticket open and a replacement request but I also never got contacted for that either. Since this will be public on I will not post my email here, however if you check the ticket under my name on Lorex then I will send a comment with my email just in case it was entered wrong.

Knowing that our products can be complicated – especially for new customers – we introduced the concept of a FLIR ‘customer success advocate’. This employee’s contact information is given to buyers from our online store via an email sent shortly after the product is shipped.   Unfortunately in...

this case, the automated notification was sent while the person in question was on vacation, and he forgot to update his voicemail with instructions to contact someone else to address any immediate issues. To further compound the issue, there was poor communication by the company doing our fulfillment of these orders, for which we have initiated additional training.   As of this moment we have been in contact with the customer, issued a pre-paid RMA, and will refund her purchase as soon as the product is received. We’re very sorry she had such a bad experience, and will ensure we’re continuing to monitor the remaining tasks to bring this to an appropriate completion.   All customer communication touchpoints are being audited to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Customer [redacted] purchased a Lorex Surveillance system in January of 2016. The system purchased was model MPX88W. Upon review, we replaced several components (some items multiple times) in an attempt to resolve the recurring issues this customer was having with the system. Please see this list of complaint incidents for your information and records: March 1, 2016  (Ticket# [redacted]) Customer calls to report the DVR was defective and would not turn on. We shipped out a replacement in advance.March 14, 2016 (Ticket# [redacted]) Customer calls to report defective camera.  We shipped out a replacement in advance.May 23, 2016 (Ticket # [redacted]) Customer calls to report 2 defective cameras.  We shipped out 2 replacements in advance.September 8, 2016 (Ticket# [redacted]) Customer calls to report 2 ports on the brand new replacement DVR not working.  We shipped out another DVR in advance.October 11, 2016 (Ticket# [redacted]) Customer calls to report 5 cables and 5 cameras are malfunctioning.  The cameras were replaced.December 12, 2016 (Ticket# [redacted]) Customer calls to say 3 cameras malfunctioning.  We shipped her 3 cameras.January 23, 2017 (Ticket# [redacted]) Customer called to report 3 power adaptors failed and her intentions to report this matter to the The MPX88W is a robust surveillance system that we have sold to many customers in the Arizona region (where this customer resides). This incident seems random and unusual, as we have not had any other cases to compare it to. Our systems are designed to outperform earlier versions, some of which are still active a decade (or more) after they were sold. This is the overall quality of the Lorex Brand. We appreciate the feedback from this customer and have given this matter serious consideration. Although we cannot be sure, we speculate that equipment failure such as this could be caused by excessive voltage fluctuation in the location the system is being used, improper installation of the equipment, or local network issues. Prior to responding to this complaint, we have made numerous attempts to contact the customer via phone as well as by email with no response.  As a gesture of goodwill, we are willing to offer this customer a full refund for the product and for related & reasonable installation charges that she can provide receipts for.  We will even send this customer a prepaid UPS mailing label to return all of the equipment, including the defective items that were not previously returned. We are looking forward to Ms. [redacted]'s response.

Our customer service team has reached out to this consumer several times by email and by phone (9/27 and 9/28) and have not been able to reach him.  We sent him the latest firmware for his system along w/ instructions how to load but haven’t received any feedback whether he received it or if it...

solved his issue.   At this point we will wait until we hear back from the customer.

We have been in contact with the customer and have agreed to a full refund once the unit has been returned.  A shipping label has been sent to the customer and the refund will be issued once the unit arrives.

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Address: 27700 SW Parkway Ave Ste A, Wilsonville, Oregon, United States, 97070-8238


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