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345 7th Ave Rm 1202, New York, New York, United States, 10001-5044

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The app has been canceling my
Delivery times (during the delivery period) daily for four days straight now. It says they’re delivering and then the delivery spot disappears during the time they’re supposed to be here.
They’ve had my clothes now for 6 days and no I’m Weill respond to numerous emails (7/8 emails) and the number listed is unreachable /full mailbox.
No one will respond and they have hundreds of dollars worth of my clothes and sheets.

Customer Response • May 24, 2020 this time, my complaint, ID regarding FlyCleaners has been resolved. My issue was resolved, but not by Fly Cleaners, by their 'partner'.

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Ordered with Flycleaners and My laundry that has cost me a substantial amount of money is currently gone. They delivered the wrong bag of laundry and when I told them they gave me the wrong bag, they said that the ticket was correct....but that they put it on the wrong bag.

I contacted them about this and have not heard back. Both by email and by phone. I need these clothes. I need them soon and I need a response Now.

Customer Response • Apr 14, 2020 this time, my complaint, ID regarding FlyCleaners has been resolved.

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This scam of a business picked up my clothes on Sunday and were supposed to clean them to return on Monday. It is now Friday and still no delivery. They refuse to return emails or phone calls so I have no way of contacting them or locating my clothes (worth over $1,000 in total). This should be a criminal offense.

On February , I sent out my clothes for cleaning, via an app called Flycleaners. Flycleaners uses Next Cleaners as their laundry service. Next Cleaners picked up my laundry from me at my apartment. My laundry consisted of a large Flycleaners bag consisting of whites and colors. However, only the white clothing (which wasn't even half of the bag) was returned to me Saturday 2/. I have emailed both Flycleaner's support and Next Cleaners about eight times and called Next Cleaners and spoke to two different people (one being the manager) and they keep telling me they are emailing their warehouse however I am not receiving any call backs or updates from Next Cleaners or Flycleaners. So, I have been without my clothes for almost a week and had to purchase clothing. I researched the company and found similar complaints, so I am not the only person this has happened to.

This Laundry (wash & fold) company and its app, collected my clothes on Sunday with the selection of a next day delivery. It has been two days where they send a text notifying that they will be coming and then nothing happens. I have called and emailed numerous times with no response. Not only have they not sent me back my clothes but they're not responding to my messages or calls. Leaving me to believe that they stole my clothes or lost them.

I placed an order for wash & fold laundry service; pickup was scheduled for last Friday 2//20 (which occurred) and drop-off scheduled for Sunday 2//20 between 6-9pm. Less than an hour before the delivery window, I received an automated email saying my laundry would not be returned during the scheduled window as they needed more time. I have since rescheduled the delivery five times, and have received the same automated response just prior to each delivery time that it will not be delivered. I have called upward of fifty times to multiple FlyCleaners & Next Cleaners (the local vendor partner) phone numbers. The number I am told to contact routes to a full voicemail box before disconnecting. All emails have gone unanswered, save one which provided me with the same dead-end number. No one call tell me where my belongings are. I will travel wherever necessary to pick them up myself; I want my family’s belongings returned.

FlyCleaners lost half my order - 2 dresses and 2 jumpsuits. They charged me $109 and my husband had to hunt them down at their Astoria location to get the half they did not lose. They just kept canceling the delivery in the app over and over again. I would like $500 compensation (not credit) as I will never use their service again.

My dry cleaning order was picked up last week, since then every attempt to schedule delivery gets silently cancelled. I have tried calling but their voicemail is ALWAYS full and no one ever responds to the support emails. I am starting to think this business doesn't even exist. Currently they have over $750 worth of our clothing and I am unable to get in touch with anyone to know if/when we will get it back!

Customer Response • Mar 09, 2020

At this time, I have been contacted directly by FlyCleaners regarding complaint ID however my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]

The company did eventually drop off my clothing but in horrible condition. The clothes were NOT dry cleaned, they appeared to have been washed in a machine normally instead and they were hung in plastic but were still soaking wet when they arrived. The company still refused to answer any of my calls or emails.

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Customer Response • Apr 13, 2020 this time, my complaint, ID regarding FlyCleaners has been resolved as they did return my clothing. However, they did NOT complete the promised service and did not ever reply to any of my communications. This company should not be allowed to continue to do business in this manner and other consumers should be warned.

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This is a laundry pick up & drop off service. On Sunday 12/*** my laundry was picked up around 6:30pm and was meant to be dropped off last night (12/) between 8-11pm. I received one text at 7pm saying that my drop off window was about to start and then did not receive any additional texts nor my clothes.

I've tried contacting them repeatedly over phone and email but to no response. The phone number has a full voice mailbox and nobody picks up the call.

Customer Response • Jan 03, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.


This horrid company picked up my clothes in the beginning of August and I have yet to get them back. I have called their customer service number which no one answers, I've gone to the *** location and was told that clothes aren't kept there and I have sent emails to try and resolve this issue and retrieve my clothing. Nothing has worked, no one responds and my clothes still haven't been returned to me. Short of contacting a lawyer, I've done everything to get my clothes back.

FlyCleaners Response • Oct 02, 2019

Customer hasn't provided a valid credit card for payment and as such, the order is not able to be processed/delivered.

I gave Flycleaners a wash-and-fold order with three hang-dry items. When I received my order back, two hang-dry items were missing and the third had appears to have been machine-dried, not hang-dried. This level of service is entirely unacceptable. I've tried contacting their customer service multiple times, with no response.

Customer Response • Oct 03, 2019

Next Cleaners reached out and was able to return the items that they had lost. My complaint is resolved.


Flycleaners has missed 3 delivery appointments! I have called, emailed and just short of showing up to their facilities. They have not only not delivered my laundry but have charged me. Therefore they have stolen my money and laundry. There is no way of contacting them, the phone goes straight to voicemail, as does the Next Cleaners number. I have not received an email back after 24 hours. This business is a thief! I still want my laundry back but have no way of doing so.

FlyCleaners Response • Oct 02, 2019

Our local provider, NextCleaners, has marked this order as having been delivered.

Customer Response • Oct 03, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]

Flycleaners never made any attempt to contact me to help resolve this issue. I had to take matters into my own hands by driving to the location to pick up my laundry. Luckily my laundry was still there. The only time the company reached out was on September ***, eight days after my laundry was never returned to me. I responded back to their email and have not heard back since.
This company does not take accountability for their actions. If I had not had the termination to find my laundry I would still be without it. At the very least I should be able to speak to someone at this company around this matter as I am not the only one who has been caught in their mess before.

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FlyCleaners Response • Oct 07, 2019

While we understand your frustration with how this order was processed, we'd ask that you reach out directly to NextCleaners to provide them with the feedback regarding their performance in processing your order. NextCleaners was responsible for all elements of this order and the feedback would be most impactful if sent directly to them.

Flycleaners took my laundry on Tuesday sept *** around 10 am. They were scheduled to drop it off around Thursday 8pm and never showed. They do not answer customer service requests. I have about $2000 worth of laundry in the bag I sent out. Please help me resolve this immediately, and help me get a refund

FlyCleaners Response • Oct 02, 2019

Order was delivered on Sept ***.

FlyCleaners is a pick-up and delivery laundry service. My laundry was picked up on 9//2019 and was scheduled for delivery on
9//2019 between 5 -7 pm. According to the Web APP, the laundry was delivered at 5:35 pm. It was NOT DELIVERED. I sent numerous emails with just an automated response that my request has been received - not a response to the issue. The telephone numbers for customer support are directed to voicemail. I have left voice messages - with no response. My bank account shows a charge for the service. The account is identified by ***, the order numbers is ***.

FlyCleaners Response • Oct 02, 2019

As per the tracking system we have in place with our local partners, this order was delivered on Sept ***. Any issue with the delivery should be taken to the local provider responsible for it, which in this case, is Next Cleaners.

On July ***, I sent out my dry cleaning to FlyCleaners. They have missed every delivery window (I have scheduled it to be delivered 6 times) and they will not respond to any emails I have sent to their customer support.

FlyCleaners Response • Oct 02, 2019

Order was delivered in late August. Customer has since used our service for additional orders.

I placed an order on August and it got delivered on August missing ALL of my hang-dry items (6 of them!!! All of them super nice and work clothes). I have since sent numerous emails and not ONE HAS BEEN ANSWERED. I also tried calling but it would send me straight to voicemail. Finally, they announced customer service numbers for local providers. I have called literally over 10 times. I am CONSTANTLY BEING SENT IN CIRCLES. No one will help me. Employees say I need to talk to the manager and the manager will call me back but they never do. Sometimes they tell me I have to talk to the actual plant and the plant will call me back but it never does. Sometimes they don't even pick up (during business hours!!!). Anyway, because I had successful orders prior to this fiasco I stupidly placed another order on August . It got delivered on August *** MISSING ALL OF MY HANG DRY ITEMS AGAIN!!!!!! I AM NOW MISSING NOT ONE BUT TWO BATCHES OF HANG DRY CLOTHING AND NO ONE WILL TALK TO ME OR EMAIL ME BACK. These orders collectively are easily worth over 700$. Reimburse me or give my clothes back!!!!

FlyCleaners Response • Sep 06, 2019

It appears that this complaint is about the customer support and performance of our operating partner, NextCleaners. This complaint should be directed to them.

My wash & fold was picked up over the past weekend. My scheduled delivery window came and went without anyone dropping off my laundry. I received absolutely no notification as to why this happened. I called the Next cleaners number provided by the app. The person I spoke to didn't know where my order was even located and had no means of finding out. She promised to send an email and reschedule my drop off for this morning between 6 and 8. Once again the delivery window came and went. I have sent over 10 emails with no response and now the Next cleaners phone number rings with no answer. I want my laundry returned immediately.

FlyCleaners Response • Sep 06, 2019

Order delivered August

My order *** of dry cleaning was picked up on August .

I’ve scheduled delivery multiple times and have had the delivery postponed or the delivery has just not shown up at all. I have called customer service and have emailed customer service multiple times. All of my outreach has gone unanswered and I am still unable to schedule my dry cleaning delivery. My credit card was already charged for this service. This dry cleaning is worth upwards of 1,000 dollars in work clothes. I would like my clothing back ASAP, and I would like a refund for the cost of service.

FlyCleaners Response • Sep 06, 2019

Delivery was completed on Sept

This company returned my laundry with a large bleach stain. They have not answered their phone (indefinite wait) and have not responded by e-mail, despite their stated policy to do so within 30 minutes. My first e-mail was on August , 2019, and I have followed twice since then requesting a response. It has now been approximately two weeks without a response.

FlyCleaners Response • Sep 06, 2019

Customer was refunded to compensate him for the cost of the damaged pants.

Fly Cleaners picked up my clothes on August *. They have now delayed the delivery 5 times and I have no confidence I'll ever get my clothes back. I email them and call them, but never a response. I don't know what to do, it's going to cost me a lot to re-buy all the clothes and I'm not even sure they are lost, just can't get in touch with the company. I want so badly to just go pick them up myself from wherever they are. Going to look into filing a report with the NYPD, but I thought I should report it here too. I had been using Fly Cleaners for months and never had a problem. Something is seriously wrong now, I wish they would just communicate. Can you help me?

FlyCleaners Response • Sep 06, 2019

Order was delivered on Aug

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