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FootSteps to Serenity

Goodyear, Arizona, United States, 85395-8496

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Great Therapist, counselor, and life coach. Used to suffer from addiction, major depression, and anxiety. With her help and expertise I was able to kick the addiction and improve my anxiety and depression scores from high values to lower values. I was ready to make the change and start doing the work. She is excellent because she will hold your feet to the fire to see if you are really doing the work and and partaking in real healthy life choices. Prepare yourself, because if you truly want change in your life she will certainty guide you through it.

Staff rocks! Super sweet! Average cost compared to others with higher quality services! Creative and fun! Been referred as needed and I like how sessions work. I look forward to each session have referred others have been with them for 4 years and highly recommend them for services coaching and support! I’m

I am a ED Doctor (will be discrete). I simply needed someone to listen. My chaotic life when younger was difficult in college but the money was great later. What I did not realize until my wife shared with me was that I was never home and when I was home I isolated. Reflecting on my behaviors I realized I replaced my family with work and this is not acceptable. I was also taking my fatigue and frustration out on them and I try to be a good father and husband. Providing them with materials was not providing them with what they really needed from me. This took me several years of self battle and humbling myself letting go of my ego and putting my family first to decide to seek "something" and I found FootSteps To Serenity. I have been with them for six months. At first I was demanding and controlling requesting or someone to just listen and they did. They listened to me vent everyday on the way home. Occasionally I would later get resources emailed to me about Peace Above The Storm and so many resources since that I asked to continue to get. This opened my eyes and was a huge ground breaker. We engaged in family services with FootSteps To Serenity. Apparently the combination of venting and the resources provided and family sessions has had a positive impact on my family and career. It has had a positive impact on everyone in our lives. I know I and we are in the right place and on the right path and I see the joys and happiness returning. I am more humble and open and we myself, family and LifeCoach work as a team. If moments arise and I need advise they are there for me in that moment. I am a better physician, husband and father then I was just a few months ago and I look forward to continuing with FootSteps To Serenity for a long time. This life balance is amazing and the connection my family has with them is valuable and I will do anything to maintain the feelings I have now versus the dark place I was in before. I highly recommend FootSteps To Serenity even if you just need someone to vent to and listen. If you have family and want to mend and re-unify. This is the place to engage in. It is a comfortable telepsych convenient service. Took adapting for about 3 sessions then was easy going and I was supported the whole time.

Excellent service, good location, clean facility and quality care!

The staff are great! Serene office! Very professional and insightful services! Been with them for years and continuing! Never have had quality care and services until I engaged with this organization.

First of all, counselors can be narcissist too. My counselor from my home state recommended I read an article after I told her about my first session with April Tanner. She was late and didn’t bother to call. She said she had a professional emergency call but really, she just needed to pick up her son. Ms. Tanner spent the majority of the time taking about herself and her issues: she was a drug addict (her first husband got her addicted and she is still fighting him in court) which is the reason her second husband left her - but the church is trying to convince him not to divorce her. She is having severe financial problems (which is why she kept pushing me to come in earlier than I wanted to) and a tough time taking care of her children solo. I listened to her babble about her issues and was surprised that she had not even read the info I submitted online about the crises I am facing. She seemed disinterested in what I was saying & was focused on herself and my son. She even offered for us to come over her house so she can watch him and I can "rest." Nice on the surface but her offer was completely unprofessional; counselors need to have appropriate boundaries. She is lonely and I've never had a counselor invite me to their home. Ever. This was a warning in the article - poor boundaries. She also texted me incessantly and when I let her know that I need to pause because I only had funds to left to pay for formula, she called & told me to ask a church to get the money to pay her. I am disabled with a painful condition that limits my mobility/daily activities and it takes a lot to get out of the house, especially with my infant. This did not matter to her; she kept pushing me to come. I told her that I needed time to get home health care and childcare setup so I can focus on counseling & I would follow-up with her the next week. She did not wait for me to call her but texted early morning wanting me to come (so she could bill me although I had already explained to her the situation) and when I told her I could not she told me: she is running a business, canceling the contract, and billing me for early cancellation and not showing without giving 48 hour notice - $300! I told her the week before - she had ample notice. But she doesn't have a full client load; which is unusual for counselors. Maybe others saw through the mask and left. She was also texting me with terms of endearment and acting like we were best friends. Remember, I only met her once. Red flags were everywhere and I thought her behavior was strange when I met in person; something was off. I usually give people the benefit of doubt and thought I would at least try another session once I got childcare, someone to drive me, and the finances. Also, she asked me to write a review for her the next day only after the first session! Why would I write a review when no progress was made? Are these other reviews based on fake kindness and one session? So, here is the review she requested: April Tanner is a con artist and preys on people when they are in a vulnerable state. Trust your instinct; if a mental health professional is unprofessional, requires you to sign contracts, contacts you constantly in inappropriate manner, & tries to forge a personal relationship with you RUN!! She is not concerned with your best interest & is hard up for cash. I wasted $150 to listen to her talk about herself and then she wanted me to pay her $300 because I needed to schedule our second session when I could have help to get there - she is certainly a predator and hiding behind the Christian title. Wolf in sheep's clothing. Beware & read up on narcissist counselors before you go to one. She needs counseling and not to use her clients to get her needs met for attention, friendship, and manipulating to get more money. I should have followed my gut & not gone to the session. Don’t sign the contract; UPDATE: JUST FOUND OUT SHE IS NOT LICENSED TO PRACTICE PSYCHOLOGY OR COUNSELING although she advertises in Psychology Today! This will not be removed.

Customer Response • Jul 03, 2019

The Deputy Director for the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners informed me that she cannot practice in the state and she isn't even a licensed counselor. She represented to me that she was a licensed professional. Her degrees are online, I believe and she is under investigation for practicing without a license.

the footsteps to serenity is awesome!! I give april tanner and her business and the people she works with an A+ and 5 stars!!the people are awesome and incredible. they are very Christian based so if you want Christian counseling you have found your place an awesome with awesome people. melody

FootSteps to Serenity Response • Mar 06, 2019

Thank you *** for the support and it’s a blessing to have the opportunity to be your provider and supporter! I am glad your experience is going well and we are meeting your expectations! Thank you again and have a Blessed Day!

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