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Foreign Car Specialties

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On [redacted] 2015 my vehicle was brought to Foreign Car Specialties, [redacted] XXXXX to have a repair completed that wasn't completed properly by this business. The owner, [redacted] was made aware of the incorrect fitting of the o-rings on the engine and agreed to repair. This job was estimated to take about 2-4 hours. On [redacted] my vehicle was picked up stating the repairs were complete. Because of a personal injury, (in wheelchair before/after this repair), I had not seen the vehicle, but had it retrieved from the auto shop and stored in a friends driveway approximately 1 mile from the shop. I questioned why the vehicle was driven so many miles for such a small repair. The owner stated it was test driven by several people, and was used over the weeks it was there for various errands the shop needed to do. (I did not authorize this) The gas tank was half full when dropped off, and empty when picked up. While it was in the possession of Foreign Car Specialties, it accumulated numerous dents, scratches, and scrapes. The entire passenger [redacted] of the truck had been either struck by another vehicle or side swiped while an employee was driving it. I've owned this vehicle for 16 years, I wash and polish it on a weekly basis, these large dents, scrapes, and scratches were not on the truck when it was brought to the shop for service. When I called the owner to inquire what happened, he said he knew nothing, that he does have 2 cameras on the building, but it would take a long time to review. My insurance company called his business to inquire about his insurance information, and he refused to cooperate. [redacted] (my insurance company) produced an estimate of damage of $ [redacted] A report was filed with the [redacted] Department. I sent a 30 day demand letter in accordance with the [redacted] Office [redacted]on [redacted] 2015. I received a phone call from the shop [redacted] still not resolved.Desired SettlementI have a detailed 4 page estimate of repair from MetLife Auto's Insurance Adjuster in the amount of $ [redacted] A copy was provided to Foreign Car Specialties with the [redacted] demand letter. I would like to be compensated for the damage that occurred while my vehicle was in Foreign Car Specialties possession. I intend to repair the damage to my vehicle once this matter is resolved.Business Response The vehicle was brought back in for a fuel leak from a torn fuel injector o-ring. On an older vehicle many of the parts are rusty and/or corroded making it a challenge to assemble all the parts successfully. With 30 years of experience working on older cars that have been exposed to New England's conditions we are very familiar with the troubles that can happen. This is why we road test the vehicles before returning them to the customer. Sometimes even then a problem can arise several miles or days afterwards. In this case we had fuel leaking and took the repair very seriously. We had to take extra care to clean all of the corrosion from the fuel rail and manifold to ensure that the o-rings would not tear again upon assembly. We replaced all six o-rings related to the leak again, just in case. It just so happened that the week that we did the repair is the same week that we were having multiple snow storms. We could only road test the vehicle a couple shorter road tests. I know that during the few weeks that the vehicle was here that we had the engine running for periods of time to help melt the vehicle and keep it warm while we moved the vehicles and snow. So I am sure that some gas was used for that alone. I still needed to give the vehicle a longer road test before returning it to the customer, we used the vehicle to pick up a part and it was a 20 min drive or so each way. I dont believe that the mileage was as high as suggested, but this is a fuel leak that already had a problem once, so we drove it extra to confirm the repair. We used this vehicle specifically for this errand so we could put some miles on it and recheck it afterwards for leaks.As far as the damage to the vehicle, I received a phone call three weeks after the vehicle was picked up about the damage. I have not seen the damage to the vehicle as of yet, I still have not seen the damage. I don't know if the car got damaged at my lot. I only have two or three people that move cars here and we are either family or like family so I trust them. I am confident that no one that works here damaged the vehicle or if they did they didn't know that they did. We are all careful and respect all of our customers cars no matter the mileage or condition. That being said, I have no idea what happened. If there was any damage done on my lot, I have insurance and they have been called and are supposed to be investigating the issue. They are welcome to look at at our security cameras, but they are hard to figure out and have been intermittently operating, so I am not sure if they will be much help. I am not aware of what else I am supposed to be doing about it. I have never denied anything, nor have I admitted to anything. How can I do either of the above if I don't know what happened. I have not seen anything or heard of anything that proves or disproves any of the claims regarding the damage. Accidents happen and that's what insurance is for. That is why I put it their hands. I only spoke to them once, I believe, I told them only what I know. Three weeks after the vehicle was picked up I got a phone call about the damage and I still have not seen it for myself. [redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)[redacted] 2015No action on this matter was taken until a 30 day demand letter was sent to this business. The Insurance company has requested and received all pertinent information regarding this matter. I am still waiting for final resolution. The vehicle was brought to you in need of repair, and I was charged a large diagnostic fee for the business to determine the extent of the work, the age and condition of the vehicle was clearly evident and it was this business that advised me to repair. The repair cost over [redacted] and yet was still not completed properly. If the business has camera's on the property, they should be in optimal working order to protect both the business owner and the consumer.

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Description: Auto Repair & Service

Address: 69 S Ludlow St, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, 01603-1030


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