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Forest Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep Mitsubishi

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We went to this house on 11-16-and resealed the window which has nothing to do with the roofing job we didThis was done as a courtesyThere is nothing wrong with the roof or the bay window that we didThis is a window issue

There is a year warranty from the builder provided by us on the roof installationThe year warranty expired on this home on 12-11-There is a year product warranty provided by the shingle manufacturer on the shinglesAll these documents were given to this homeowner at the time of
settlement. Our records indicate toe following: On 6-27-OUTSIDE OF THE WARRANTY PERIOD we were issued a a customer service request by the builderWe found some missing shingles and replaced them AT NO CHARGE TO THE HOMEOWNER. On 3-27-17 OUTSIDE OF THE WARRANTY PERIOD we were issued a a customer service request by the builderWe found some missing shingles and replaced them AT NO CHARGE TO THE HOMEOWNER.On 5-8-17 OUTSIDE OF THE WARRANTY PERIOD we were issued a a customer service request by the builder to remove and replace defective vents in the roof which we had brought to the attention of the builder during our previous inspectionsWe did NOT provide the original ventsThe builder provided the replacement vents and paid us to install themAGAIN NO CHARGE TO THE HOMEOWNEROn 7-31-we were issued a customer service request by the builder to check out shingles lifted at the gutterOur technicians reported a piece of metal in the gutter was holding up the shinglesIt was removedThey also noted the gutter was too low?? We did NOT install the guttersWe completed this request again AT NO CHARGE TO THE CUSTOMERThere is a year produce from the MANUFACTURER on the roofing productThe product is warranted by the MANUFACTURER against wind blow offs for up to MPH windsThe winds on March 2nd and 3rd were in excess of MPH recorded by the NWS at Dulles airport which is just a few miles away from this home. We have gone above and beyond for this customerThe CURRENT DAMAGE TO THIS CUSTOMERS ROOF IS CLEARLY STORM RELATED AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRODUCT OR ITS INSTALLATION. We offered to provide a repair estimate for the blown off shingles but advised the homeowner they were NOT covered by the manufacturers warrantyThe customer can file a complaint with the manufacturer of the shingles which is specified by the builderWe will be happy to provide them with the information to do so. Thank you, Sam

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: This company has been stalling the whole process I never spoke to MrW*** and instead of communicating with me and explaining that they would remedy the situation and what was causing the delay they just ignored my emails until I filed my complaint and threatened legal action It was MrS***, their representative that told me the damage was due to a hacksaw They have come and repaired the gutter and downspout but have not replaced my chair As with everything else regarding this issue no one has told me they would not replace the chair or that the damage was due to squirrels I just learnt about it in the response that they sent to you In my last email to MrW*** I stated that there was no mention of the chair and that I would deduct the price of the chair from the amount I owed them At no time was I told they would not replace the chair or even told that they thought the damage was due to squirrels They have replaced the downspout, repaired my neighbor’s siding, did not replace my chair and have been very difficult to deal with I resent MrFullerton’s comment about needing to be patient I think that months of waiting with no communication from them other than when I contacted them is poor business practices All they needed to do was pick up the phone and talk to me about the problem Regards,
*** ***

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***Date: Tue, Feb 20, at 10:PMSubject: To: [email protected] I would like to thank you for your attention to the complaint I have sent to you and also want to notify you that the company ( Summit Roofing )sent someone to tell us the damage has been repaired and left us a business card bearing the person’s name and phone number to contact them in the event of any damage could happen later.My best regards

Date: Mon, Dec 4, at 2:PMSubject: Re: *** *** Complaint (***)To: *** *** The customers account of what transpired is somewhat different from what our recollection of events are especially the chairWe gave a price to *** *** for a simple
gutter repair and relocation and we tried to get the work done for her quicklyWe cannot find any record of e-mails to Benny W*** but Benny did speak with her on the phone and set up the work for BEFORE she left for her vacationOur installers thru a misunderstanding installed the gutter/ downspout on the neighbors unit which is actually the correct way it should be installedHowever the customer wants it installed differently and we are making arrangements to accommodate her and correct thatBenny has spoken to both *** *** and the neighbor on several occasions and informed both that we had placed a special order for the siding that would need to be replacedIt is aluminum siding and is no longer made or readily available We had to have it made special order which is what is causing the delayThe neighbor (***??) has been fine with that all alongI checked just now and the siding is supposed to be in early next weekAs soon as it arrives we plan to remove and relocate the gutter and do the siding repair. As for the chair our men DID NOT use the chair as a saw horse, cutting surface, or in any way at any timeThe marks on the chair are from squirrels chewing on itI have seen this same thing countless times including at my own homeWe will NOT be replacing the chairI am attaching pics of the chair that my tech took when measuring and getting the siding color. If *** *** will have a bit of patience this will be resolved quicklyThanks, Sam F* ___________________________Samuel F

From: [redacted] Date: Fri, Feb 19, 2016 at 10:11 AMSubject: Re Complaint # [redacted]To: "[redacted]" This complaint has been resolved.  Please indicate this in your records.Thank you.[redacted]

We went to this house on 11-16-16 and resealed the window which has nothing to do with the roofing job we did. This was done as a courtesy. There is nothing wrong with the roof or the bay window that we did. This is a window issue.

We did in fact install a roof for this customer in 2013. Customer called us last year reporting blown off shingles and we inspected and replaced 3 blown off shingles at NO COST TO OWNER. Customer called again last month and we sent a technician by the SAME DAY and we replaced 1 shingle. Again...

at NO CHARGE to customer. We never heard anything further until this complaint popped up today. We were surprised when we saw this complaint and TODAY sent our technician who had completed both of the repairs by the house to see what was going on. He looked at the house from the street and could not see any shingles missing. He knocked on the door and the Mrs. answered the door. He asked her if she had reported any missing shingles since he was there last month. She responded that she was unaware that he had been there. My tech explained he had been dispatched to her home the same day she called last month. No one was home when he was there. He replaced 1 shingle and put his card in the door and a completed service ticket. She said they never saw anything in their door and were unaware that he had been there or that the repair had ALREADY been done.  The owner has a 25 year PRODUCT warranty thru the manufacturer against defects. The wind warranty on the product is NOT with us it is with the manufacturer. If the owner wishes to pursue a warranty complaint against the manufacturer we are happy to assist them in doing so. We have noted several other homes on the same street have missing shingles and this is a known high wind area. Others in the neighborhood have opted for heavier shingles. We feel we have done everything possible to assist this customer. Thank you, Sam F[redacted] Jr. President / Owner

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Address: 321 19th St SW, Forest Lake, Minnesota, United States, 55025-1352


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