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Fort Rapids Waterpark Hotel and Conference Center

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Fort Rapids Waterpark Hotel and Conference Center Reviews (45)

Dear Valued Guest,Good morning Ms*** and I trust all is well in New Lexington, as that is the school I graduated from many years ago! First I want to thank you for taking your time and expense to travel here at Fort Rapids to be our guest and to enjoy our waterparkI've attached your Guest
Folio and the Policies and Fees information we have on our Groupon promotionI am very sorry you had to call three times to our front desk and received no resolve with your frustrationThis is something I take very serious and will address this matter with the department, and corrective action will be takenI received your complaint via email this morning and sadly it's the first I have learned of thisAgain, my sincerest apology and I hope you will consider being our guest in the futureI wish not to dispute your complaint, only to assure you that any concerns expressed from our valued guests from here on out, will be handled in an expeditious manner to their satisfactionGo Panthers! Sincerely,*** ***

Dear Valued Guest,We are sorry to hear of this incident and take this matter very seriously. I have researched your stay and honestly cannot apologize enough that this has not been taken care of yet. At this point I need to give this to our accountant to issue the refund to your Discover Card. This...

may take several days as there is a process of approvals to go through from our ownership. I will be making all members of upper management aware of this situation today and expect immediate action. I am very sorry your had to call so many times to our front desk and received no resolve with your frustration. This is something I take very serious and will address this matter with the department and corrective action will be taken. I received your complaint via email this morning and sadly it's the first I have learned of your situation. Again, my sincerest apology and I hope you will consider being our guest in the future. Sincerely,Shawna V[redacted]

Dear Valued Guest,Upon doing some investigation in our account, I came across your complaint. I am not sure how this one slipped by me and for that we am truly apologetic. I know that on the day of your check out we had a lot of hoopla going on back here in the back office and that should never...

at any point permeated out into the public or for you and your family to have to suffer from. The issue you had with your room was absolutely uncalled for and you definitely deserve your 33%! I will credit that to your account immediately. If I can further assist you in any way, do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you for choosing The Fort for your hotel needs and we hope you visit us again in the future.

They will need to dispute the charges with their bank or credit card

Dear Mr. [redacted] I am working on investigating your complaint. I also have many other duties in my daily job and will be returning your call as soon as I possibly can. These things do take a little time. I thank you for your patience.Sincerely,Shawna V.

Dear Valued Guest,Thank you for your feedback and I'm very sorry to hear of this situation. I will review your complaint immediately with our staff and upper management. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work through this situation.Sincerely,[redacted]

I would like to say that there was a glitch in the system and I am sorry that it has taken us so long to responed. We have fixed that problem.

Dear Mr. [redacted],I have received your complaint and I have also been in contact with MR. Skyler Y. pertaining your stay. I have also received your photo's and we are embarrassed at the state of disrepair in the room you were assigned. We have taken the room out of order and placed a repair list...

with our maintenance team. Did you at any time after check in make your concerns known to the front desk staff? They would have given you a new room immediately. As Mr. Y.  stated to you in his correspondence with you, we have had no other complaints of any food borne illnesses for that evening, nor have we ever. Without medical documentation this portion complaint cannot be considered.There is no notation on your account that you checked out early or made a complaint while you were here. This is procedure anytime there is an issue so that we have it documented for reference.Also, as Mr. Y. stated that threats to make complaints through the and Attorney General will not speed up our process and procedures. We pride ourselves on guests happiness and wish to offer our deepest apologies that we did not meet your standards. We thank you for your patience in this process and I hope to be contacting you soon with resolution. Warm Regards,Shawna V.lFort Rapids Management Team

Dear Mr. [redacted]I want to first apologize for not responding sooner to your complaint filed with the as I just recently took over as the Assistant General Manager at Fort Rapids Waterpark Resort. In response to your complaint I want to apologize and certainly understand...

your frustration as I can imagine myself feeling the same way. I have spoken with Mr. Tom C., our General Manager regarding your undesirable stay with us.As you know, we did refund your restaurant charge while you were here. We would also like to extend to you one nights complimentary stay with waterpark passes. I realize you had requested a two night complimentary stay with waterpark passes through our Sales Manager, Dewaun, but unfortunately he is no longer with our company and we have no way of verifying that commitment unless you can show documentation in writing stating to that fact.By way of this correspondence, please accept this good faith gesture. We certainly value your business and we hope that you will give us another chance to prove that we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.Please feel free to call me to book your complimentary stay. Also, may I suggest that you bring a copy of this correspondence with you and present it at your check in time.Once again, I truly apologize for your past experience at Fort Rapids. We hope to see you soon.Respectfully, Drew R. H.Assistant General ManagerFort Rapids Waterpark Resort & Conference Center[redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: the hotel is claiming that we were a no show. This was a walk in sale so therefore you can only no show on a reservation. The credit card was also charged for both rooms on 8/3/2015 in the amount of $146.32. The rooms were both under the name of [redacted] Also when calling several times it goes to voicemail and Shawna will not answer after I talked to her the first time. I would simply like the money that we paid for the rooms to be refunded in the amount of $ 292.64

I just want to be finished with the situation. I hope that Ft. Rapids makes some serious changes in the near future.

I am rejecting this response because: Listen, we do not travel often an I assumed that Fort Rapids cancellation policy would be the same as any other hotel. It is your companies job to tell your guests the policies. My husband did have an appointment in Columbus and it was changed, but still it is our decision to cancel our reservation because we don't want to stay in a hotel that your website reviews say there are roaches, bed bugs, semen on bed sheets, rude staff, ect. I want to know also how to get in touch with your boss? If a customer has a complaint about the owners policies and disputing the fact that his employees have not taken the time to explain the cancellation time line, and why on this matter for to see, when in person face to face you act sincere in this situation, saying you understand our side of this, and that when my husband asked you about this being a "matter of morals" and you said you don't bring your morals to work with you. Mam, you have a boss and won't give us his contact information, nowhere online do we find a contact number for Fortune Group Hospitality nor did we see this 72 hour cancellation policy.

I was here and spoke with the lady and she couldn't remember who ripped off the towel of son. I said that I was sorry and that we would take care of it from here. She was the only one that complained that day. Matter of fact they stayed in the waterpark for the rest of the day.

Dear Valued Guest,First and foremost we thank you for your service and are happy to be able to hold a military rate for persons such as yourself.I understand your frustration and unfortunately we have completely changed our management team in the last 45 days and I am afraid your initial complaint...

was lost in the shuffle. This is no excuse, but just a little hindsight that we hope will gain some understanding. We will be handling your complaint right away.Our procedure for refunds is a bit of a lengthy process. I have to put in the request to our headquarters, then when it is approved it then goes on to our accountant whom carries out the refund. I know you have already waited a length of time, but I apologize that I cannot expedite this process any faster. I will, though, be putting in this request immediately and thank you greatly for your patience. We cannot apologize enough that you were not told of the resort fee at the time of reservation. I take every instance such as this as a training opportunity for our reservations and front desk staff. For future reference though, all "resorts" carry a resort fee as where "hotels" usually do not (just a little friendly fyi). Also, our resort fee and the amount you were charged for the resort fee was $30.00 and that is the amount I will be putting on the request. I have attached a copy of your receipt.

I have not received a response from the hotel as of yet after the last communication. Thank you, [redacted]

Dear Valued Guest,Thank you for your report on our service and a possible malfunction with our online reservation system. I will review your complaint immediately with my staff and upper management team. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work through this situation.Warmest Regards,...

Shawna V.l

Dear Valued Guest,I am truly apologetic that you did not take the time to learn of our cancellation policy. But, we have a policy and we cannot break that policy. Your complaint has now completely changed from needing to cancel because you had no reason to come to Columbus to now it is because of reviews of the hotel and our military discount program was not satisfactory. So which is it? Either way, we have a cancellation policy.Again, you may reschedule at any time with no penalty. That is our policy.

The previous owner closed out the merchant account and their is nothing that we can do here at the property. Please get with your bank or credit card company and dispute the charges. I am really sorry for this not being taken care of from the very get go. Sincerely,Della G.

I reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find the resolution is satisfactory to me.

Dear Ms. [redacted]We are truly apologetic that our room did not meet your standards. We have been working very hard to get the whole resort updated and hope you will give us another chance in the future.I was not able to bring up good quality photo's you attached from this site, so unfortunately I...

cannot tell what the photo's are of. If you would please send them to [redacted]? We take every issue very seriously and I would like to make sure I have all the correct information to give to our maintenance and housekeeping crews. Were you able to speak with a manager while you were here to try to resolve your issues? Also, since you booked your room stay through Groupon, you will need to contact their company for a refund. They will call us to confirm your complaint and you can direct them toward my email or phone [redacted] so that I may assist in every way I can. Again, we apologize if you found our rooms less than appealing. We have many families through here and they love it here, so I really hope you will consider us again. Sincerely,Shawna V.l

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Address: 4560 Hilton Corporate Dr, Columbus, Ohio, United States, 43232-4153


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