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FR Bedroom

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Complaint : [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: We were lied to! This sectional is not LEATHER! FR only offered me a 10% discount on a new sectionalI still owe $1,on this oneMy fiancé and I are both disabled and can't afford to purchase a new oneIf we would have spent more time sitting on it and took in the old, little dog when we received it, the plastic fabric would have started shredding right awayNone of the other chairs are shredding! My dog spends more time on the other side of the sectionalThis one chair is defective and it was when we received it! Technically I receive a new sectional but I will accept having the bottom of this chair recoveredIf you cannot help me with this issue I will be contacting the Attorney General of the state of Wisconsin! Sincerely, [redacted]

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 11, 2015/06/11) */ Great white is the warranty company, the decision lies with themThey are correct in their decision as it pertains to your claim, from what you have described it is wear and tear and not deemed accidental under the Extended Warranty If you have any further questions please contact Great White or my self Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 13, 2015/06/18) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) We were told that accidental chips & breaks would be coveredWe had broken a chair & the store replaced it ASAPWe chipped the table & now no one wants anything to do with repairing or replacing itWhy??? This issue is coveredI spoke with a store employee who said Furniture Row was trying to change warranty companies because they weren't ethicalThis was from a FR employee! We've spent thousands & thousands of dollars at their storeWe expect this to be covered or you will lose my business as well as many others who we'll recommend not to shop those storesAgain, I expect repair or replacement Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 24, 2015/08/10) */ We have responded internally to [redacted] , [redacted] has reviewed his claim and has denied itA chip is not considered accidental and is considered wear and tear, as stated in the warrantyif you have any further question please contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX Thank you [redacted] Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (4200, 26, 2015/08/13) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) We can go rounds & rounds but I'm not giving up on this CHEAP tableNot once, it my nearly years of age have I seen a chair get pushed, slammed, thrown, or you name it, & a piece of wood chip offCHEAP qualityReplace it, Fix it, Exchange it, or Refund itYou are responsible [redacted] has been very sincere, and prompt in getting this issue resolved We appreciate the time he took to reach out to us, as well as addressing the issue with the highest level of service I look forward to working him on the resolution of the desk, as well as continuing to do business with him, and his staff He has also restored are faith, and trust with the company, and has made him self readily available if we need any further assistance with anything I thank him for this I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted]

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 8, 2015/11/16) */ We have refunded the customers purchase and took all the product back

Mr. [redacted] is reselecting tomorrow with a partial credit from his previous purchase.

I have spoken with our legal department and the customer and we are going to take care of the customer by paying on the one estimateThe customer has agreed to this Customer has stated that this resolution is sufficient

On May 12,I purchased and paid for a table and four chairsIt was back ordered and I had to call to see if it came in and when it would be deliveredIt was delivered May and I realized after it was set up that it was too large for the areaI immediately called the store and they told me to come in and find something else, which I did that eveningI couldn't find anything that suited me so arranged to have it picked up and paid the $pick up feeIt was to be picked up May between 9:and noonI received a call to confirm the time and the dayThe day it was to be picked up I received a call that they would arrive at 10:Noon came and no driver/truck arrivedI called the store to find out that the truck broke down and they would get back to me when they would arriveI never heard from them and called before closingI asked to speak to the manager and Andrew asked me what was my problemI explained and he said they would pick up the furniture June between 9:

I purshased a year warrent on my sectionals because I was told it would cover any damage from my childrenTwo of the sections have damage, but because it is near the seam of the couch they state it is seam issue which they don’t coverSo I called to talk to the manager Jaden and sent him picturesJaden told me the store would take care of the issues and get them resolved so his associate picked up my couch and took to his store to fix and then claimed it was seam and he couldn’t fix it even though he promised repair

I purchased a bedroom set from this company earlier this year and also purchased their extended warranty (which was extra money on top of all other fees)The bedroom set began to peel and chip in less the a year that I have had it due to no fault of my ownI tried to use the warranty to get it repaired but there is a clause in their warranty that they are selling to hundreds of thousands of people on multiple purchases that states the damage has to be caused by myself in order for it to applyYes damage done because of a manufacturing defect is not coveredThis was not explained to me when I purchased it and it was basically a waste of money to anyone in my situation (which from reading the reviews on varies purchased from customers of this company happens a LotNeedless to say after like a month of back and forth pictures and emails they basically told me my warranty was uselessI then went in and talked to a store manager, a district manager and finally on online complaint depa

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2015/08/31) */
Spoke with customer on 08/24/to set up time and date to replace footboardOn 08/25/went to customers house replace footboardCustomer was exicted about footboard being replace and is now good to go

I purchased a bed weeks ago and paid in full I was informed the bed was on back order and should arrive in 2-weeks I called yesterday, weeks after purchase, to check on the status I was informed the system now shows a delivery date for mid-August which is months from todayI was asked if I wanted to visit the store and pick out another bed or continue to wait I said I wanted neither option and I needed a full refund which he provided I informed him that I know this is not his fault but I never received an update, I needed to call in to receive this update, and if my expectations were set correctly I would have gone a different route and taken care of this weeks ago instead of the alternative This was a birthday gift to my daughter and that is probably what makes this situation even more difficult for me as a dad She has been so patient with all of this and now we are starting the process over To prevent this in the future there should be a disclaimer that out of stock beds may take months to arrive and I would have made a different choice
I have reviewed the response made by the
business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me I have not yet received the check from the company Once this is received, this resolution is acceptable
*** *** ***

***, I'm sorry we can't be of more assistance. As we stated earlier, the material is out of warranty and the area is too far gone at this point to repair Thank You Alfonso G***

I made a purchase from this company on 11/12/My salesman was EricI was given a promise date the last week of November or first week of DecemberI never received any updates from the salespersonI had to call to receive updatesI didn’t receive my items on timeThe kicker, the first delivery I had was my daughter’s bunk bedThe delivery crew assembled the bed incorrectlyThe top bunk was set too low and therefore made a safety issueIt looked almost like the middle beam was missingThen there was hardware that was left out!! Then weeks after delivery of the bed I’m finally able to get someone out to my house to correct their mistakeThe manager has never contacted me to try and make things rightI was appalled at how badly they treat their customers

I ordered a bedroom set to include two night stands a bed and an entertainment center in August from *** *** in the Missoula, MT storeI have yet to receive the second nightstand I contacted *** a few weeks ago to remind him as he told me it was damaged so he had to order one.he is full of excuses and I cannot believe you hire this guy as a manager

Initial Business Response /* *** ** *** */
I spoke with Mr*** and agreed to refund the total amount that he spent on the bedroom setsThat refund was processed on 6/10/We apologized profusely for the problems that these folks experienced with our company and the products that
they purchasedI offered Mr*** a huge discount on any future purchases in an attempt to help them out in the futureWe also apologize for the time that our customer spent trying to get this rightHowever, we don't compensate our customers financially for their time spent off work while waiting for deliveries

I ordered a bedroom suite and was granted a loan for the furnitureMy furniture was delivered to my home without the steps to the bunk bed and I was not informed until the staff was there to put the furniture togetherI had to continuously call and find out about the steps to the bed and I was told by a representative named *** "I would look into it"I called weeks later to inquire about the steps and I was told the steps just came in and would be deliveredThe steps were brought to my home and did not fit the setI was told the screws didn't match and it was a manufacturer issue and they would need to reorderAlmost months later after waiting for the steps, I told the store to please come pick up the bedroom suite and move it to my daughters home where it would moved permanently and the store agreedThe movers showed up on time to pick up the bedroom suite and move it to another houseAfter the set was put together, of the steps were missing that they broughtThe mov

I purchased a sectional from furniture row in May of In mid the electrical part of my couch starting malfunctioningThey came and fixed it, it still didn’t workThey came back out and gave me a whole new part of the couchFast forward to about months ago the USB ports stop working again and they fall outMy long sectional pieces cushions are tearing apart on the bottom of themOur bed we have hardly used in the couch is brokenThe couch is 2yrs old and has so much wear and tearNot to mention I was told to submit my pictures and issues to the warranty place and my claim wasn’t allowedSuch a waste of timeI contacted the furniture row store where I purchased the couch beginning of September, the next day a guy came out to take pictures of the damageHe informed me they had a new manager who was in the process of moving from Texas so he said it may take a couple days to hear from himI called their store the beginning of the week after they came to take picturesThis manager wasn’t in the store and he would call me when he came in on the weekendNever received a phone callToday is October 18th and I never received a callI called them and talked to this manager and he has yet to look at the pictures of my couchHe said to give him another weekThis matter hasn’t been taken seriously I feel, and I have been more than patientI paid a lot of money for this sectional and it’s totallt disappointing that it is already falling apartI even bought a warranty that isn’t valid unless the damage is accidental

I originally went to Furniture Row on July 3, to purchase a bedroom set for my daughter I was originally told that her furniture wouldn't be in until late October I.later received a call at the end of August saying her furniture would be in sooner I set up delivery for that weekend and had all my daughter's furniture removed
That day some items were delivered but no bed I called the store and spoke with *** *** He says that he drove to FtCollins to pick up the items and didnt know where the bed disappeared to He apologized and said that we again had to wait until early October My response was that I got rid of my kids furniture and now she has to sleep on the floor He gave us a temporary bed railing
Finally, October is here and I called the store to see if my kids bed is here I am told that nothing has come in yet I asked for my sales agent to call me back and still no call October has nearly come and gone and still my daughter has no bed

I purchased a $sectional couch set for Christmas The mechanism underneath has been broken for monthsI have repeatedly called, and so has my wife, and we're always met with an excuse as to why they cannot address this issueWhomever answers the phones is never the person who can actually address the issue, they claim they will call back, but refuse to actually do soI fully believe that they are trying their hardest to stall until December when my warranty expires, and they will have the right to deny my claimThis process started approximately 8/A repair company made contact on 8/They came up my house on 8/They admitted it needed repairing and should be under warrantyThe repair company texted me that they would turn in a request for that part to make the repair on 8/I have heard nothing since and furniture row in Tyler refuses to answer questionsI have text message proofThey refuse to honor their warranty

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