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Frank Emmet Real Estate

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Review: My name is [redacted] I have a complaint against frank emmet real estate. I spoke **. [redacted], the secretary. I explained to her my situation, I informed her that I go to dialysis and that my son and I stay with my sister. I informed her that I need an apartment bad, she told me that she would go to bat for me with her supervisor. She asked me do I have anything on my credit report that would stop me. I informed her that I paid off the apartment complex that was holding me back from getting a apartment. I called her and told her I paid off the complex. I asked did they have any vacancies available, she said yes and that I could come in and see the apartment. She called her supervisor, her supervisor said she would give me a chance. She asked my son and I to fill out the application. I called my sister so could get $50 for my son application, she brought it to me. My sister asked are we going to see the apartment, I told her yes. I told her **. [redacted] has been working with me for a while, concerning the debt that I had on my credit. While filling out the application her supervisor called back and asked we're we filling out the application she said yes after filling it out **.[redacted] asked if we could get the money order. When we returned she wanted to go ahead with the application process I gave her the money order, so it will be in the system for her supervisor to review it. I called the next day to see the apartment she told her supervisor was sick and won't be in till Monday. I called on Monday she said she already spoke to me and told me I was denied and a letter was sent in the mail. I informed her that she didn't speak to me.and no letter was sent. I didn't even get to see the apartment I also told her why would I give up my money without seeing the apartment. She told me people do that all the time and that everything I need to know will be in the letter. The last thing she said to me was that she could explain anything else to me.Desired Settlement: Fraud



December 31, 2013

This letter is in response to a complaint regarding **. [redacted]:

**. [redacted] did come to the DC Frank Emmet Real Estate Office located at [redacted], seeking an apartment for her and her son. She did state that she had paid off the apartment complex that might keep her from getting an apartment and brought me a copy of a receipt from [redacted]. - Receipt #[redacted] showing she paid and her account stated settled in full. I did state to her I would speak with my Supervisor/Property Manager **. *. [redacted], to see if there would be anything that could be done on her behalf as she stated she was disabled and on SSI- low income and has recently paid off the property she owed. A second owed property was never mentioned to me during any conversation we had.

It was explained to **. [redacted], that we would still have to process the application which is a standard fee of $50 per person over 18. It was explained to her that once application was ran and reviewed , we would allow her to select a unit and move forward due to the situation of a past issue with a apt. complex and the income being low. Her application was processed and she was denied. Yes, she paid off [redacted]- under the [redacted], but the credit report came back with two (2) court filing at a dif[redacted]nt location - [redacted], another property located at [redacted] and one was terminated/dismissed and a case filed on the other. She complained that she didn't see a unit. We have people who review our website or know someone who lives on one of our properties and submit their application.....No one moves into the property without seeing their unit before move in. Plus, the unit was not available for showing as it was being turned.. I was given approval to show ready units on Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2013 No fraud has taken place and she is not due a refund because she submitted an application for; processing to see if she would be approved and that is what is covered. Without processing the application, we would not have known about the other property having court filings as she didn't mention that at all during any of our conversations. I did ask her if their was any reason beside the property that she had paid that would keep her from getting approved and she stated "NO"

**. [redacted] stated that I told her she was denied via phone plus, I also sent a copy of the "Adverse Action Letter" to the address she put on her application. She stated she didn't get it, I sent it out on 12/15/2013.. I also noticed that the address she gave us ([redacted]) is not what is listed on the Lease Decision as her current address either, maybe that's why she stated she hadn't received the "Adverse Action Letter". Current address on Lease Decision page has her at [redacted]. not [redacted]. as put on application.

I have attached copies of the following for review: Rental Application that was submitted ; Lease Decision for [redacted] ; Receipt copy of the settled in full from [redacted] and a copy of the Adverse Action Letter that was sent to her.

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Description: Real Estate

Address: 2727 Fairlawn Ave Se, Ste 1b, Washington, District of Columbia, United States, 20019


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