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• Jan 08, 2021

I recently bought the Nuwave oven also. I was told to cancel my membership with rewards plus and I would get Walmart gift cards. The phone # Nuwave gave me for rewards plus doesn't work. Can someone give me advice on how to stop this before it's too late.

• Oct 30, 2020

Scam is a scam. I bought the Nuwave oven in September **, 2020. They promised a gift card along with the welcome/membership package within 7-10 days from my order. I never received the package. The billed me the following month for a membership and refused to refund my money. I sent an email to [email protected] and called my bank to dispute the charge. The replied to me and my bank with the same email saying they sent the membership package first class and it was not returned. I hope the persons hiding behind those computers and the rest lining their pockets with customers money and not promising the gift card get what they deserve in the long run. This is not even worth one star!

HELL-o, I was billed for product 10/25 but I called to cancel the membership and was given a confirmation number. When I asked about tracking the product I was billed for, the girl had no information, no phone number.. I actually moved all the money from my checking account so they could not try to bill me after cancellation. I was told the gift card I was promised could take up to 13 that could be into January. This is a SCAM, one I won't fall for again.. Shame on me!

Total scam! Beware! They said that I would receive a welcome package within 7-10 days. Never received the package so I called on day 14 and cancelled. Never received the (2) $50 gift cards that I was promised or the $25 cashback rewards. Only received magazines that I didn't want nor did I order. Never realized where the magazines were coming from. I finally saw an unrecognized charge to my credit card. I called them to let them know that I had cancelled this service some (7) months ago. They naturally said that they didn't have any record of me canceling and there is no refund for the unauthorized months that I was charged. Will be contacting my bank, the BBB and the Attorney General's Office. This is straight up FRAUD...

The toll free number can't be Called from your area.

Cancel the Free Reward Plus Card along with magazine plus American Saving Pass. After reading the the reviews you do not live up yo your word I have no time to be going back and forward and their is no need for magazines I have a computer. You are only to hit my account for 38.36 for the 2 eyebrow kits. I hope you do not send anything else.

After reading these reviews I am canceling the Free Rewards Plus Cards along with magazine and it's cards which I undrrstand know one has ever received. Also I am canceling the American Savings Pass along with the cards and magazine promised. So I am only ordering the Eyebrow kit with a 2nd one totaling 38.36 everything else cancel the reason why is all the bad reviews so do not take anything out of my account except the 38.36. ????

Free rewards plus and magazine rewards plus - no pluses to add but all minuses from my checking account. On 2/27/18 I submitted for the $50 gift cards promised to me if I try both memberships and as of 6/4/18 have not received any gift cards nor the $25 monthly cash rewards all submitted on 2/27/18. Form said allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive the benefit and of 6/4/18 nothing. Every time I inquired they say check back again in two weeks MORE WEEKS. They have not paid the two $50 gift cards owed and the $75 owed for the cash back monthly rewards as of 6/4/18.

Cancelled membership d/t never used this expensive piece of crap so I made a last payment on May 21,2018 for $24.95 and they said I cannot claim the monthly cash back rewards of $25 because I cancelled. So also I cannot go on line and enjoy the other complicated, useless benefits to me they offered but they gladly took my $24.95. What kind of crap is that? I joined because I saw I can earn back the monthly fee with the monthly cash back rewards, so be aware if you are a busy person do not try their "free 30 day trail" because it cost me $75 & did not even use it. Plus I submitted my $50 gift card gifts for trying the membership and monthly cash backs on Feb 27, 2018 and still have not received my money. I have to contact them again if not received in 2 more weeks so lots of hassle. The rep I emailed about my complaints was a real nasty person too. The company does not have any flexibility. I work 4 jobs and got behind on the monthly cash back deal and they said I could not submit those claims either. Wanted to give them a 0 star by the way. They will probably get sued by the state of IL too for all the complaints. Also do not try their Magazines Rewards Plus either for $24.95 because I did not have time to read magazines nor no cash back rewards offered for that membership. Both are under same company. Plus wasted two hours fighting with them via email to get my monthly cash reward which they were firm about even though my membership was paid through June 21, 2018, and to write this complaint. So stay clear.

This is a scam...I ordered the Copper Chef set as advertised on TV. they talked me into trying the Free Rewards Plus program and said even if I cancelled I would get a $50 Walmart Gift Card and a $20 rebate. Well...4 months later I am still waiting. I keep calling and they keep giving excused. Now supposedly it was mailed Thurs, Oct 26th...but it can take 45 days! Ummm...I can mail a letter to China in less than 45 days! So it's all BS! I am going to keep calling until they get tired of me. I also called Copper their pans but I will NEVER order from them again, since they are perpetuating the fraud. Doubt I can do anything else, but I am going to flame them everywhere I can!

Ordering any product from infomercials is extremely risky because of who these companies hire to take their calls. Credit card information is sold and as you know, promises are not kept. Anyone who have elderly people in their families need to warn them about buying products on infomercials in order to protect them because that is who these companies prey on.

this company is a scam. I waited for months for my gift card. After many calls and more monthly fees than the card was worth, I finally got it. Plus they signed me up for magazines I never ordered. I still have never got my rebates they promised. It is not worth the frustration to deal with them

Magazines Rewards Plus, told me that I was going to get a 50 dollar gift card and now It's been months and I'm still getting changed for the magazines most of them I have never ordered. It's all a big scam. If they call you, hang up on them.

Review: October **, 2016 I placed an order over the phone with the Ninja Shark company. After the details of my order were completed the salesperson then asked if I would like to hear special offers from their trusted associates. The first offer involved Free Rewards Plus as follows: for trying their company I would get the first month free after which I would be charged 19.95 for each month I continued. I would also receive a $50.00 gift card and a $20.00 rebate card. I specifically asked if I would still receive the gift cards if I did not continue the membership past the first month and was assured they would be mine.

On October **, 2016 I finally received the information I needed to register with Free Rewards Plus and did so. I immediately printed the paperwork and included the required information to get the gift cards and mailed them that same day. On their website they also offer a monthly rebate of up to $25.00 on any single purchase from the past 30 days. I had a receipt for $144.00 (and change), which I mailed in with the required document from their website. These items.were mailed October **, 2016.

Before the 30 days were up I did cancel my membership, after calling and confirming I really would still receive the three gift cards. Their website and the paperwork say it will take 6 to 8 weeks to receive the gift cards so I gave them 10 weeks before I called. They confirmed receipt of my paperwork and that nothing was found missing but it will actually take 12 to 13 weeks to process and send the cards.

Two weeks ago I called again and was first told the same thing about it taking 12 to 13 weeks and when I pointed out it was now closer to 16, I was told he would have to contact someone at corporate to find out what the holidays up was. But someone would contact me in 3 to 5 days. It has now been 14. They promised me the rebate and gift cards which total $90.00. Nobody is taking me seriously so I am hoping you will.Desired Settlement: I believe they should deliver on what they promise. Part of my trying out their company was to see if they followed through on the special introductory offer. I could not afford to be charged when the free month was over but thought it would be worth rejoining once they had proven themselves by following through with the entire introductory offer.

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