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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 9, 2016/06/10) */
On May 27,we had an appointment with client regarding odor in bathroom, slow drains in bathroom and leakWe arrived to diagnose source of odor and leak at foundation on exterior of home as well as test drains in bathroom for integrity
Upon testing shower we noticed an issue with the shower door leaking onto floor but no slow drainWe advised client of this leak and advised repairing door.we then tested toilet several times and found no apparent problems with it at that timeWe then tested the sink and found no apparent issues with performance, however, we did notice that there was an s-tap installed on the drain piping under the sink without a ventThese are not code approved installationsThe client added that she hired a handyman that was not a licensed plumber to complete that work
I explained what it would take to properly install the correct trap and vent to eliminate the possible odor issue and slow drain at sinkThe client approved the work and we were paid to update the lav drain to codeThat's what we charged the client for.Work that was verbally approved by her prior to being completedWe never experienced odor or slow drainage nor did we visually see an active leak however there was evidence of wetness on the exterior near the shower at the foundationWe advised client of this as wellThis report came as a surprise considering we were not notified of the ongoing issues at her homeWe reserve the right to be contacted in order to rectify the issues people may be continuing to haveI did not guarantee that installing a code approved trap and vent on the sink would eliminate the possibility of future odor or drain issues or leaks
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 11, 2016/06/13) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Didn't even get out of his truck to thank meDidn't make sure the issue was resolvedDidn't do no testA rubber strip at the bottom of shower door does not make foundation wet and moist..I had to call another plumber in See attached paperwork Cost me over *** for plumbers in tripsACE didn't use camera or diagnose the issues I hadI sent pics that my shower was worse when he left hereNot a good plumber or friendly guyDyesFound a broken pipe outside and put a camera in pipe to find septicAnd a cover on the top pipe that ACE didn't coverSo when it rained The rain was coming down the pipe
Final Business Response /* (4000, 14, 2016/06/21) */
Unfortunately this client seems to want to hold me liable for her existing plumbing conditionsWe did repair broken, eroded drain piping roughly years agoSince that time we had not her or been contacted by this client until on or around May in regards to a leak and odor issuesThese new issues are part of the plumbing system that was not repaired by our company at that time(which is now out of warranty).Again, I will re-iterate that when called out on May 27th we did not find any problems with drainage or odorsWe simply suggested that having the s-trap under the sink and no vent under the sink could have possibly the source of a slow draining sink & or developing odor issue .The client agreed with said repairs to the sink and that is what we were paid to doDue to the age/condition of the clients existing piping, it is highly recommended to replace all lines TO CODE in order for her to be problem freeWe were NOT rude, we were NOT unprofessional , we were NOT texted, we were NOT contacted by client prior to this complaintPerhaps, this client should have her complaint proof read by others as it seems a bit confusingIf contacted, I would have been more than willing to make another effort to help her but was not given the chance to do soWe have never offered camera inspection services nor do we pump out septic tanks(something the client should have inquired about if interested or concerned) We cannot give a refund for parts and services rendered if there are no problems with that work completedThis client should understand...WE DID NOT CREATE HER PROBLEMSwe only try to help solve all clients problemsThis will be my final reply to such a ludicrous complaint

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2017/04/06) */
We are already handling this complaint through merchant services since the client disputed the charges to her credit card company
The client must understand that we charge labor in ATTEMPT to clear a drain lineThere is no guarantee that we
will be successful clearing any drain for several reasonsThere is a clause in all invoices that our customers receive that states "Client agrees to pay full rate for any attempt, in cases where lines cannot be opened for any reason." This client, *** *** signed the paperwork agreement

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2017/03/29) */
Here are the events as I recall them. I was contacted by [redacted] in regards to a drain problem at her rental property I asked if she would meet me at the property for the scheduled time at 5:30 p.m. and, though she was hesitant, she...

agreed to do so. Upon arrival, I noticed 2 men at the property and asked them about having a drain issue and they said yes and pointed me to the bathroom on the main level. The one man said there was also a leak at the "j-bend on the pipe under the sink on the 2nd floor." I took a look around and asked a few more questions while waiting for [redacted] to arrive. I told the men that I was waiting for [redacted] to arrive in order to be paid prior to me starting the work. I waited for several minutes and left because she did not show up.
I was then contacted the next day by Mrs. [redacted] and asked why I did not complete the job and I told her there was no one there to pay. She then stated that she had left a check for payment with the tenant, one of the men, and I told her I let them know I was waiting for her to arrive to pay. Both men never said a word about a check. She then stated that"if you didn't notice,the tenant wasn't the brightest person."
We then proceeded to make another appointment for that same day at 2pm.I arrived as agreed on time only to find the tenant not at the property. I then phoned [redacted] and she contacted the tenant and they arrived shortly thereafter. Once inside I again asked what the problem was and the tenant directed me to the 1st floor bathroom where I found the tub drain, sink drain and toilet filling up with water. On my own, I decided to pull the toilet to check the main drain and found that line to be clear and not backing up at that time. I then snaked the tub drain/lav drain and cleared the line. I then, reset the toilet and found a rubber band interfering with thefapper which would not allow the adequate water volume through to allow a proper flush. Upon job completion I ran water and flushed toilet for several minutes and found drains to be in adequate working order. I mentioned to the tenant that if the main drain neededcleaned that water from anything you use would come up the floor drain in the basement but this was not what need to be done at that time.
I then, called [redacted] and talked with her and her husband and explained to both of them thoroughly what I had done. I explained that the quote I gave them was to clear the main line, however at the time thats not what needed to be done, so I did not change my pricing. I did the work for the same cost, even though I told them it would normally have cost more to do what I did.
Again , I explained in detail exactly what I did to BOTH her and her husband. They were very happy and said they would recommend me.
The first call was on 3-7-17 and I returned on 3-8-17. I did not clean the sewer due to the fact it was not backing up at that time. Instead of charging for 2 service calls and 2 trip charges I elected to unplug those drains and repair the toilet for the same quoted amount which is exactly what was explained to Mrs. [redacted].
Work was done and 3 weeks + later the sewer backs up and now they want to blame the service worker for their problems. Unfortunately, this is why we require the homeowner or landlord to be onsite during these services.
We were undercompensated for the work that was completed as well as the previous service call and trip charge which was never billed to the client.There will be no refund on work completed.
I was contacted a 3rd time by [redacted] and she and her husband were telling me that I did not do what they asked. Again, I explained in detailwhat I did, and againtold them the price to cleanthe main drain was [redacted] I let them know when I could get back to the property to do so and she bean to argue with me and talk over me and hung up on me.
On the receipt I indicated what service was provided to fix the problems on that date. I had tenant sign and print for proof of services rendered. had I snaked the main drain, it would not have fixed the problems that the tenant presented to me.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2017/04/01) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Please DO NOT embellish your story or insult my tenants. Stick to the facts!
3-7-17 2pm I contacted you and asked for a quote on having the main sewer drain that connects to South Bend City Sewer. I stated the 4 1/2" pipe in the basement. You said it would be [redacted] I told you that there were 2 at the property you said no problem and that you would be there by 5:30pm. I told you that if I am not there [redacted] would be there. End of conversation.
3-7-17 6:36pm [redacted] contacts me and tells me her husband [redacted] said the plumber came and just left. Did not say anything and disappeared. I immediately left you a message.
3-8-177:39am You call back, I apologized for not being able to make it and you informed me that you left because [redacted] (my tenant, [redacted] husband) did not know how you were getting paid, that the landlord was covering it ([redacted]).I told you that I was at property earlier and left a signed check for payment. You said okay no problem and that you would return to the property at 2pm. I told you [redacted] would be there but let me confirm because even if I had to be there I would because I did not want anything BACKING UP in the basement. [redacted] agreed, again end of conversation.
3-8-17 2:19pm [redacted] calls and says no one is at the property.
3-8-17 2:20pm I call [redacted] she says she is pulling in to property as we spoke.
3-8-17 3:16pm [redacted] sends me a text "all fixed" I reply "thanks for update".
3-8-17 4:54pm I call you for update on lines.
3-8-17 4:58pm you call back and IO place you on speaker so both my husband and I can be informed on the work done to the house. The duration of the conversation was 3 minutes and 3 seconds. First thing [redacted] says is next time I will have to charge you more for the work I did today and proceeds to tell us how he snaked the bath tub drain and moved the toilet. ( To give some background...this house has been sitting for 2 years, my husband and refurbished this home and rented on 3-3-17 to a lovely couple with no kids and that work all the time) My husband thanks him and lets him know that with this kind of service we will keep him in mind for the future. End of conversation.
3-21-17 4:44pm (not 3 weeks barely 2 weeks ) I leave an urgent message that my basement sewer line is backing up.
3-21-17 5:21pm you call back and this is the last time we speak. Again my husband and I are right next to each other and you are on speaker. My husband tells you that the drain is backing up in the basement. You inform us at that moment that you never snaked the main drain. We asked you WHY? You said that was not the problem, that when you got there [redacted] told you the shower is filling up and the toilet does not flush right. we said we though you checked that stuff as extra. that you NEVER told us you did not snake the lines. My husband said, " so you charged us 225 to move a toilet and snake the downstairs tub. You robbed us." I took the phone from my husband and said, "I told you to snake the main sewer line. That is the price you gave me for that job how is it that its the same price for the work you did?" [redacted] replied, " I should have charged you more." I said, This is wrong. I need to speak to your boss. you stated There is no boss that he is own boss.
Bottom line is. I was quoted and hired this company for a specific job. That was our verbal contract. the minute that contract changed [redacted] should have contacted me. I hired him and paid him. you think if I knew he did not snake that sewer line I would have let that check clear? He NEVER informed me of HIS decision to change things around. I called him for an update to follow up. He never contacted me from the property except to tell me [redacted] was not there. Therefore, because of his judgement and actions 2 weeks later I am calling rotor rooter for an emergency ( [redacted] to have sewer lines snaked because basement line is baking up. I paid twice for a problem that both my husband and I already knew was going to occur the minute the tenant stated that the tub was filling up. All brand new plumbing is running through that house. my husband knows every elbow and P trap in that house so he knew what he wanted and needed to be done.
I only wish for justice and not have to pay twice for a job that I thought was done because that was the ONLY -instruction, request, quote given!
Final Business Response /* (4000, 10, 2017/04/14) */
I made repairs as presented to me by clients tenant, therefore I charged what I verbally quoted Mrs. [redacted].
Upon job completion I explained this to Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] over the phone(tenant-[redacted] witnessed conversation) prior to taking payment.
I thank Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] for the work but I am unable to refund payment on work/repairs completed.
Thank You.

I purchased a car through this dealer, he took $800 cash for a deposit and the money was never included with the paperwork so it doesnt reflect the down payment in my loan. I have been trying to get some work done on the car under the 60 day warranty and every time I go there or call to make an appointment the owner tells me to bring it back tomorrow. I go back the next day at 9am and of course he isnt there, you call his cell phone and he hangs up on you. I went there today 7-10-2013 to leave the car to have the work done (it needs brakes, has a gas leak and something is wrong with the front end, makes an awful clunking noise all the time) and he wasnt there again! I called and he said oh bring it back friday...its always that way. There was another gentleman there looking for him well and he mentioned that he was owed $6000 for a car that they sold and he needs to have work done on his car as well but can never get the owner to the the work done.I have never had so many issues with any car that I purchased new or used and I am getting to the point that I am going to call an attorney.The so called [redacted] of the place is [redacted] and his cell number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.Desired SettlementI would like to get my $800 deposit in cash back and have the car fixed once and for all since it is a safety issue

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