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Fulfillment Center

Tampa FL 33684, United States

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• Aug 24, 2023

Total scam
Ordered CBD gummies, I ordered 1 bottle get one free instead I received 5 bottles of gummies and 2 bottles of capsuls 199.99 for the 5 bottles and 59.99 for the 2 bottles that is 259.98 in finally reaching them I was told I could send them back or keep them and they would only refund 130.00 back that's a difference of 129.58. Why in hell should I have to pay them anything when they clearly made the mistake or did they? And there you go that's the scam you pay them for ripping you off

• Aug 24, 2023

scam ACE Keto+ACV gummies
I ordered 2 bottles of Ace Keto ACV gummies and was surprised when I got 5 bottles in the mail. Top it off 3 weeks later I got another 5 bottles in mail with $199.88 charge on my credit card. When I called they claim they don't sell the product and that I'm being rude by asking for my money back. I have cancelled my credit card filled fraud charges and asked if I would prosecute by my bank and I said yes

• Aug 09, 2023

ace Fulfillment Center
This scam should be a ZERO star. Their working customer service phone number is (877) 882-2194 and they will inform you that you signed up for a subscription with your first order. They can accept your cancellation of your "subscription" and if you choose to return the unrequested bottles, it will take 3-4 weeks AFTER you pay full shipping back on a product you never ordered when they receive it in the mail.

However, they then bait and switch with an offer to cancel your subscription over the phone, refund your card immediately $45, and they get to keep $85 for you to keep the two new bottles but "save" you the cost and delay in refunding your own money minus the shipping. I am a poorer but wiser consumer, and won't be buying anything off Instagram again.

Their email address is [email protected]
Their address is ace Keto Gummies
PO Box 152762
Tampa, FL 33684


No Stars for Fraudulent Fulfillment
Yes, like most people here, I ordered two bottles of Ace Keto-ACV gummies - and was subsequently surprised whenTHREE bottles arrived the next month! I did NOT order a subscriptio. Furthermore, after taking the 2 bottles for almost 2 months - there is no change in weight gain at all. It is a worthless piece of candy. the second package of 3 bottles had NO COMPANY INFORMATION -- only "fulfillment Center, Tampa, FL" I checked my Amazon orders -- not there, my PayPal account, no order there, so I don't know where t his order originated. Now, I suppose I have to close my credit card and notify my bank so as not to pay further charges. BAD BUSINESS!


My wife in good faith paid for first delivery and without any order or request she got second delivery that she was charged at once. It is impossible to discuss anything with them but disputing the charges with your bank and red-flagging them as scammers. They say everyone is delivered a refill as per Business Terms accepted in their website unless you refuse to get monthly deliveries but funny their website is blocked as "Malware and Phishing". Watch out this SCAM abusing the good faith of "weight losers"


ace keto gummies.
I had ordered the starter of two bottles ace keto-acv gummies in early June. Never authorized this second set of two bottles or allowed credit card use. Would Florida attorney General get involved.?
Henry nier, North carolina


As everyone else has said, this is a total scam! Getting information out of these people is like pulling teeth. I was sent 5 bottles of Ace Keto Gummies, and charged 199.99 plus to my debit card. I immediately called after placing the order and tried to cancel. They said I was unable to do so and had to wait until the package arrived. The guy would not tell me how to return the package but told me many times "Please dont open the package". When I received the package, I called back. You have to play games with the 888 number to get it to ring through to a customer service person. They are very hard to understand. The lady tried to sell me the gummies at half price. I told her I didnt want the product and wanted to send it back. At this point, I asked for a supervisor numerous times. She repeatedly put me on hold.

She told me to put "Return to Sender" on the package along with an RMA # that she provided me.. headed to the post office. Now I will see if I can even mail these back. I am praying that I will get the rest of my money back. I had to go back and forth with them on my first call to get half of it back up front.

Be persistent! You can hear the sweatshop in the background. Make sure you subscription is cancelled so you don't get hammered with more product.

The company name is Ace Keto Gummies, PO Box 152762, Tampa, FL 33684. Of course, their phone # is 888-301-7154, the same people you talk to in circles :/


Fake products that does't work
I have ordered a trial for the CBD gummies products, and it doesn't do anything for me. I would advise all customers to avoid this fake products.

Choices cbd gummies
Here is a phone number for costumer support they are out of New Mexico phone number is 877-882-2194 I talked to Nicole


Don't order from these people.
I ordered from them and was charged 3 times what I should have been and now they send product every month at the ridiculous price and I didn't sign up for repeat orders. How can I get it stopped?


Try this #877-882-2194

Ditto unauthorised charge
Has any filed Postal Fraud?


I’m trying to get a hold of you.
I’m trying to get a hold of you. Select Apple cider vinegar keto Gummies. Wanting to return this bag to you and get my money back. From what I understand I am not use them. You are not a very reputable company. I’m going to my bank and having them stop you from taking anymore money out. If you get back to me I will remove the negative remark otherwise it stays on. I have your phone number 1-478-251-7138 that’s what I’m gonna call. My name is Cathy Merklinger,


Bought a SAMPLE and now I'm being charged recurring payments that I can't cancel. They even posted a customers phone number as their own. Burn in hell.




I have tried every thing to cancel these packages of Pills and oil from coming , cant even find out what CC they bare charging or for how much.
Deserves scam rating. . The stuff keeps coming. It’s worthless, too. I sent one box back requesting a refund and requesting cancellation. Nada . how do you get in touch with this business? Very shady.


did not do anything for me
I did not see anywhere where it said that more would be sent at the high price. I do not want to receive anymore of this product and do not want my cr. card charged for it. May work for some , but did not work for me. It says now to call a no. and give a negative response and would not be charged anymore. I have not been able to find a no. anywhere to call them


Poor product and poor customer service
I tried a sample product of face cream, Bioviterra. It was nothing special and I discontinued using it after 2 weeks. There was nothing I read in the advertisement that stated I would be charged with automatic future mailings of the product. When I was charged over $80.00 the next month and received a second product I tried to contact the company. There was no number on the ad so I looked up the return company on the package, Fulfillment Center. No one answered the phone after 3 tries and even though I left a message and a return number I was never contacted. The next month I was charged again. This time I called my credit card company who mysteriously gave me another phone number. This time a lady answered. I explained the problem and she tried to get me to take a discount. She had a strong accent and I had a hard time understanding her. She would return 25% of the last bottle. I refused. Then she offered 50% on just the last bottle.. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she put me on hold. After 3 minutes I was disconnected. My bank is now handling the situation.


CBD oil, etc.
Deserves scam rating. Husband thought it was legit . It isn’t. We can’t even find out what card it was charged on but we cancelled one awhile back. A major credit card. The stuff keeps coming. It’s worthless, too. I sent one box back requesting a refund and requesting cancellation. Nada . He thought it was from Dr. Oz. It was over $ 100.00 worth of stuff. He didn’t ask for it to keep coming. And how do you get in touch with this business? Very shady.


Unauthorized Charges ( One star because I had to put something(
Iordered a sample of CBD oil and also CBD gummies each being less than $10. Later my account was charged $89. twice for something I never received and did not order. I also received an email saying my order was being shipped and I replied to them that I did not order any products and did not want to. Again I noticed another charge for the same $89. This time I received a small box which I did not open. I called a number and they told me it was another company not them.
They are operating from the address that my package came from. I also got on the website and it showed free samples but quickly changed to another page before it could be read. I am very distraught about this and will gladly remove this negative statement if they will replace my money for these 3 charges. I am 68 years old and on a set income and my husband is in the hospital and has been for over 3 months and I really need the money back in my account.

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