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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 15, 2015/10/19) */
Contrary to Mr*** commentswe have done all of the work that he paid us to doAccordingly we filed served and proceeded to arrange a trial date for his contested case
He did not pay us to guarantee a certain ruling in his case
That is decided by a judge, and we have no influence on what is done at trialThe evidence is presented and testimony given and the judge rules as he does, just like any other lawsuit
Nonetheless, I do understand what the problem was here, and that is that the plaintiff in the case did not show up, but rather a family memberIn other words the owner of the property for the eviction wasn't there
We file the case based on information that the client gives usIf that information is wrong, we wouldn't know itMr*** is not entitled to any refund

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/12/15) */
We have completed all the documents necessary to file the caseThere were a couple of corrections that needed to be made, but they were corrected on the documentsThe issues Mr*** is referring to are all of his own makingHe doesn't do
what we tell him to do, and just starts doing things that he thinks he should doIt is pretty hard to work with someone who hires you to do something he doesn't understand, and just does whatever he thinks he wants to do, and then blames us for somethingThere really isn't any problem here, and he *** find out in due course that what other people are telling him is wrong
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/12/16) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
He is making unreasonable excuses, and if you look at his reviews online you *** see that he has numerous and similar complaints about him on Yelp and other websites
As I stated before, the reason I temporarily gave up on him is because he made numerous mistakes, like misspelling the decedents name on the paperwork of his first attempt, and in his second attempt he had two petitions to administer estate, and my address (estate address) incorrect, and possibly others that caused the court to reject his paperwork, wasting my timeThe court said there were numerous problems with his paperwork, and that it was unacceptable
That is why I started making phone calls to legal help organizations and attorney's
I paid him prepare an estate probate for me, but the court did not accept the documents
I gave him chances to do the job correctly so far, but he failed miserably
Then, when I told him I was attempting to do it myself, another way, with the assistance of the Butte County Law Library, and a probate referee in Chico, before letting him try again, he said he was going to close my case, even though I paid him to do the job
I wanted him to take a break from my case for a while, and get caught up with his overload of work (he told me about), so he would stop making so many mistakes, while I tried accomplishing the task a quicker / easier way, as suggested by a family law attorney I spoke with
Per the instructions I received, from both a self help organization, and an attorney, I called the Butte County Law Library, who told me what documents I needed, and then directed me to a probate referee in Chico to have part of the paperwork filled out and to do her appraisal of the real property
According to the Butte County Law Library, I do not need to do a probate because the estates real property, and personal property value is under $150.000.00, but he (*** ***) does not believe the Law Library or the probate referee know what they are talking about
He also had the estates property value at 225.000.00, when the house was appraised at $and then lowered to $by the County tax Assessor, who has the final say of the property valueHe refused to correct the paper work to reflect thatHe refused !
I have now acquired the proper forms, and if he does not give me back $to settle this matter out of court, I *** take him to small claims court for the full amount of $529.00, and I have every document he prepared for me since he started, proving all the mistakes he has made thru this ordeal*** ***

Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 6, 2015/09/03) */
Just to let you know that after a phone call this morning and a rather unpleasant exchange with a staff member who in no way explained why he did not cancel the Eviction process that I requested Aug He was rather abrasive and treated me very
unkindly but finally agreed to cancel the Eviction service and refund the Court fees of $Thanks so much for your cooperation on this problem, *** ***

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/07/20) */
There is not much more to add to what we have already told this clientThis case was dismissed by the Superior Court, because he did not appear at his show cause hearingThe court mails a letter to the plaintiff concerning this hearingThis
is not something courts mail directly to the client/plaintiff (Mr***), not Full Count Services
As a result we have no knowledge about the hearingIt is the responsibility of the client to appear at the hearingAs we already explained to Mr*** we can do nothing about this except refile for him at cost
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/07/22) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I called *** ** *** & Associates to start the eviction over again and I explained to them my situation with full count services and they advised me that full count services should have known not to file a day notice to pay or quit due to the fact that the I don't have a permit for the guest house and this would not be the way to evict and the court would just throw the caseTo properly go about this issue, I would have to serve tenants with a day notice to leave without any rent being paid to me and if they don't comply within days than file for evictionThis just shows that full count services are not professional and don't know what the law is and how to go about taking different types of eviction cases but all they want is to charge clientsI have proof of having to file this case again if needed

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 16, 2015/06/28) */
Sorry we missed this email. This case was opened on April 17. The notice was served promptly the same day. We did not recieve the proof of service from the process server until Apr 23. Not a problem for us, except that this client kept calling...

and demanding information that we did not yet have.
She became irrational and abusive ,and accusatory to our staff. But the reason was not because of anything that we did or didn't do, it is because she came to believe that the tenant would soon move out, and tried to create an issue to blame us for so that she could demand a refund. She is not entitled to any refund, as our agreement clearly states that no cancellations are permitted after 24 hours.
In other words this woman wants a refund because we actually did get the tenant to move out sooner rather than later. This is the very thing that people hire us to get done.So now she wants her cake and eat it too.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 18, 2015/06/29) */
I have reviewed the company's complaint and disagree with their response.
It is true, I signed a contract. It is also true, the contract states it cannot be
cancelled. But, the contract was to provide services. The services were
never completed. My tenant is still in the home.
I was promised, the tenant would receive a 3 day notice to vacant the premise
On the date I signed the contract. Yes, I made several calls and sent several
Emails to confirm the tenant had been served, as I received no confirmation
Of the service being completed by phone or email and there was nothing
In the company system, I was referred to.
The only process that moved quickly was the funds being removed from
My checking account for services. The funds were removed within a few
Days of signing the contract.
I did not receive confirmation of the 3 day notice being filed until the tenant contacted me
10 days later and the company' s system was updated, after they received the Complaint.
I am not asking for a refund for the services processed (3 day notice fee of $499).
I am asking for a refund of $275 for services not process .
When the company served the 3 day notice, they were to proceed with filing the
Papers with the court. When I was able to speak to someone at the company,
I was told the paper work with the court had not been completed and there
Was no time frame of doing so, as the company was busy.
This response was not satisfactory to me, as it was not what I was promised, when I
Signed the contract. It was agreed to by the company, that they would close this case and they would
Refund me the $275.00 charged for filing the papers with the court.
To date, I have not received the $275.00 or a response to my follow up call.
This case would be closed if the company would refund the $275.00, as they have promised.
The company was hired, as both myself and my husband had been ill and were receiving medical
Treating. I hired the company, so we did not have to worry about dealing with the tenant.
I stressed the fact that we needed to do this as quick as possible, as funds were an issue.
The company assured me that the process would be quick, starting the date I signed the
Contract. This was not the case.
I received your voice mail that my only option would be to file a small claims claim, which I
Plan to do, once I start feeling better.
I feel that I was not treated like a valued customer. It took several calls and emails to get a response
From anyone. The responses were always lacking in customer service skills and comments were
Made the were degrading and rude to me.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 20, 2015/07/03) */
Well yes I agree that we are to provide a service.
We never refused to provide service. The problem arose because this client told us that she didn't want to do any more work. I believe that she did this because she believed that the tenants were going to move out, and wanted to avoid having to pay us the money we already charged her. Moreover, we are still willing to provide that service.
So now I am really confused. I really not sure what the complaint is here. Why did she call us in a hysterical state, making demands and accusing us of all kinds of things?
There was no reason for her to even call us, if that was what she wanted. Once we have the information about a case, we just go to work and continue with until it is done.
Final Consumer Response /* (4200, 22, 2015/07/13) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
No, I do not accept the proposal.
I do not see any attempt on the company's part to resolve this issue. They feel they are due the full payment of $749.00. I disagree.
When the contract was cancelled, it was a mutual agreement. I was told, if I cancelled, I would receive the $250.
The company told me that they would gladly pay the $250 to rid of me, as I was asking to much from them.
I was not asking to much, only the service I was promised when the contract was signed. I expected the service to be timely and to be updated on the progress, which did not happen.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/10/23) */
We have done all of the work that we were paid to do and then some. These clients are just unhappy with the results of their trial. Our work is to gu8arantee that they have a trial. This is a law suit. We can't guarantee what the ruling of...

the judge [redacted] be. We can only guarantee to file their case and get them to trial.
There are two sides to all lawsuits. One of them is usually not happy. With eviction cases it is more like none of them are happy. We sympathize with all of our clients difficulties. In this case the judge did make an unusual ruling, that certainly are not responsible for.
This client just seems to think that we should keep working on this case for free.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/10/27) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They sent an uninformed lawyer. Who knew nothing about our case. How can a lawyer do his job when he shows up at court with no knowledge of the case or what my goal was.
There was no meeting before court. The lawyer had no information go into court. He was blind...uninformed...I think he was a last minute choice sent to fill a schedule. It filled there perception for Full Court Services, but did a dis service to ME. They could of sent anybody off the street and had same results.
I do not accept there fly by night service!!!

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