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Review: I bought an futon sofa bed, an used couch and a new table with four chairs. The futon couch cost 175 dollars and started to rip and tear at the seams almost a month after it was delivered. The delivery person that delivers from this business was an old man who was not capable of lifting the furniture and did damage to my home. I have video evidence of this. I asked them to fix this item but they said that they would not pick the furniture up and that I would have to bring it to the business. Also I recently went back to this business to ask for an receipt, they have no record of any purchase but I have the charge on my credit card that shows the amount which was 680$ from furniture 4 u. When I asked the manager on 12/11/15 she said she would write me an letter stating what items I had bought from her. This was in front of customers who also did not understand why this business could not provide an receipt for these items. She said that she would do it, then she called me and said her lawyer told her not to do it.Desired Settlement: There should be an negative report on this business by the



See Bank Statement... check date 02/07/2015 trans#[redacted] FURNITURE 4 U

Review: I gave $100.00 deposit and was told my furniture would be delivered. I dont have my furniture and waa told I could not be refunded

On 6/8/2012, A friend of mine ([redacted]) and myself went to go furniture shopping at Furniture 4 u on Florin Road in Sacramento. I was interested in purchasing a sofa set. There was a man and a lady working that day. The lady was the one who I was speaking to about the sofas. The set that I was interested in would have to be ordered explained the lady. She told me they would be ready for delivery that following friday or saturday (6/22/12 - 6/23/12). I told the lady I would get back to her after thinking it over. At that time the lady told me, I could leave a $100.00 deposit and she would place the order of the sofas from her warehouse and if for whatever reason I decidew to change my mind, I had up until the next day & she would refund my money. I told her I needed more time to think about it. My friend and I left the store. After shopping at other furniture stores I found that Furniture 4 u had the furniture that fit my budget.

On 6/20/12, My friend ([redacted]) went to furniture 4 u to ask the lady how long would the delivery process take if we ordered the same set on that particular day. The lady told [redacted], she could have them delivered on friday or saturdsy. She said we would have to put the order in fast because it was so far into the week by now. My friend called me at work and I spoke to the lady. The lady explained the process to me, assuring me that the sofa set would be delivered to my apartment on 6/22/12 - 6/23/12 and that an extra $35.00 would be added to the total for delivery. I agreed, My friend gave the lady $100.00 and the balance was due on the day of delivery. The lady gave my friend a reciept. A couple hours later my friend recieved a call from the lady and she told her there was a problem and my order would not be delivered until 6/28/12 - 6/29/12. My friend told her she would contact me to find out if that would be okay. My friend told the lady, if that does not work with me that the $100.00 would be refunded, the lady responded , yes. After hanging up the phone with the lady, my friend called me at work to explain the call she recieved. I told my friend to cancel the order, theres no way I could wait another week. Before my friend and I even finished our conversation, my other line was ringing. I answered and it was the lady from furniture 4 u. The lady said, "i got good news, youre furniture will beable to be delivered between 6/22/12 - 6/23/12". "Great, thank you" I told her. She told me to expect a call upon delivery.

I heard nothing on 6/22/12. On 6/23/12 I waited for the most of the day, still nothing. I drove to thje furniture store. I walked up to the lady and I asked her, "whats the status on my furniture" she said, "her delivery person could not deliver that day and that I would have to wait until next week. I told her that that was unacceptable and I wanted my deposit back and to cancel thje order. The lady became realy rude and told me. "no, I dont have your money" she said " your orders been placed and I cant give you what I dont have". I told her, I have the reciept and it clearly says what it is thats supposed to happen and since she did not fufill her end of the deal, I want m deposit back. Her response was , " I never promised you anything." she then said" whats your rush anyways?" she told me, "you can wait another week." She refused to give me my

$100.00 deposit.

Desired Settlement: I just want what is rightfully owed to me, and that is $100.00.



Business' Initial Response

Contact Name and Title: Furniture 4 U

Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX

Contact Email: [redacted]

On Wednesday June 20 around 4 o'clock. [redacted] a friend of [redacted] came to my store and order furniture and then she asked for deliver. The sofa + love seat is not avaible in stock. Its need to order from manufacture. So I told her the furniture deliver maybe by friday or later. After she left a few hours I called her and told her that her the trucking is full cannot pick up so the deliver would be delay to next friday. When I told [redacted] that she said she will call her friend [redacted], and she will call me back. Few minutes I called her back and told her that there is another trucking told me that they can pick up and deliver on friday or saturday to store. I make sure the furniture came to store first before I call you before we deliver it to you.I waited but it didn't came on friday nor saturday. On saturday afternoon [redacted] came and asked for his furniture when it will deliver. I told him I'm still waiting and call the trucking but they didn't pick up the phone. I already told [redacted] that his furniture already shipped out from the manufacture already. I told him there is nothing I can do except for waiting for the furniture to come. Then [redacted] left around 30 minutes came back to my store again and asked for refund. I told him my store policy is special order is no refund. I promise him that on monday if his furniture did not come I will give him his money back. Then he left. Then on monday(06/25/12)I called [redacted] many times he didn't pick up his phone and I left a message but still no reply back.I also called [redacted] she told she would call me back but then she didn't call me back. I have all his furniture all ready to deliver to him on June 25,It only take 3 business days from L.A that is fast for deliver normally it take up to 1 week for the order to be shipped into my store so what the point writing a complaint to me about this late delivery on June 28.

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Description: Furniture - Retail

Address: 1360 E Highway 372 Ste 4, Pahrump, Nevada, United States, 89048-2188


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