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Hello [redacted] , I just looked into [redacted] complaint and this is what I came up with We initially went out there and replaced her windows as a courtesy since the Manufacture of her windows went out of business several years ago Then the 2nd time we went back and basically extended the same courtesy and replaced her windows for just a service fee of $each window but expressed we can not keep coming back for no fee We have already absorbed the cost for windows totaling $1,We sent an employee out to the homeowner to explain exactly what we said previously t her and he gave her a price of $to replace the windows At that time she told Fred that she needed to think about it and never gotten back to him or the office This is the first we are hearing from her since June **, internallyWe hardly ever dispute a dispute but this was a very open and shut case [redacted] just kept referring to our ads that we run now which are not the brand of windows installed at her homePlease let me know your outcome to this claim and as always we would like to stay in good standing with the and appreciate your patience on this matter

Dear [redacted] , I just wanted to contact you on the progress of this complaint Mary from our service department contacted [redacted] on Tuesday February [redacted] and set up an appointment for that same night to evaluate the issues Although the window was a manufacturing issue we did agree to fix the area under the window with new insulation, sheetrock, tape, spackle We also came to an agreement to paint the wall which the window is located on When we went back originally to change the frame of the window we also installed a new sill which had no water damage but to make our customer happy we did Also my installer installed another new sill free of charge which was not part of our original contract in their bathroom He also resealed all the windows with caulking that we installed It has now been set up for all the work to ve done this Saturday February ***, Needless to say we are taking care of all issues Any questions please feel free to contact me at ###-###-####Thank you for your time, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: [Your Answer Here] His answer is not true! I ask King Quality many, many times to stop calling meI have called their office twice and asked them to stop calling, and they still keep calling In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted]

Hello [redacted] , On [redacted] called KQ stating there were birds getting into his house and explained the area which was not touched by KQ Our company only did the roof at the home and from what [redacted] explained sounded like they were getting through the soffit We called back on no answer left a message [redacted] called us back we sent our service department on 8/ [redacted] customer wanted to be there but works nights and needed a call We called and no answer also went to the home no answer Kq didn't here back from customer until we sent our service department again on again no answer We then relayed the info to our mechanic Tony whom did the roof job to his home they then played phone tag until they spoke on 10/*/Tony wanted to go ton Sunday the [redacted] but the homeowner stated he goes to Riverhead fair every year and insisted he would be going again so that we were not to come We then set it for the following Sunday the [redacted] and finally we were able to meet up with [redacted] and fixed the problem with no charge to the customer which was not part of our contract Tony secured his soffit with a piece of metal where the birds were getting in Since we received this complaint Mary in our service department has called [redacted] and spoke to him and he stated he would be calling in to the and marking this complaint as satisfied and he was mad because it took so long for them to finally meetAlthough it was not our work issue Any other questions please feel free to contact me at ###-###-#### Thank you for your time Thank you to King Quality for coming through with everything discussed and promised as per contract and discussion with Joe and George and subcontractor TonyThanks to Mary's efforts as wellWe are very satisfied I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved Sincerely, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved Sincerely, [redacted]

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2017/07/10) */
Mrs *** Came to the store 06/14/with one of her friends for over hours,they picked up a 5XShaggy rug Took it with her,and we never heard from her till Friday 7/7/back to the store saying the rug is defective and wants her money back
when Ed told me what he told customer about our policy and we can't take it back she asked to speak to a manager I went to talk to Mrs *** yes I was on the phone but it wasn't minuets,I asked Mrs *** when did she notice about the damaged she said once she got it home in real light she noticed that the rug had striations or irregularities in it.So when she got home from the store and A)she was not sick she could of called her sales personB)Her sales person wrote on her invoice in his hand NO Return OR EXCHANGE C)on the back of her recipe written our policy customer MUST reported any damages with one day from pick up/deliveryD)I offer Mrs *** an EXCHANGE and I will get her new rug to keep her happy she refused because mid have same issue and she wanted a refund Mrs *** insulted me in front of sales person when I told her I only could Exchange the rug for her which I shouldn't after weeks from pick up date she respond she will never shop here again and how long we been in business and she will tell everybody about us we are bad business people so I'm willing to Exchange it for same rug but NO REFUND and NO RE SELECTING to a different rug

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 13, 2017/06/13) */
Contact Name and Title: [redacted]/store manager
Contact Phone: XXX - XXX -XXXX
Contact Email: [redacted]
Mrs Garner Purchased reclining sofa ,reclining love seat and recliner chair in 1/23/16 and it was delivered 3/12/16...

. 12/2016 called has an issue with her reclining sofa we contact catnapper customer service and we reported to them , catnapper have their own repair team/ Tech they work with and they scheduled service after that didn't hear anything from customer till 4/2017 ,(one year warranty is over) customer called and has an issue with reclining sofa again and I tolled customer let me see what going on and I'll get back to her, Spoke with catnapper customer service and they schedule service and customer was ok with it till now when I received the Letter and customer don't want service any more, contact catnapper customer service and according to them and service team customer cancelled appt not service team, They advised their son graduating and had too much going on and rescheduled for 6/16, catnapper will not refund or replace. they have parts on order and repair service waiting to assist.

Great customer service, fast response and outstanding quality of work. I have used this company on many occasions and it has always been a great experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for honest and hard working professionals.

My experience was so positive I am moved to leave feedback about this company....they responded quickly to my problem, fixed it and did not over charge. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to my friends and family.

Furniture Depot sold us damaged goods and refuses to replace it. The chest of drawers is damaged on the front left corner; the head board will not attach to the bed frame (holes are drilled in the wrong places); and no bolts were included with the bed in order to attach the pieces. The manager stated that "this is tax season and my busiest time. I don't have time to deal with this now. You all can just drill some holes and fix it."Product_Or_Service: Black Bedroom SuiteAccount_Number: 19462Desired SettlementI would like to receive a new head board which has the correct holes drilled in it so that the head board may attach to the bed frame. I would like a new chest of drawers that is not damaged and I would like to have the bolts provided that secure the bed frame to the head board. (These were not provided before). In summary, we want what we paid for!Business Response First of all, the customer purchased this bedroom set as a floor model in as-is condition at a deeply discounted price. The customer understood that this was the very last set of this particular model that we had in the store, and it would have to be sold in as-is condition. They insisted that this was the only bedroom set that they wanted, and they would take the floor model in as-is condition. This floor model as-is bedroom set was discounted in price accordingly, and the customer accepted the discounted as-is price. The fact that this was a floor model set is clearly stated on their receipt. Items purchased in floor model as-is condition are not under manufacturer warranty, and that is why we discount floor model pieces accordingly. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of this bedroom set is out of business, so we cannot get replacement pieces. This fact was also clearly explained to the customer. The customer did contact us about the headboard leg holes being out of line, and we offered to drill the correct holes on the headboard legs for her ourselves, which is a very simple and quick fix. But the customer demanded a new set, which we are clearly not able to provide, as the manufacturer is out of business. Regarding the chest, we were not made aware of the scratch on the chest until weeks after their purchase was made. At that time, we simply did not have any chests left to replace it. As stated above, the manufacturer was out of business, and we could not get replacements. The goods sold were not damaged. We requested that the customer bring the headboard legs back to our store so that we could fix the alignment of the holes, but we have not heard back from them. The customer clearly purchased the floor model set in as-is condition at a discount. We would like to remedy the situation on the legs of the headboard, if the customer would kindly bring the legs back to the store so that we can drill the correct holes for them. We do not need the entire headboard, only the legs.

Review: Have been waiting for 2 and 1/2 months to receive our replacement furniture via warranty. Delivery keeps getting pushed back and at this point we're still being told it's going to be 4 weeks. Customer service is terrible...I have had to call multiple times per week to get any answers. No one has ever called me. Also, I still haven't received any information/conformation on upgrading to the "white glove delivery" and purchasing a new warranty for the new items.Desired Settlement: I would like assistance in getting delivery scheduled in a more timely manner and getting the information/conformation that I requested re: the white glove delivery and new warranty.

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