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G & L Plumbing, Inc.

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Complaint[redacted] from Drain-a-way failed to secure pipe under sink, resulting in bathroom flooding immediately after. Called and they said I didn't have to pay.[redacted] from Drain a way failed to secure a pipe under our sink after replacing it (under sink trap pipe), and snaking the drain. We came home that evening to a flood in the bathroom, leaking down into the basement due to the loose pipe that was never secured. I called drain a way and they were going to send someone as an emergency with a fee of $300 or more. We had it fixed by someone else and didn't want drain a way to return. The rep from drain a way agreed I shouldn't have to pay the bill and we would be all set. I continue to get bills from the company. for $203.28 (includes late fees/interest). the invoice number is XXXXX. I ask that I only be responsible for paying parts if needed, and not for the repair fees since it wasn't repaired. I had to hire someone else to fix the issue, and it was an easy fix of just tightening the pipe under the sink.Desired SettlementI would like my bill taken care of by Drain a way. I will pay for parts if needed which is under $30.Business Response On Thursday 2/21/13 from 12:53 pm t 2:35 pm, our technician was onsite. He cleaned a lavatory drain, removing hair. As normal procedure, he tested the line to ensure that it was cleared. It was and there was no leak, otherwise he would have fixed it. He also repaired the dripping faucet on that sink. It too was tested, and was not leaking. The client, [redacted], signed our invoice twice as we require indicating work order authorization and indemnity, and satisfaction with the work performed.That evening, our on call service tech received a call indicating that there was a leak in the house. The client was concerned that they would be charged for an emergency service call on Thursday night. They were informed that there would be no charge for an emergency service call if the leak was caused by us. They chose not to have us go out. They stated that they fixed the "easy fix" themselves.We heard nothing further from the client, and they were sent a bill for $183.16 in March. They were re-billed on April 30th the same amount as they did not pay the bill. They were assessed a $2.75 finance charge, as allowed by law, on May 31 because they had not paid the bill. The were assessed an additional $2.79 finance charge in June because they still had not paid the bill. Since we log all of our calls, we can show that no where from March till June did the client call us to discuss the bill.On Saturday, June 29, 2013 at 1:28 pm, the client sent the following email to [redacted] our office manager:"Hi [redacted], I have been waiting to hear back from Drain A Way since my service in February. I had called that evening (2/21/13) because after my drainwas fixed in the bathroom we came home to a flood in the bathroom due to the pipe not being secured. I called and they were were going to send someone to fix it, but I would be charged a weekend emergency fee, but they would let the billing know now (sic) to charge me the full amount if anything due to the problem (sic). We had to do all the clean up ourselves and tightened the pipe which was an easy fix, and should have been avoided by your professional. I don't know why that was missed, but it caused us quite a mess to clean up. I was told I would be contacted, and hope this can be resolved soon so I dont (sic) have to contact the"[redacted] called the client on July 5 to respond. She informed the client that we would remove the service charges if they paid the $183.16. The client somehow felt as though they did not have to pay for the service call at all, even though the drain and faucet were both working. While we regret that there was supposedly water leaking from somewhere, and that the client had to do all of the cleanup themselves, we have no real proof of that, nor were we allowed to address the alleged leak... a leak so minor that they fixed themselves.In the customer's complaint to the, they state twice that they had the leak "fixed by someone else". This seems to contradict the statement in their email about fixing it themselves. We would like to see the bill, or a statement from the "someone else" so that we can verify the leak. They also state in their complaint that our technician "failed to secure a pipe under our sink after replacing it (under sink trap pipe)..." yet the stock list written on the invoice, and signed for by the client does not list any material other than the faucet repair parts. After discussing this with our technician, he states that he did not replace the trap. He further states that after cleaning the drain, he filled the sink several times with water and released it down the drain to test it, and ensured that there were no leaks under the sink. We further question how, if no one was using the sink drain, how could it leak?As far as the emergency service call is concerned, if the client had let our technician respond on Thursday night, and the leak was indeed from our workmanship, we would not have charged for an emergency service call. This however does not imply that the charges for the original call are waived, since the drain and faucet were both functioning properly due to the repairs. It is not an uncommon occurrence for our on-call service technician to receive a call from a client after hours that we have serviced during the day with some type of issue. We NEVER charge for a call back at night if the issue is indeed our fault. In this case we were not allowed to assess the situation and have no way of knowing the circumstances.Further service charges have been applied to the original bill in July, August, September, October, November, December of 2013, and in January and February of 2014. During all of this time, the client has made no attempt to pay any portion of the bill, or make any further contact with our office. We would have replied that the original bill of $183.16 would be acceptable since the drain and faucet were working, and that the client had signed our invoice stating so. We would have waived the service charges. We regret that the client does not understand that we are due payment for services rendered.We further regret that the client feels that our workmanship caused an "easy fix" leak that they either had fixed by someone else, as they stated to the, or that they fixed themselves as stated in their email to us. If they could show us a bill from the "someone else" we could at least have corroboration of the leak.We have any and all documentation to back up what is written here, and will provide it to the to verify this correspondence.As a matter of good faith, we will extend our offer to the client to pay the original bill of $183.16 within the next 30 days and we will waive the accumulated service charges. If however we do not receive payment by April 19, 2014, we will reinstate the accumulated service charges, and may seek restitution in small claims court.Thank you.

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Description: Plumbing Contractors, Backflow Prevention Devices & Services, Plumbing Drains & Sewer Cleaning

Address: 140 Shrewsbury Street, Boylston, Massachusetts, United States, 01505-1710


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