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---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: [redacted] ** [redacted] Date: Tue, Sep 30, at 1:PM Subject: FW: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint # [redacted] To: " [redacted] > Dear [redacted] ***: Further to my email below I would like to respectfully submit to you the legal definition of the term "Good Faith" Good Faith means: "Honesty; a sincere intention to deal fairly with others Good faith is a term that encompasses a sincere belief, or motive without any malice, or the desire to defraud others" "honest intent to act without taking an unfair advantage over another person or to fulfill a promise to act, even when some legal technicality is not fulfilledThe term is applied to all kinds of transactions In this case Gaithesburg Auto Clinic, a business that claims over years of experience in working with a great variety of foreign made vehicles, was aware that the [redacted] doesn't work well with "cheap aftermarket parts," and that "it is wrong and not an action of good faith to represent to (and charge) a customer for [redacted] parts when it is using cheap aftermarket parts." In this case [redacted] has clearly stated in its response that it used [redacted] parts and that is not a true statement as supported by documentation submitted to the from ***'s Auto Service and the [redacted] Dealer's service department Furthermore, charging a customer for [redacted] parts, when it used "cheap aftermarket parts," is a "clear intent to defraud" and in no manner, an action of "good faith" as described by law [redacted] made no effort during the initial days it kept the vehicle, or during the consecutive times I brought back the vehicle to remedy the situation by replacing the bad aftermarket parts it placed in my vehicle with [redacted] parts [redacted] was provided with numerous pieces of literature that clearly explained that aftermarket parts do not work well with the [redacted] , and it ***se to ignore and disregard the literature in question by calling them lies Those actions are not the actions of a business acting in good faith, but the actions of a business that took advantage of a long-standing relationship with a loyal customer that believed in the business' representations *** told me that if I proved them wrong they would refund my money, I provided documentation that proves they are wrong and now they are ***osing to back on their word and lie by refusing to refund my money If I am unwilling to take the vehicle back to them is because no person in their right mind would go back to a business that has been proven to act in a manner that is dishonest No person in their right mind would go back to a business that acts in such a manner I continue to maintain my position that this business acted in bad faith, with the intent to defraud and needs to reimburse me my money as soon as possible In order to attend an arbitration, not only would I have to expend further funds, but also take off from work which would cause me problems in my place of employment as they are getting ready to lay people off Not to mention the loss of salary during the arbitration Sincerely, [redacted] From: [redacted] To: [redacted] Subject: RE: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint # [redacted] .Date: Tue, Sep 13:33:- Dear *** [redacted] I would respectfully like to be provided with an explanation by the as to why this business has been given so much credibility, and ample opportunities to explain its way from its responsibilities to properly provide a service it was paid to provide, while my position has been disregarded and practically ignored from the outset of this complaint Why, I was not even allowed to attach any documents in the's website, those documents that were later submitted by email reinforced my position and are the basis for my complaint, namely that Gaithersburg Auto Clinic (***), acted in BAD FAITH, lied and did not replace [redacted] parts with appropriate [redacted] *** parts while repairing my vehicle Furthermore, two other REPUTABLE well known businesses have issued invoices that refute ***'s statements, yet the continues to disregard anything I provide it and give that business further opportunities to provide more explanations that are tantamount to more lies and distortions of the truth It isn't that "I am not satisfied," it is that the has made a tremendous error by not allowing me to provide documents that disprove ***'s contentions and lies before making its erroneous ruling There exists no logical, reasonable, or good faith explanation for placing bad parts and/or aftermarket parts that a good mechanic should know will not work well in a vehicle Especially not someone who claims over years of working as a mechanic It is well known in the industry that [redacted] s do not work well with aftermarket parts and that only [redacted] parts should be used This is a business that claims to specialize in foreign made vehicles, [redacted] is a foreign made vehicle Furthermore, I have not been provided any type of a reasonable explanation as to who [redacted] is, as I have never dealt with a [redacted] *** The statements that the has provided me all come from a [redacted] ***, a person I DO NOT KNOW and not the name provided to me by the person who serviced my vehicle I respectfully again submit that the prematurely ruled that *** acted in good faith, and the has to this date failed to properly explain to me how placing bad parts and/or aftermarket parts that are well known by mechanics to not work well with the " [redacted] " is considered "GOOD FAITH." Placing bad parts and/or aftermarket parts in a vehicle, yet representing to the customer and charging a customer for the more expensive [redacted] parts, is simply NOT acting in GOOD FAITH For all the above reasons I respectfully submit that the has erred in its ruling "that the business acted in good faith" in this case and I respectfully submit that the needs to reverse that decision and admit it erred as soon as possible Sincerely, [redacted] Date: Tue, Sep 11:46:- Subject: Re: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint # [redacted] From: [redacted] To: [redacted] CC: [redacted] I wanted to contact you to let you know that we have exhausted our efforts at conciliation and make you aware of a possible tool for resolutionAlthough the firm responded with an explanation and their position, the matter may not have been resolved to your satisfactionIf this is the case, you may wish to consider arbitrationThe business has agreed to arbitrate this matterThis process is binding and the arbitrator is a volunteer from the community who has been trained by the BureauArbitration for a nominal fee of $per party and provides for an arbitration hearing of up to two hours Additional fees will apply if the meeting exceeds two hoursIf you wish to consider this option, please review the enclosed information and complete the Arbitration Request Form for return within the next ten (10) days by mail, fax or emailSince the arbitration process is separate from the complaint process, you will not be able to reply through the complaint correspondence system If we do not hear from you, we will assume you no longer wish to pursue the matterWhether you choose to pursue this option or not, our records will include your comments on the matter and the response the firm provided in reference to your concernsThis information will be used in the report we issue on the firm and will be retained in our records for a period of three yearsWe appreciate that you brought your concerns to our attention and allowed us to serve youShould you find yourself once again in need of assistance, please feel free to contact usIf you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me Regards, [redacted] The phone###-###-#### fax [redacted] Arbitration Request Form Your Name: [redacted] *** Company Name: [redacted] Does your contract with the company include a reference to arbitration? Yes ______ No _______ I didn't sign a contract _______ If there is a mention, please include a copy of the contract or arbitration clause (Contact information for both parties will be taken from the complaint information on file) Before your case goes to an arbitrator, you and the company will be asked to sign an Agreement to Arbitrate This Agreement serves as the legal contract binding both parties to the decision of the arbitrator The Agreement is made up of two parts, the Statement of Dispute and the Statement of Remedy You are not legally required to arbitrate until you have signed the Agreement to Arbitrate This form does not constitute a binding offer to arbitrate In order to assist the drafting of this document, please provide the following: 1) The Statement of Dispute is a single sentence that provides an overview of your dispute In general, it will indicate what is in dispute, but not any actions taken by either party to address the dispute For example, it could be “I hired the company to remodel my kitchen and they failed to complete the job satisfactorily,” or “While working on my car, the company failed to fix the problem and did additional damage.”Statement of Dispute: 2) The Statement of Remedy is what you are asking the arbitrator to award you in the hearing You are allowed to seek any of the following remedies:Statement of Remedy: [ ] Full or partial refund of the cost of the product and/or service involved in the transaction, including sales tax and other direct incidental costs associated with the sale of the product or service Refund amount requested: _______________ [ ] Completion of promised work or fulfillment of contractual obligations What work?_________________________________________ [ ] Repairs, or reimbursement for the cost of repairs, to fix a defective product [ ] The amount of any actual out-of-pocket loss or property damage, not to exceed $3,500, caused by the provision of the service Amount sought: ________________ Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ______________ Frequently Asked Questions about Accredited Business Arbitration What is arbitration? Arbitration is an informal process in which two parties present their views of a dispute to a neutral third party, an arbitrator, who will decide how to resolve the dispute.Is the company required to participate in arbitration? Most Accredited Businesses have agreed in advance to arbitrate disputes that could not be resolved through the complaint process Provided your dispute meets the criteria of the program, the company will be compelled to participate by its membership agreement If the company has not agreed in advance, the will contact it to offer arbitration, however in such cases participation is voluntaryIs arbitration binding? Arbitration under this program is binding, which means both parties agree to abide by the arbitrator’s decision prior to the start of the process and that the arbitrator’s decision is enforceable in court Generally, there is no appeal, and by signing the Agreement to Arbitrate you are waiving the right to pursue the dispute at another venue, including in court.Who are the arbitrators? Your case will be heard by an arbitrator who is a volunteer trained and certified by the Revdex.comSometimes the arbitrator has outside experience which alleviates the need for trainingThese arbitrators are independent from the staff who have been handling your complaint and administer the arbitration program Arbitrators are either attorneys or professionals involved in some aspect of dispute resolution.Where does the arbitration take place? Arbitration hearings are held in our offices.Will the arbitrator do an inspection? The arbitrator has the right to inspect the product or service in dispute, but will usually not decide whether or not this is necessary until the hearing If the dispute involves something that can be brought to the hearing, you should bring it with you so the inspection can be done during the hearing If the arbitrator wants to inspect something that cannot be brought, such as home renovation work, the inspection time and date will be set during the hearing.Do I need a lawyer to arbitrate? The Arbitration program is designed so neither party needs to be represented by an attorney However, one or both parties may ***ose to have an attorney present at the hearing Since ***osing to pursue your dispute through binding arbitration involves waiving certain important rights, you may wish to consult with an attorney before ***osing to go ahead with arbitration.Do I have a good case? Will I win? By policy, the Bureau cannot comment on the legitimacy of either party’s case in arbitrationAny consumer whose request falls within the bounds of the company’s arbitration commitment will be allowed to continue The merits of both party’s cases will be evaluated by the arbitrator ? Post-Dispute Arbitration- Overview ? On Mon, Sep 15, at 12:PM, [redacted] *** [redacted] > wrote: FYI = I closed this complaint as [redacted] because when she wasasked to bring the car back, to deal with the Mass Air Flow Sensor situation, she did not This is what the complainant sent to me ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: of Metro Washington DC Date: Thu, Sep 11, at 10:AM Subject: Fwd: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint # [redacted] To: [redacted] > ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: [redacted] ** [redacted] Date: Thu, Sep 11, at 10:AM Subject: RE: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint # [redacted] To: "[email protected]" Complaint # [redacted] In addition the email below with regards to the complaint filed against Gaithersburg Auto Clinic, MrK [redacted] is claiming he used [redacted] parts in my vehicle, yet those parts he claims to have replaced are misfiring, so either he did not replace them or he replaced them with bad parts Please see attached invoice from [redacted] 's Auto Service that clearly sets forth that the coils K [redacted] claims were replaced are misfiring, this confirms my claims that they are either not [redacted] parts or he used cheap aftermarket parts but is now claiming the used *** parts In addition the invoice from the dealer which the system did not allow me to attach to the complaint clearly sets forth that the problem is with the MAF not being an Original [redacted] part, this is against MrK [redacted] 's claims that he did use [redacted] parts Then how come the dealer is saying otherwise This confirms my claims to the that MrK [redacted] is a liar Thanks, [redacted] From: [redacted] To: [email protected] Subject: RE: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint # [redacted] Date: Thu, Sep 09:45:- I have just read the results of and I disagree with the results and this Complaint should not be closed You should not allow MrK [redacted] to get away with committing fraud This is a RICO violation as this seems to be a Pattern of Conduct that he is following that is against the law and he has done this previously to many other people It is abusive on the Revdex.coms part to simply close this complaint and give this person credence when he is clearly lying Had he acted in good faith he would have properly repaired my vehicle during either the days he originally kept the vehicle in April of and/or during the additional times the vehicle was brought to him That the is giving this law breaker the upper hand and allow him to continue to do so to other people is unconscionable The has failed to resolve this issue MrK [redacted] did not act in good faith, I took my vehicle back to him times after he kept it for days and he still failed to resolve the problem This complaint should not be closed and I should not be asked to return my vehicle to him The is placing my safety in danger by requiring me to do and/or by saying that MrK [redacted] acted in good faith, HE HAS NOT I am hereby demand that this complaint be reviewed again by someone else I very clearly told MrK [redacted] 's OVER THE TELEPHONE I wanted the parts he replaced back on several occasions MrK [redacted] is a very hard individual to deal with, he doesn't appear to understand the language clearly His last response is totally full of mistatements of facts and downright lies MrK [redacted] is from Ghana, people from that region are used to committing fraud, abusing peoples' confidence and I maintain my assertions that his comments and statements are totally false, MrK [redacted] is a liar who has several complaints filed against him for the same reasons I filed mine with the BBQ I took my vehicle back to him times after he kept if for weeks and returned it with the "Check Engine Soon" Light on I cannot take it back there because he is the one that assaulted me, kept my vehicle and the Police officer forced him to return the vehicle to me, he attempted to coerce me and kept my vehicle I never assaulted him, I tried to give him some papers and he would receive them and the papers fell on the floor I FEAR FOR MY LIFE AND THAT IS THE REASON WHY I HAVE NOT TAKEN MY VEHICLE BACK TO HIM, THE LAST TIME I WAS THERE HE TREATENED ME, HE ATTEMPTED TO COERCE ME INTO SIGNING SOMETHING I DID NOT WANT TO SIGN BECAUSE IT WAS WRONG AND THE POLICE WAS CALLED THAT IS ON RECORD AND I AM WILLING TO PRODUCE THAT REPORT Thank you [redacted] From: [email protected] To: [redacted] Subject: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint # [redacted] Date: Wed, Sep 16:32:+ You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint # [redacted] Please click on the link below to access the online dispute resolution web site and read this messageClick Here to view the complaint If your email program does not support HTML copy and paste the link below into your browser [redacted] This is a post-only mailingReplies to this message are not monitored or answeredIf you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at ###-###-#### Thank you, serving Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania (Washington, DC) K StNW, 10th Floor Washington, DC 20005-Phone: ###-###-#### Fax: ###-###-#### Email: [email protected] Web: -- Anita Horne, Trade Practice Consultant serving Metropolitan Washington DC and Eastern Pennsylvania K Street NW, 10th Floor Washington, DC p: ###-###-#### f: ###-###-#### Email: [email protected], Start With Trust® ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The information contained in this message is considered CONFIDENTIAL and for the intended recipient only Any unauthorized use, dissemination, or copying of this message is prohibited If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately and delete this message -- [redacted] ***, Director of Operations

COMPLAINT # [redacted] 9/10/ Dear Sir/Madam, [redacted] did indeed bring her vehicle in for repairsThe vehicle was misfiring with the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT illuminatedThe vehicle was scanned and the following codes came up, [redacted] Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected code) 1.With her approval the Ignition coils and spark plugs were replaced with [redacted] parts 2.She did not ask for the removed parts prior to the job being done,(the job was completed in April of 2014)she had the option of checking removed parts returned to customer on the job order or by simply mentioning itShe asked for the old parts through her complaint with and Consumer Protection months after the parts had been discarded Her vehicle was NEVER held in ransom and there was no form of coercion whatsoever as she statedThe officer present at the time can attest to this fact She assaulted me (hit me in the chest specifically) on one occasion when she came to pick up her vehicle which led to my calling for police assistance, she drove off before the police arrivedShe later called to apologize for her actions 5.She was given a vehicle to drive to work when she dropped off her vehicle which she obviously failed to mention With all the catalogue of problems the vehicle has presented and still presents, There has been no instance where Gaithersburg Auto Clinic has shown no concern in addressing [redacted] 's issues .Her statement about us showing indifference in her situation is amongst other statements she has made thus farShe was never told " NO MECHANIC USES [redacted] PARTS" as she statedEvery repair or replacement done was INDEED DONE with her approval and her stating otherwise is very unfortunateEvery code or problem found with the vehicle is stated on the invoice and each solution to a problem is discussed with her before the job is done with her approvalThe rear struts were replaced last year(September 2013) and the wheel bearings this year(March,2014) and she has had no complaints sinceTherefore for [redacted] to state that her vehicle purportedly "bounces up and down and from side to side something the vehicle was not doing before" she brought the vehicle to Gaithersburg Auto Clinic is baffling The ECM was mentioned to [redacted] as probably throwing codes since all the coils and plugs have been replaced with new [redacted] partsWe recommended a re-flashing of the ECM being the first option or replacement as the second option [redacted] stated that she had taken the vehicle to the dealer and was told the Mass Air Flow needed to be replaced with an [redacted] partWe asked her to bring the vehicle back for the Mass Air Flow Sensor to be replaced to allay her doubts but she has not returned the vehicle since 9.Based on the very last communication with [redacted] , she agreed to return the vehicle for the mass airflow sensor to be replaced,We are reiterating our willingness to replace the mass air flow sensor, should she return the vehicle for part to be installed Sincerely, King F [redacted] Gaithersburg Auto Clinic

Review: Gaithersburg Auto Clinic / Owner Fred. Recently the power windows stopped working on our car so we took the car to Fred. Fred gave us an Estimate-we approved. The repair took several days, we were told he was waiting on a part. When we picked up the car it was noticed that one of the windows didn't work at all, and the other windows didn't work properly, when you use the power window buttons next to The drivers door the switch didn't open the correct window. The switch to open the drivers window was set to open the back passenger window ( this is the one that doesn't work at all.) The switch to open the front passenger window will open the rear drivers side window. The two rear switches open the front windows. This is not what we paid for. When we told Fred this was not acceptable he explained it's an old car this was the only thing he could do. At that time he offered a couple of options. 1)He offered a full refund. 2)He could fix the window that is not working at all, but he would have to charge us for that. 3) he could undo the job, he still has the old part - he could put back in. When we attempted to take him up on his offer of a full refund he said he was talking about a refund for the part only. It was at that time I learned from his co-worker the part came from a junk yard. I didn't know I was paying over $200.00 for a junk yard part. Fred also said if he has to remove the part and put in the old part he will charge me labor to do the job. I told Fred I would contact the His reply was " go ahead, call them, take him to court, Call the police. We will see who is the looser."Desired Settlement: Full Refund - If we were told ahead of time to expect the job could not be done correctly , we may have chose not to have the job done by Gaithersburg Auto Clinic.



ID #[redacted] his vehicle in for diagnostics and repair.

He was informed that his vehicle had an electrical problem and that the wiring has to be repaired and the switch replaced. The dealer was contacted, and Gaithersburg Auto Clinic was told the vehicle had been discontinued and the part was not available.

Gaithersburg Auto Clinic located the needed part (USED) from out of state on a junk car.

The part was shipped to Gaithersburg Auto Clinic, and it was noticed that since the part was from a different door, though the wires matched, the switches were differently placed/positioned.

Gaithersburg Auto Clinic contacted the customer and informed him. The electrical operational system of the window was explained to the customer and his response was that "so long as it worked he will be fine" .

The job was completed and the customer was informed about the completion of the job.

The customer came to pay and pick up his vehicle with ALL windows working.

The customer came back stating that one rear window was not working.

Gaithersburg Auto Clinic did a free diagnostic and found out that the window had a defective regulator. Customer was advised to replace the defective regulator. The customer was pushing for a warranty on the first job - The replacement of the master switch and the repair of the wiring for the switch. Gaithersburg Auto Clinic stated to the customer that the defective rear window regulator WAS NOT part of the job done.

The customer asked to have the job done for the switch and wiring repair undone and was told -

a. Electrical parts are not returnable

b. electrical wiring repair jobs cannot be undone.

The customer requested a full refund, Gaithersburg Auto Clinic told the customer that even if the parts were returnable, the customer will only be refunded the cost of the part and then he will pay the labor cost for the removal of the part. The customer declined any of the options to have the issue resolved.

Moving forward on the issue of the defective rear window regulator ,after free diagnostics should the customer decide to have the defective rear window regulator replaced, Gaithersburg Auto Clinic is ready to offer free labor if the customer will cover the cost for the part.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Review: Additional complaints (1) Unreasonable and/or excessive delay in completing repair; (2) The failure to honor an advanced request to return the parts; and (3) the failure to honor a repair estimate or agreement. On or about April 16, 2014, I took my car in for repairs because the "Check Engine light soon came on". I was given a list of problems that needed addressing and an oral estimate (including the replacement of a muffler that had been replaced by the same mechanic less than 2 years earlier for a cost of $1,000.00+) and according to the mechanic after all the repairs were completed the light would go off and the vehicle would pass inspection. After close to $2,200 worth of repairs (about $400 higher than the original estimate quoted for the MAF sensor), and the shop keeping my car for an unreasonable period of 2 weeks, and not returning the replaced parts to me as I had requested, the mechanic said that the car was running well, that he couldn't turn off the "Check Engine Light soon." I took the car for emissions inspection, it came back with a Code [redacted]. I ran internet searches and came up with the code meaning that the mechanic used aftermarket parts when he replaced either the coils and/or the Mass Air Flow sensor that aftermarket parts were inappropriate for the particular [redacted] vehicle as that vehicle only takes [redacted] parts. I have made a more than reasonable effort to work with this mechanic to resolve the problems by taking the car back to him at least 6 times starting on April 17, 2014 through and including August 1, 2014. The last time I took the car back he told me to sue him and has since refused make the repairs using parts appropriate for the vehicle in question. He has also refused to returned the parts that were allegedly replaced; return my money and/or to answer to emails and faxes. On August 1, the time last time I was there he tried to keep my vehicle hostage because I wouldn't sign a paper, and then I proceeded to signed the form but wrote a note on it saying that I disagreed with his comments and that I was being coherced into signing the form because he would not give me my car key and was keeping my vehicle hostage. The police had to be called to make him give me my car key. I took the car to the dealer for a diagnostic and they came back and said a part installed by the mechanic (Mass Air Flow Sensor) was an aftermarket (not [redacted]) part that was causing too much air to pass and the code in question.Desired Settlement: I desire that he refunds me as follows: Exhaust and Coil work that includes the replacement of a muffler he replaced less than 2 years ago and had rotted because it was a cheap muffler: $1,502.89; MAF work: $664.32; [redacted] Diagnostic Test: $138.44; Rental vehicle while car at dealership: $39.03; 2 days vacation time taken to address issues with repairs: $400.; A total of $2,744.68.



---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: [redacted] <[email protected]>

Date: Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 3:17 PM

Subject: Re: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania complaint #[redacted].

To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>

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