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• Dec 27, 2020

Rigged games and fake players
I can not believe what I'm reading here as I've been suspecting the same for approx 6 months and when my rating is high, I always "hit a wall and can't win any game for love nor money until my rating comes back down, even against lower ranked opponents. I know the cards are rigged, I'm too experienced to know that it is just bad luck or lack of skill. Game Colony use fake players to win back $$$ of players to increase their profits. I too have played tournaments for many years and you know when games are rigged against you. When you write to them they give the standard randomization of cards and put it down to your supposed lack of skill. They should be investigated ASAP!

I have played cribbage for over 40 years and won tournaments all over the world. I know the best cards for every possible dealt hand. If you are not a paying customer, the algorithm is programmed to make you lose. I have gone over 20 games without ever receiving even a pair, run or 5. This is literally not statistically possible in real crib unless it is programmed to do so. Don't waste your time. This site is horrible.

• Jun 30, 2020

You are DEAD on right!
You are DEAD on right! Game Colony is Rigged and if you question them you are Blocked and Banned. They tried to steal my $ twice but it was through PayPal and PayPal said it was the sites fault and the site quickly reimbursed me 100.00 back into my account and then banned and blocked me 2 days later. So many scam sites like this one on the internet now. It is disgusting and immoral.

I *am* a statistician--at least I teach it at the college level. And the other reviews are absolutely right: the rolls (backgammon) and deals (gin rummy) are rigged. I've been playing both games "live" all my life and have never, ever seen such biased rolls. This site is totally bogus. Play for "fun" if you don't mind losing, but keep your credit card in your wallet.

I do not trust the dice rolls here. I am not a statistician but I see too many convenient rolls that just don't happen on a regular basis. Such as playing and loosing at the end because the other players get 3 doubles in a row. This happens on multiple games. Also high frequency of rolls that decide the game and are just not probable. They lowered a lot of peoples ratings because they were to high because of cheaters or people that only play others based on getting a higher rating. Well isn't that what ratings are about?If they can lower ratings on a broad basis, I am sure they are manipulating the rolls.

I have been playing on this website for months, over 13000 games of backgammon. The win ratio is so low, about 55%, that it's impossible to climb up the ratings ladder, and EVERY TIME I get up to 1700-1800 points, it makes you lose and lose and lose, down to 1400-1500 points. Everytime! I've messaged them many times, and they just send back a canned message about doubles. Now they won't even answer my messages. This site is so rigged, it's not even funny. I've been playing backgammon for 45 years, and never had this kind of a problem, except on this website. They let a few players get past 2000 points, but the majority just keep see sawing up and down. It's beyond ridiculous, it's fixed. The statistics are absolutely impossible. I'm a very good player, and have played in many tournaments, so I'm not just complaining about losing. I'm complaining because this website is so rigged.

Regarding the 3/27/2016 review and response. I submitted the original negative review. One of the nice things about Game Colony is that in a user's account file detailed records are kept of every ticket game (in which tickets/money are risked). It is possible to access those files and watch (in cribbage) a hand-by-hand and card-by-card replay of each game. I invested some time in doing a detailed statistical analysis of each of the 79 ticket games I played. I documented a significant bias against new ticket purchasers (NTP). Game Colony's business model relies on people buying tickets and playing them in games as their source of new cash revenue. Game Colony rigs this game (I can only speak to cribbage as that is the only game I've played enough games of to make a statistical analysis valid) to favor whatever opponent the NTP is playing against. That drains the NTP's ticket bank necessitating a return to the purchase button if the NTP wants to continue playing these games.

A few highlights.

1 - I am a very experienced cribbage player (37 years) and my winning percentage in live local tournaments with the local American Cribbage Congress's local chapter is just over 50%. On Game Colony my winning percentage is just over 50% in NON-TICKET games. But in TICKET games on Game Colony my winning percentage is 24.4%.

2 - My analysis documents that the Game Colony system deals into the hands of the opponents of NTPs significantly more points into the initial 6-card deal.

3 - As a NTP makes more ticket cash purchases that advantage to his/her opponents become significantly larger.

Anyone interested in the entire analysis is welcome to contact me either through this account or at [email protected] and I'll be happy to forward the statistical analysis and supporting data.

BUT - if you have ideas of playing cribbage on Game Colony go on and enjoy playing for free. BUT KEEP YOUR CREDIT CARD IN YOUR POCKET.

Yep, I agree with both these posts. The constant cycling up and down in the ratings in back gammon encourages ticket purchases when at the bottom of the pile whilst peddling false hope when approaching 2000. The change in luck of the dice in back gammon (or cards in cribbage ) is presumably orchestrated to encourage ticket purchases near the bottom and repeat puchases once hooked. And on occasions I stumble across the odd suicide player resigning (once 20 times in row!) to get their rating down ready to masquerade as a rooky. Yet I keep playing because its free, it works, there are ample opponents and it beats watch TV ...does any one know a fairer site I could try?

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