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Gaslamp Strip Club - A Steak Place

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So on May 4th, I decided to take my wife out for her birthday dinner. This is somewhat of a production for us, as it is the first time we have been out since she gave birth to our child 8 months ago. We get a sitter and drive the 30 minutes down to San Diego to have dinner at The Indigo Grill. We had made reservations earlier in the week.Upon arriving at the restaurant, we are informed that our table is not yet ready. After about a 10 minute wait, we are seated at a small table. There are 4 person booths near us, but they don't give us one of those. Instead, they give us a small table. They do, however, give one of the booths to two young women who came in about 20 minutes after us. The other booth is left empty for about 45 minutes. We had asked for it, but were informed that it had been reserved by another party.After we had been seated for about 15 minutes, our server came over to get our drink order. She then disappeared. She returned a few minutes later to take the drink order of the table next to us, the two young women seated 20 minutes after us. About 10 minutes after that, we received our waters and a coffee at the same time as the table next to us received their drinks. We made our order for an appetizer and our dinners and proceeded to wait.A few minutes later our appetizer arrived. We were excited at how good it was and immediately began wondering how good our entrees were going to be. So we waited, and waited, and waited. Approximately after we had been there another 45 minutes, the empty 4 man booth was seated. 20 minutes later, they got their appetizer. We still had not received our meals. At this point, one of the young women seated next to us begins complaining that we had been waiting too long. She suggests that our meals should be comped because it's obvious we are getting terrible service. Our server comes by our row of tables and serves the table on our left and the two tables on our right, but refuses to come to our table or make eye contact with us. We have to flag her down and it is obvious she is avoiding us. She states that there was a mix-up in the kitchen and she is correcting it. Another 20 minutes goes by and no word. We have to flag her down again, she is going to all the tables in our row, but ignoring us. She then states she is sorry again, and offers us some bread. At that point, the ladies in the table next to us, who had already been served their meals, say we have been there too long and that we should just go. The service is SO BAD that other diners are telling us to leave without paying. My wife goes to the bathroom. While she is there, a black haired female manager, comes to all the tables in our row to ask how everything is. She specifically skips our table and puts her back to me as she asks the table with the vocal women. After she walks away, I ask Did that seriously happen?. The ladies next to us reply, Yes, it's obvious it's intentional, just leave without paying, we will vouch for you. As my wife gets back, the table of 4 gets their food, approximately 45 minutes after being seated and approximately 100 minutes after we had arrived. It appears that two of their members ordered the same food my wife and I had ordered. At that point, my wife and I stand up and proceed to leave. Our waitress then scurries over to our table, maybe the 4th time in 100 minutes she had been by our table to ask us if we were leaving. I say Yes, we no longer want to eat here. I want to just pay for our appetizer and coffee and go. As we are leaving, the black haired manager starts to bring our food into the dining room. They offer to let us eat our meals, almost a full two hours after we had arrived. We say no, so they offer to box them up for us. It takes them almost 10 minutes, while we waited and the front door to get the boxes of food. Meanwhile another manager, a heavy set blond man, attempts to apologize. It appeared that during that time, the black haired manager brought him a gift card to give to us, but that he thought better of it and put it in his pocket instead. This is what it looked like, but I can't be sure. So we left with our boxes of uneaten food after having wasted the trip to the restaurant and 2 hours of our time there.The blonde manager had promised to call us today to figure out a way to make it up to us. No call was made. Had we received a call, this complaint would likely not have been made.

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Description: Restaurants

Address: 2225 Hancock St, San Diego, California, United States, 92110


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