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First we are sorry for any inconvenience that Mrs. [redacted] incurred during the repair of the unit.  We feel that we fulfilled our obligation with the warranty company AHS.  Our contract requires us to contact the customer within 48 hours of receiving the work order(with in business...

hours).  Our company is open 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday.  Our contract also states that all service fees are to be collected at the time of the first visit, and to authorize  and order all parts from AHS’s direct supplier marcone.  The dispatch for Mrs. [redacted] was received on Monday June 29, 2015 as a normal work or and not emergency (see attachment #1).  Therefore we have no option to overnight a part per AHS.  This work order  was scheduled for Tuesday  June 30, 2015 (see attachment #2).  The tech went out and determined that the unit needed to have a compressor (see attachment # 3).  Authorization was sent to AHS on July 1, 2015 with parts being placed into part search because they were not available through the direct supplier (see attachment #3).  The warranty company located the part on Wednesday  July 1, 2015 with a eta 5-7 business days.  The warranty company contacts both the repair company and the customer with the expected ETA (see attachment # 4).   We received the parts on July 8, 2015 which was within 5 business days.  The customer was schedule for July 9, 2015 (see attachment # 5)  for the repair with the owner Kris Miller.  When Kris went to the home on July 9, 2015 he determined that the compressor was not bad even through there was signs of a bad compressor.  It was in fact the main control board.  The compressor and the Control being bad would both cause  the unit not to come on or cool.  When Kris tried to order this part from the direct supplier it was not available as well.  We placed this part into part search on July 9, 2015 with AHS, they located the part and ordered it on Friday July 10, 2015 (see attachment # 6).  The ETA for this part was 2-3 business days.  Due to July 10th being a Friday, 2-3 business days would have been Wednesday July 15th.  We received that part on July 14, 2015 and had the customer scheduled for July 16, 2015 (see attachment #7).  The tech returned to the home to install the control.  The unit ran fine for about 10 minute after installing the control then the customer and the tech heard a pop and the unit stopped working again.  Tech checked the unit to find that the control was shorted again.  With further diagnosis from LG tech support the tech determined that there is a short within the wiring in the unit and it has caused the control and overload and relay on the compressor to short out.  The tech then contacted AHS to let them know that the unit was not repairable on July 16, 2015.  Unit was placed into options on July 17, 2015 and replaced.  Unfortunately, AHS makes all vendors exhaust all option for repair before they will consider the unit for options or replacement.  Therefore the amount of time it takes for the customer to receive options or replacement  is out of our control.  As for Amber stating that they could not buy the part, that is per our contract with AHS all parts must be ordered through there direct supplier website and not a local distributor.  The customer is asking for half of her service fee to be reimbursed but Miller Appliance Repair is not who makes that decision on the service fee.  All service fees are collected by the vendor (Miller Appliance Repair) for the warranty company AHS.  AHS would ultimately make the decisions.   Attached is a copy off the customers invoice as well (see attachment #8) Thank you, Miller Appliance Repair P.O Box 155 West Newton, In 46183

We were contracted by Mr. [redacted]'s home warranty company HSA on Thursday June 11, 2015 to go out and check the Jenn-Air Range Model#JGD8430ADS because the right front burner was not working.    With every dispatch there is a protocol that we must follow.  We must contact the customer...

to schedule within 48 hours of receiving the dispatch.  Once we arrive at the home and diagnose the appliance, we must submit an online authorization for to the home warranty company with our findings.  If there are any parts needed then they must be ordered through Marcone Direct Supplier.  Marcone is HSA direct parts supplier.  Also all customers are informed at the time of service that any parts can take up to 5-7 business days.   This customer was scheduled for Friday June 12, 2015 for between 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.  The tech checked the appliance and found that it needed to have a new right front burner igniter, right front saddle and 2 screws for the burner.  The reason these parts needed to be replaced was because the right front saddle was seized to the mount on the glass top and the burner igniter shorted out.   After leaving the home the tech submitted a online authorization request stating that there needed to be parts ordered to complete the repair.  Parts were received Thursday June 18, 2015.  The customer was scheduled for repairs Friday June 19, 2015.   On June 19, 2015 between 2-4pm the tech arrived at the home and repaired the appliance.  Approximately 20 minute after the tech left the home the customer called into Miller's, stating that the tech had left his drill charger at the home and they would leave it on the porch.  There was no mention of the crack at that time.  Our office is closed Saturday - Sunday which is stated on the voicemail.  This customer was serviced on Friday late afternoon.   On Monday June 22, 2015 when we returned to the office we did receive a voicemail from Mrs. [redacted] stating that the glass top had a crack.  We also received a separate voicemail from Mr. [redacted] stating that his wife had left a message and they needed us to return the call regarding a crack in the glass top.  At this time the secretary spoke with the tech about the issue.  The tech agreed that with the saddle and mount being seized together because of the heat it is possible he could have cracked the glass top.  However, there was already one crack in the top prior to the repair.  After speaking with the tech the secretary contacted HSA to ordered the new glass top.  The order was submitted to HSA on Monday June 22, 2015.  HSA told Miller's that they would contact the customer with an ETA once they order went through.  Our office was closed Friday June 29, 2015 - Monday June 29, 2015 due to training.  This was also stated on our voicemail.  We did received several voicemails from the [redacted]'s during this time.  However, we didn't receive them until Tuesday June 30, 2015.  On Tuesday June 30, 2015 we contacted HSA's authorizations department for ETA of the glass top.  At this time HSA stated they would contact Parts & Equipment for a status and let Miller's and the customer know.    On Thursday July 3, 2015 the glass top was received but it was shattered in shipping.  The secretary then contacted Mr. [redacted] to let him know of the situation.  Customer thanked her for calling and explained that they were leaving town that day for the July 4th weekend and that it would be next week either way before they could schedule.  The secretary then ensured Mr. [redacted] that she would contact HSA to get another glass top coming before the weekend started.    HSA reordered the new glass top on Friday July 3, 2015.  Second part received today July 8, 2015 and it was also broken.  Customer was contacted about the second part and so was the warranty company.  The third part is being processed through HSA's direct supplier.    At this time we were unaware of the customer being unhappy with the repair.  The Tech has also returned to the home for his charger and the customer never mentioned to him that they were not satisfied.  As for the part coming damaged this is out of our control because we receive all parts for repair from HSA's direct supplier.  All request go through the warranty company.  We are sorry for any inconvenience that the repair and damaged parts have caused.  As soon as we received a good glass top we will be repairing the unit.    If there are any questions please feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at (317)455-9244.   Thanks,   Amber M[redacted] Miller Appliance Repair P.O. Box 155 West Newton, In 46183 (317)455-9244 [email protected]

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