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Gatz Landscaping, Inc.

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Review: We hired the company to put Hydro seed down on our property .the cost was$1950. Unfortunately the hydro seen is barley growing and on some spot not growing at all .There is also a second -very different grass growing which they sprayed on our property which looks like rye grass and it is really bad looking since it is like a tall weed .

We called them many times , the first 3 times they told us to water the Grass and that it was still to cold outside and this is the reason why it is not growing . After that we called an explained the situation to a women on the phone and they promised me to take care of it.

This was 2 weeks ago . Unfortunately they did not show up again and we I still don't have any grass, so we called them again just this past Friday the [redacted] but again we got no responceDesired Settlement: I would like to get what I have paid for or an refund of the Money



Dear [redacted];

This letter will verify that Gatz Landscaphig Inc. was contacted by [redacted] to creatic an estimate for soil preparation and hydro seeding of her property located at [redacted]. After review of said property an estimate was sent to [redacted] on

January [redacted] 2013. Gatz Landscaping Inc. was contracted by [redacted] to proceed with the project but she instructed us to hydroseed only and not prepare the soil,which was to be done by others.

Gatz Landscaping Inc. performed the hydroseeding on the morning of April [redacted], 2013.

[redacted] then reported that the hydro seeding was barely growing and would like someone to come out and take a look at a possible solution. Upon my inspection of the

hydroseeded areas. I noticed a spotty stand or grass and only in continuous narrow lines .

Furthermore, l spoke to Irwin Gruber on the condi tion or the hyd roseed and he told me that he

obtained the topsoil from one of his neighbors. The neighbor that ho was referring to is located on the south side of New Suffolk Avenue which is in the tidal flood zone of the. Great Peconic Day. The so called "topsoil" from this area has a high salinity factor which cannot grow a

•successful lawn.

My conclusion is that the preparation of the soil and the soil itself is not conducive to growing a successful lawn



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]

This is true that he offered us to do the preparation of the yard .

We asked him if it is possible to do it by our self he he told my Wife yes that this would be not problem .So we went ahead and did it .Nothing wrong with saving a buck

After we had to remind him the second time (the first time he missed his appointment without calling us ) we had to call him (big surprise )they guy he send over to do the work told us that the preparation we did was great and it should be no problem .

The reason why I asked is because it would not make sense to Hydro seed if the ground is not properly prepared.

There are Few things which strike me immediately which I would do as a business man" if" I am interested in the Quality of work my company is providing:

First maybe he should have looked at it by himself if this is such an important step according to him -but he did not

second he never made us aware of it from the beginning that this is SUCH an important step

Third he maybe should have check in after the work was done or when we called him many times that there is nothing growing, if he would care about his Quality of work .

Few more things I would like to get an answer but probably never get are -

why is it growing in few spots (same soil and preparation )and in other absolutely not -not only one grass seed?

Those are the same spots you can see one earlier pictures we made right after seeding (same day)where barely hydro seed was

How comes that we got different seed-regular Grass like it supposed to and Crabgrass in other spots?

The important Question from me as a NONE landscaper -why is the seed growing I put down in the same pots his was not growing ?

I am surly not an professional but surely I could accomplish what he could not .

Where are those 50 something years of experience?????

I am in Plant Manager of a company with 300 people from sales to installers , if my guys any of them would do work like that without following up with the customer I would be ashamed of myself and them .

One thing he has to remember is that- it takes a very long time to build up a reputation but you can loose it extremely fast with things like that - but my take is that he does not really care about that .

This company strikes me more like make a fast buck and move on no matter if it is working or not instead of looking for returning customers.

Very simply put- bad business people .

He may be doing this since 50 somewhat years like he told me over the phone in his arrogance and he may or may not have experience but one thing is for sure ,he is not a business man .

Not really a degree required for landscaping just a lawn mower and a somewhat loud mouth

The good thing is I am very well connected with big builders in his (my )area and I am sure that I will NOT recommend him .

In fact I had few over the other day and they where surprised that there are still business owners like that around after they asked me who did that work .

I actually feel more bad for him than for me .

In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.


Erwin Gruber

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Address: 6477 Sound Avenue, Mattituck, New York, United States, 11952


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