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Review: I was a customer for over 4 years and received tax preparation services from Ayman G[redacted] of Gebril and Gebril LLC. On Monday, 11/16/15, I went to their office to receive some tax service advice. To my surprise, I observed their office is closed. There was no signage and I was not informed that their office was closing. I am officially notifying I would like a response. I have never had a problem with this agency over the years and always had excellent service and was satisfied.Desired Settlement: I want to know why this business closed and where are my confidential records and to return all records.

Review: [redacted] is very difficult to get a hold of and is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I have been trying to contact [redacted] for over 1 year to address a tax amendment issue. [redacted] was my financial accountant for the past 3 years. The [redacted] is reporting to me that my claim was filed after the deadline of April 15, 2013. The [redacted] sent me documents regarding this and I forwarded that paperwork to [redacted] who informed me that he would have to go to [redacted] in person to address the issue. [redacted] at that point, convinced me in March of 2014 that he will address this issue after the tax season is complete. I continue to call several times a week, leave messages and I receive no response or follow up from him. His secretaries [redacted] and [redacted] (when they actually answer the phone) always have an excuse as to why [redacted] is unable to come to the phone. They report him either being in a meeting or out of the office for the rest of the day. Last week on July 8th, one of the secretaries returned my phone call and informed me that [redacted] will be calling me to have a conference call on 7/8/14 at 4:30pm and [redacted] never called. I in fact, called the office for over an hour and left several messages. To date, I have received no follow up, apology, or explanation regarding why the conference call did not take place. The way that [redacted] handles his customers is POOR. He is unprofessional and there is absolutely no excuse for this type of behavior. It is unacceptable. [redacted] has my important tax documents for the 2009 and 2010 years. I have also left messages requesting to set up an appointment where I can retrieve my important and personal documents and of course no one answers the phone or when they do answer then are unable to provide me with a day and time that will work for me to get to the bottom of these issues and pick up me personal documents from his office. HELP ME PLEASE!! I don't want anyone to have to suffer the way I have in working with [redacted].Desired Settlement: I would like my 2009 and 2010 tax documents to be returned to me that are still in the care of [redacted]. I also would like the monies that I am due to be given to me $1236 from my 2009 back taxes including interest. The documents were in [redacted]s care in February of 2013 so there is no reason why he missed the deadline. An explanation of whether he filed the 2010 amendment would be great as well and compensation for the monies that I am due for 2010.

Review: I have been a client of Gebril and Gebril since February 2013 to complete my annual taxes. During that time, I provide the accountant, [redacted], my 2012 taxes as well as 2009-2011 taxes since I wanted to refile previous taxes. [redacted] completed my 2009 backtaxes and my 2012 taxes without an issue. He stated that he would refil my 2010-2011 taxes the following year and insisted that he would keep my tax documents on file in his office. The following year (2014), I went to [redacted] to complete my (2013) taxes which was done and I reminded him to refile my (2010/2011) taxes. I am filing this complaint because my 2010/2011 taxes were not refiled this year (despite emails confirming it would be done). I have contacted Gebril and Gebril several times (email documentation and phone records documented) without a response or follow up. I offered to pick up my 2010/2011 backtaxes and I am being denied by [redacted]'s administrative assistance since she states he is not in the office and she can not assist me. His assistant [redacted] has hung up the phone when I have called - [redacted] has not responded to my phone calls or the dozens of emails that I have sent to him. I am filing this complaint because a service was not rendered and my sensitive tax documents are not being returned to me. I am seeking a refund for the backtaxes that was not filed (I am seeking compensation for the loss of funds that was due to me) and I want my tax documents return. Is this really the way a professional accountant does business?Desired Settlement: I am filing this complaint because a service was not rendered and my sensitive tax documents are not being returned to me. I am seeking a refund for the backtaxes that was not filed (I am seeking compensation for the loss of funds that was due to me) and I want my tax documents return.

Review: My husband and I went to Gebril & Gebril to file our taxes in April. We never received our refund. I have left several messages for [redacted] (beginning in the end of May 2014) and I keep getting the runaround. IF I receive a call back, it is from a secretary who does not have the answers and simply offers to relay the messages. I was told that [redacted] was on vacation and that his brother would return my call. He never did. After about 2 weeks I called again and was told that [redacted] was due back from vacation in about 4 days and that he would return my call when he returned. He never did. I have continued attempting to make contact with him, but to no avail. No one is returning my calls. I did a tax transcript only to discover that our taxes were never filed! Further, the check that we paid him with cleared!Desired Settlement: I would like to get our p[redacted]t refunded since he never filed. Further, I feel that it would be just for Gebril & Gebril to cover any penalties that my husband and I would incur for not filing on time, which is not the actual case.

Review: I went to file my Taxes, and I paid him $200, I didn't get my tax return. I called and no one was respond to calls, the phone was ringing endlessly. I went back to the office several times no one to attend to me. apparently it office was close down after tax season.

Review: I filed my taxes with Mr. [redacted] on March 18, 2015, to date I have not received my return and his voice mail has been full. I have sent over 20 e-mails to which he has not replied. I paid $200 for his services and he received the payment back in March 2015. Since I have taken the matter in my own hands and through contacting the IRS discovered that an amendment needs to be filed and signed by Mr. [redacted] with his pin number since he was the orignial preparer. All of my attempts to contact him have gone without a response. I am at a complete loss... As I previously stated, he received my payment and has done nothing to ensure that I receive my tax refund. I am a widow and single mother of two and depend on the money owed to me. All I want is for the tax amendment form (1040X) to be completed and e-filed. I appreciate your help in this matter.Desired Settlement: An amended tax form (1040X) needs to be completed and e-filed.

Review: In March of this year, 2015, I procured Ayman G[redacted] to complete my tax return as well as a couple of previous years. I paid him a fee of $400. After not receiving anything from the [redacted], I called them and was informed that no tax returns at all had ben filed on my behalf. I have repeatably called, first was always a full mailbox. Then the number was disconnected. Emails are returned as "undeliverable". Website is now also gone.Desired Settlement: I think the business should reimburse my $400 considering that it was payment for a service that they did not do.

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Description: Tax Reporting Service

Address: 321 Whitney Ave, New Haven, Connecticut, United States, 06511-3716


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