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Gel-tar Roofing Kettles

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[redacted] of San Diego - Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles is in receipt of you letter and the following is a time line for response to [redacted] S [redacted]'s claim.  We will be...

sending him a copy of this certified, return receipt today also.
1.       [redacted] S [redacted] rented a kettle from Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles, as he had in the past 4 years.
2.       [redacted] S [redacted] said he had purchased a kettle.
3.       [redacted] S [redacted] brought the “purchased kettle” into Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles.
4.       [redacted] S [redacted] was verbally quoted $1400.00 plus parts for cleaning, which is the standard cost for most cleaning/repairs for that sized kettle.
5.       [redacted] S [redacted]’s “purchased kettle” motor ran but the pitcock was busted.
6.       [redacted] S [redacted] did not want us to purchase the parts.
7.       [redacted] S [redacted] returned to Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles with a new pitcock.
8.       On or about 1/25/15 [redacted] S [redacted] returned the rental kettle to Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles.
9.       [redacted] S [redacted] inquired why work had not started on the “purchased kettle”.
10.   Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles, me, explained that there had been 2 kettles in front of his and that his “purchased kettle” was next.
11.   [redacted] S [redacted] acknowledged the schedule and left.
12.   Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles proceeded to tear down [redacted] S [redacted]’s “purchased kettle” in order to make the needed repair.
13.   During this procedure, Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles found that the pump was rusted and would need additional parts.
14.   [redacted] S [redacted] was dutifully informed.
15.   [redacted] S [redacted] said to cease work – which Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles did – Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles piled the parts into the kettle and placed the “purchased kettle” in storage in our yard.
16.   On 2/2/15 Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles received [redacted] S [redacted]’s first letter of demand.
17.   On 2/12/15 Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles sent [redacted] S [redacted] our counter letter. (copy available if required)
18.   On 2/23/15 Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles sent [redacted] S [redacted] our second request counter letter. (copy available if required)
19.   Approximately one month later, in March sometime, Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles received a call from a gentleman claiming that the “purchased kettle” was from his roofing supply company.  I, Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles, told him I would work with him for the return of his equipment.  He said he would call me back.  To date he has not re-contacted me, Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles.
20.   On 3/11/15 Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles received [redacted] S [redacted]’s second letter of demand.
21.   In late March and most of April Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles had jobs out of state.  We returned 4/29/15 to find 2 letters from the
22.   [redacted] S [redacted] has a 4 year rental history with Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles as of the last rental kettle being returned to Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles (see #8).  [redacted] S [redacted] was and is and should be fully aware of Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles procedures.
23.   Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles will be closing on 5/8/15 and returning on or about 6/8-15/15 for our annual Run For The Wall (RFTW), and veterans Rolling Thunder.  Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles will only be available by phone during this time.
24.   Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles is proceeding with the lien on [redacted] S [redacted]’s Bond
25.   Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles is contacting Workman’s Compensation Board to make sure that coverage was available to [redacted] S [redacted]’s workers on the dates he rented “hot tar” kettles over the past 4 years (Is [redacted] S [redacted] really ready for this can of worms that eludes escape.  Once opened, it’s open).
Settlement: As stated in our letter, $900.00 for work performed and storage costs through the time of settlement of this issue, as stated in our letter to [redacted] S [redacted].  Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles is open to a reasonable deal.  As to [redacted] S [redacted]’s claim of “loss of business” - with a kettle that has a rusted pump and broken pitcock – How was [redacted] S [redacted] going to use this “purchased kettle” for his roofing jobs?

Review: We have asked to gel-tar to check our roof kettle problem and estimate cost to fix it.but gel-tar have started repair work before let us know what is the problem and how much the costand without written work agreement. so, we have asked stop the work and return back the kettle to us after all parts back to original place. gel-tar have asked to pay $1,400 as cleaning fee andrejected our request. this kind of action is unlawfullness of business law. gel-tar has to return our roof kettle to us after all parts back to original place without any condition asap. we could not going to do our business without roof equipment. Please resolve this problem by your help.Desired Settlement: We want to return back to us our roof kettle after all parts return to original place and they have to pay us business loss cause of lack of roof equipment which gel-tarhave not return even though our several request to return to us.



[redacted] of San Diego - Gel-Tar Roofing Kettles is in receipt of you letter and the following is a time line for response to [redacted] S [redacted]'s claim. We will be sending him a copy of this certified, return receipt today also.

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Description: Roofing Equipment & Supplies

Address: 551 S Harbor blvd, La Habra, California, United States, 92831


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