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Company charges for weeks that trash is not collected when you are away. Trash from the week missed is counted and charged as being "extra" bags of trash when you put it out the following week and they debit your bank account without your permission. They are inconsistent with their service and have extra poor customer service. Upon calling to cancel the service the [redacted] threatened me with court action for liquid damages, and YELLED the worst obscenity you could ever say to a female over the phone in a loud, threatening voice, instead of listening or allowing me to voice my complaints.I have never been treated this way by a customer service company as a paying customer ever.Order_Number: XXXXXDesired SettlementRefund of the past 6 months paid service, apology in writing for the obscenities screamed at me over the telephone by the [redacted], and absolution of any contract they hold.Business' Initial Response Consumer's Complaint in BOLD: COMPANY CHARGES FOR WEEKS THAT TRASH IS NOT COLLECTED WHEN YOU ARE AWAY. Custom Curbside Policies & Procedures:p.4 Containers must be placed at the end of driveway or on lawn near the end of driveway, ready for pick up, NO later than 7am, on your scheduled day.TRASH FROM THE WEEK MISSED IS COUNTED AND CHARGED AS BEIGN "EXTRA" BAGS OF TRASH WHEN YOU PUT IT OUT THE FOLLOWING WEEK...Custom Curbside Policies & Procedures: p.5 Please note: Household waste that is NOT OUT AT THE CURB by the time of pick up will not be collected until the following week and may incur an additional charge, if limits are then exceeded. ...AND THEY DEBIT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. Custom Curbside Policies & Procedures: p.3 Any additional bags or items (such as pre-arranged waste ban) left next to the container at time of pick up, will be billed immediately, to the credit card number furnished on your agreement...Service Agreement: I authorize the Gelinas Companies to Charge my credit card #XXXXexp. XX/XX Billing Zip Code XXXXX according to policies stated on my due date for the applicable fees listed above. THE UNDERSIGNED INDIVDUAL SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT, ACKNOWLEDGES THAT HE/SHE HAS READ AND UNDERSTANDS THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN THIS AGREEMENT, POLICIES AND WASTE BAN LIST AND THAT HE/SHE HAS THE AUTHORITY TO SIGN ON BEHALF OF THE CUSTOMER.NOTE: Customer hand wrote their credit card information to have their card charged automatically then signed an agreement. They also had received similar automatic charges 6-times over the previous 7-months prior to the disputed charges.THEY ARE INCONSISTENT WITH THEIR SERVICE AND HAVE EXTRA POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. The customer's account was serviced each week according to Policy and Procedure. (Notes from Initial Phone Conversation with [redacted] (referenced as "Customer" below) and the Gelinas "Representative". This phone call was not referenced in the Customer's complaint. Not word for word just dictated by Representative.)Customer: stated that our services [redacted] we were inconsistent and overcharged for extra bags when we never showed up to pick up the bags. One week we came at three so she put her trash out mid morning but we had already come.Representative: Informed that we can see about the additional bags she was charged and put it as a credit but we do ask that all customers have their trash out by 7am the day of their pick up to ensure that we can pick up the trash.Customer: stated that we came so inconsistently that the trash was not picked up this week either and there would be additional bags this week too. The Customer asked "what am I supposed to do leave the trash in the rain all day?"Representative: informed Customer about the curbside containerized service to avoid her bags being in the rain. Customer was also informed that we are scheduled to pick up her trash whether or not she puts it out as per the Agreement. Note (The customer has a 2bag contract with no container)Customer: demanded that we cancel her service and the $10.50 for additional bags be returned and her card never to be used again or she will report us to the bank.Representative: informed that the signed contract extended until the end of December and there may be liquidated damages for ending her contract early. Representative was then cut off by the Customer statement.Customer: stated we could try to take her to court. If we did that she would be sure to go to the Athol Daily News and Facebook and tell everyone what a "[redacted]" we were and how horrible our services were. Customer then confirmed that she was in fact doing that anyway.Representative: informed [redacted] that if there was nothing we could do to satisfy the concerns there would be liquidated damages mailed to her and she hung up during confirmation that her that he card was being removed from her customer account. Results following the First Phone Call from Customer:Representative elevated the issue to the [redacted] of the business [redacted] Gelians (below referenced as "[redacted]"). When informed the [redacted] wanted to see if there was anything he could do to satisfy the concerns of the Customer. This is the phone conversation referenced in the complaint filed with the The [redacted] called the Customer personally and was met with angry outbursts about her service, insults directed towards the [redacted] personally and threats of publicly defaming G.L.M., Inc. by using Facebook, Newspaper and the Although on the phone with the Customer the [redacted] couldn't get a word in enough to show his empathy and provide a solution. He tried to explain the customer was paid up until October there was no need to cancel immediately. There was no stopping the customer's slanderous threats. The [redacted] amidst the defamation and personal insults from the customer decidedly ended phone call.The [redacted]'s final decision was to send liquidated damages and remove the Customer's card from the file. If they attempt to call, direct all calls to [redacted].As a result the Customer has sought out multiple membership websites to defame the company. This complaint is irreconcilable and the company is agreeing to perform according to the signed contract on file.Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Company "representative" is being dishonest with their claims. Profanity was not used by anyone other than the [redacted] of the company, which they, not surprisingly, did not indicate in their response. The word "[redacted]" was never used to describe their service nor business. Every time an attempt was made to explain displeasure, they would interject and made no attempts at customer satisfaction.The company made no attempt to rectify dissatisfaction, made unsolicited phone call to my home demanding that "I" listen to "HIM" when attempts were made to explain why cancellation of service has been requested. The [redacted] became irate at the fact that I was speaking over him, and obviously has anger management issues. He was told a complaint would be filed with the, upon which time the business [redacted] said, "oh noy you are talking defamation of character, elevated his anger status, then used profanity, calling me a "[redacted]" then hung up the phone. This is the true conversation and he knows' this.This business does not follow their own contract, has conflicting statements in same, and threatens the consumer verbally, as well as making personal attacks.It is my right as a consumer to voice my honest opinion and experience in dealing with a company to which I am/was a paying customer/consumer. If a company such as this offers terrible, inconsistent service, refuses to listen to customer complaints and the [redacted] has the audacity to use profanity on top of everything else and lie about it, then why would a consumer such as I, wish to continue with or rectify a situation with said company?I simply called to cancel service. I was and am astounded at the ill treatment from this business and the unprofessionalism of it's said [redacted].A contract may be a contract, but verbal assaults and legal threats over a customer's wish to cancel service are uncalled for. They have payment through October, and may keep our money. Anything above and beyond that will not be paid. We wish to cut all ties with this company. No apology needed nor accepted. Their service speaks for itself.

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Description: Rubbish & Garbage Removal

Address: PO Box 221, Orange, Massachusetts, United States, 01364-0221


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