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I moved to San Marcos with my family in December of 2010. I wanted to help my daughter financially and made the mistake of going to Gems N' Loans of Escondido.
I initiated a [redacted] using gold that was given as a family gift. When the date approached to redeem my [redacted] and collect my gold I went in early to do so.
This was July first of 2012. Upon collecting my gold my family home was robbed of several thousands in gold and gemstones. Despite the store managers attempt to assure my family that Gems N' Loans had nothing to do with this crime I know, to this day, that Mr. Otto N was indeed responsible. I am not alone in this knowledge either. I posted my reviews of my negative experience on yelp and I was contacted by others who had the same experience with this store. For example, a woman asked me on facebook how I had been robbed, sharing her unfortunate experience. Initially I had been friendly with Gems N. Loans and shared with them I liked to run errands early in the day so I could return home. Unfortunately, this was precisely the time my family home was robbed. I know that Mr. N used my vital information to pinpoint my family home to commit this crime.
Even the police believe this to be true but were too busy or uninterested to investigate. ConsequentIy, I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder because I am afraid to leave my home. I know I will never recover my lost gold and gems but I considered asking Mr N if could buy back my mother's gold anchor chain with a carved jade amulet and he could keep the rest and I would remain silent but I am too afraid to go near this business again. You should know that this is the type of crime that he will commit again and again using the cover of his own company to do it. Of course he will laugh at my claim, then vehemently deny his complicity but truth goes through these exact two stages before being accepted as self-evident.
When I confronted Mr. N about my family's misfortune this is how he responded: In a jovial manner he asked "Oh, did you find your lost jewelry?"
Consequently, I rely on you to investigate this criminal before he strikes again.

Review: 11/04/12 I purchase craftsman 3 ton floor jack on this store it locks very nice from outside the seller say that this jack was working and it was in perfec condition I purchased this jack for $40.00 Monday 12/02/12 I need it to use it and almost have an accident whith the jack because it fall down . 12/09/12 I went to the store and explain the situation to the store manage he mention that the tool he sells he offers only 24 hours warranty and the seller never mention that to me, he refuse to help or even store credict.Desired Settlement: Redound the money .



At Gems N' Loans we take pride in taking care of our customers and their concerns even after a sale. We have spoken to the customer multipy times and have resolved the situation in a manor that is mutually beneficial to all parties. We thank the customer and the for allowing us the opportunity to resolve this situation.


Review: The failure to provide an invoice or written estimate for service upon request

An improper or inferior service

The services provided resulted in additional damage

The company has failed to provide itemized billing

My wife dropped of my wedding ring (6 near perfect diamonds, total 12 grams total weight, white gold) to your oceanside side store to have it totally redone. We also dropped off another ring at the same time (no diamonds solid white gold 11 grams total weight) with it to cover any additional gold that would be needed to make myring. We were told for what we wanted (size 16 ring made from scratch using original diamonds, white gold, weighing 20 to 22 grams after it was remade) it was going to cost us 425 dollars which 150 was supposed to be the labor. That means the jeweler had planned on needing an additional 10 grams of gold to hit the 22 gram mark. It seemed fair because of loss when melting down the origianl rings.. What I got back was a ring barely weighing 14 grams (right off the bat the ring is 8 grams short) The stones are put in crooked, the ring is very, very thin which is EXACTLY what I didnt want. the ring is not symmetrical at all. The "roundness" of the ring is warped and the back side is not the same height / width all the way. You can visual see the ring is not even at all. Prior to this discovery we had to wait in your lobby for over an hour for the lady to find the ring. Apparently it had gotten misplaced. She finally found the ring and when she brought the ring out of the puch to view it I immediatly got sick to my stomache seeing what was done to my wedding band. This is the shoddiest work I have ever seen in my life. My ring is almost an emabarrasment to wear especially kowing that not only is my ring screwed up-- I paid 425.00 on top of it for the weight of my ring to be 14 grams! Out of the quoted 10 that would be necessary, plus the 25 grams of gold we dropped off equals 30 grams of gold.My ring weights 14 grmas. You mean to tell me that your jeweler burn up 16 grams of gold? No. He did not. The jeweler that we dropped off the ring to at your shop apparently no longer works there either and passed my ring off to some other guy that he was training. WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. The ring is a joke and so is the 425.00 charge. I am asking for a full refund and I will walk away from this and get it redone somwhere else. Please dont make me go through the hassles of involving others. What happened is fraud and I can prove it. I am a resellor just like your company and use leads online just like your company is required to. I have the original information from both rings in my Department of Justice account. I can prove the quality of what I left this jewerly company versus what I have now... I would like for this to just be refunded to my card and we can all move on. If not, I am willing and prepared to take this company to court. I am sorry but this is the most depressing thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life.Desired Settlement: I want a full itemized, CORRECT, receipt that is true and not made up. The above listed weights and sizes are 100% true and I want a receipt depicting the correct numbers. I want a full refund so I can go and have my ring redone at a capable shop. This ring is so poorly made that it turns my stomachache every time I look at it. I want the 4.5 grams of pure gold that I was told after the fact that is mine so that I can use whats left to turn in to the next jeweler like the original plan. Lastly I want a full 425.00 dollar refund to my credit card. This company plain and simple ripped me off. When I called in to the company to talk about a solution, they offered none and tried to correct me on every problem I had as to why they were not to blame or it want their fault. From reading online reviews this is not the first time their greed has got the better part of them.



We want to thank the

for bringing

this matter to our attention. We have been in constant contact

with this

customer and have come up with a mutually beneficial solution to


situation. Unfortunately the failure in service and poor

craftsmanship in a

custom piece of jewelry that was created was due to an outside

vender. Due to

these circumstances we have chosen to not continue doing

business with this independent jeweler

going forward. We value our customers and strive to care of

their individual needs.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

The merchant took the ring to whoever they chose to do business with. THey have tried to side step the actual issue. They are at fault. They were NOT in constant contact with me until I threatened to sue them which I still might. Until the 420.00 charge is taken off my credit card I will pursue every avenue of legal litigation, online social reviews, and today I will be contacting the IC3. I dont care what they are thinking.. until my credit card charge is refunded I will NOT be satisfied. I cant believe that after all the problems this company has caused they STILL try to social clean up what happened by making it sound like it was someone another companys fault. [redacted] Gems N Loan... a little advice.. You are not dealing with one of your broke customers pawning their souls to pay their rent. I have money and I came to you ONLY because my wife new your jeweler and HE PROMISED her everything would be OK. You have no IDEA the nights my wife has laid in bed crying because of what you did. She has blamed herself your your company's debacle in losing my ring / diamonds / and not performing as agreed. The ring had sentimental value that cannot be replaced. My wife has held the burden of thinking I blame her or it is her fault and I literally hate you for that. You have put a wedge between me and my wife. I would never tell my wife it was her fault for trusting a PAWN SHOP to create a custom ring for me. I would never tell her it is her fault what you guys did. I dont have to. No matter what I tell her -- THIS IS HOW SHE FEELS and she will fell that way for some time. To dodge responsibility for what you have done and lie about who crafted the ring is unethical and actual attacks my intelligence. It has made me even more angry at your company. I am looking for a settlement now. Your company WILL settle with me AND publicly take responsibility for what happened. Then I will of had justice and my wife's tears will stop. Good day gentlemen. I would suggest getting your [redacted] together and handle this like a responsible company would or I will make you. Your papaerwork is garbage and means nothing to me.





On 6/21 [redacted]’s wife came into our Oceanside location and requested

that we size a ring for her, which we agreed and wrote up the


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Description: Pawnbrokers, Jewelers - Retail

Address: 520 North Coast Highway #102, Oceanside, California, United States, 92054


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