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On 8/24/15, the owner, [redacted] ***, called and said that needs to purchase GC/Md and ICP/MS for cannabis and also EPA methodsCurently has LC/MS.Customer did purchase laboratory equipment in the amount of $75, GenTech started the initial installation started on 11/2/and it was completed on 11/6/ On 11/6/15, the owner, [redacted] ***, signed the attached work order that everything had been installed, tested and was working properly From 11/9/to 11/12/15, GenTech completed the second installation of the additional equipment that was purchased by the customer On 11/12/15, the customer's Lab Manager, [redacted] ***, signed the work order that the additional equipment had been installed, tested and was functioning properly On 11/16/15, GenTech's Customer Service Manager called the owner, [redacted] ***, to see if he was happy with the installation process Here is a summary of that conversation: "Follcall made with [redacted] regarding installation he had with [redacted] and [redacted] for instruments [redacted] said he had been very busy and not in the office much and was told of no issues by his people He said [redacted] was a gem, a great guy and very knowledgeable and he said [redacted] was super nice and both seemed to know what they were doing No issues that he is aware of and will call should an issue arise."Mr [redacted] had called periodically to say that he was having issues and ans during a conversation that our Sales Manager had with Mr***, we were told that he had replaced all of his operators, whom GenTech had given training to for the instruments that the customer purchased On 4/21/16, at the customers GenTech performed a free service call, flying our technician from Buffalo to Las Vegas, to perform routine maintenance on the customers equipment The customer hired a new operator for the laboratory instruments and requested training for the new operator During this period, Mr [redacted] kept stating that the equipment was not functioning properly while GenTech believes that it was but that the customer did not employ a qualified operator.GenTech offered the customer a refund 42.867%, not 30%, as stated by customer, since they had laboratory equipment for month's Mr [redacted] declined GenTech's offer GenTech then offer to take back the equipment for an even trade of other equipment that Mr [redacted] said would perform better for his testing Mr [redacted] declined this offer as well We also offered to train Mr***'s new operator, which would take at least three to five weeks, but Mr [redacted] has insisted that this be done for free

First and foremost, please understand that the owner of American Specialty Lab, [redacted] ***, called GenTech on 8/24/and told GenTech the equipment that he wanted, per the recommendation of his very experience Lab Manager, Dr [redacted] ***, who is no longer with American Specialty Lab: 8/24/2015: “ [redacted] called, needs GC/MS and ICP/MS for Cannabis and also EPA methodsWill quote sameCurrently has LC/MS” Mr [redacted] and Mr [redacted] reviewed, approved and purchased the equipment that they requested [redacted] and [redacted] were sent a quote for the equipment, that they requested on 8/31/15, that clearly shows the Data system that included GenTech never made any promises that the data system that was quoted to American Specialty would communicate with LabDaq GenTech also was never told about the LabDaq software that American Specialty was/is using, prior to the purchase of the equipment by American Specialty from GenTech When GenTech traveled from Buffalo, NY to Las Vegas, NV to install the equipment only to find that American Specialty’s lab was not ready, as per the Pre-Installation checklist emails that GenTech sent to [redacted] on 9/15/and to [redacted] on 10/15/ There was no power supply/line for the GC, as emailed and required There was no Column, as emailed and required There was no ventilation ducting for the Elan, as emailed and required There was no electrical outlet for the Chiller and no gas lines for the Argon and emailed and required for installation of the equipment Installation was delayed while the electrician and vent contractors made the required changes to the lab On 3/17/2016, GenTech repaired the MSD and GHD-013B vacuum pump, Free of Charge, that was shipped upside down, and subsequently damaged during shipping, from American Specialty to Gentech GenTech took pictures and notified American Specialty of the damage On 4/21/and 4/22/2016, GenTech’s Service Engineer traveled to American Specialty and performed the following services, Free of Charge, to the equipment that was not functioning properly due to the loss of power to the lab: Verified Agilent 5973/system operation, Reinstalled Column, Unplugged an obstruction in the Syringe Autosampler that American Specialty unplugged while operation this Our Service Engineer also trained the new operator on the equipment and our Service Engineer quantified/qualified the equipment for testing of pesticides, cannabinoids and terpenes He also cleaned the dirty source and re-sthe Elan ICP-MS When our Service Engineer returned to Buffalo, he spent over three hours writing methodologies for American Specialty Labs, Free of Charge, as well The equipment is not the problem Per GenTech’s Service Engineer, American Specialty is attempting to run Liquid Chromatography (LC) standards on Gas Chromatography (GC/MSD) equipment American Specialty has changed operators from [redacted] to [redacted] to [redacted] GenTech feels that we have been extremely fair with American Specialty, and we feel that our offer of a refund of 42% is very fair given that they have had the equipment for almost one year I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I have attached several emails detailing the troubles we have had and below is an explanation from our scientist as to why the machinery never has worked:From: ZG KK [mailto: [redacted] ] Sent: Thursday, July 14, 12:PM To: [redacted] ***; [redacted] Subject: Iand GC/MSDHere is an explanation for the two machines and the methods and limitations GC/MSD: Testing: As the machine stands right now (plus gas tank of course) this machine can only test for terpene profilesHowever, data resolution is not as good, some r=value can be achieved on some terpenes Data transmission is not possible as the computer has no modem and also I am unsure as to how the data would be transmitted to labdaq from that program If a Headspace sampler was bought an added, maybe solvent residue testing could be done as well however that would have to be developed and tested only to ppm not ppb that is the limit of resolution for this machineIf level are lower and the state needs a report of lower levels it cannot be done This machine cannot be used to do pesticide residue or mycotoxins as the levels required by the state of Nevada are in ppb, as well as the some of the Pesticide Molecular weight is above g/mol or amuCannot be used for THCA or CBDA as they decarboxylate upon heat ICP-MS:This machine is only for heavy metal testingWhen [redacted] from Gentech was here he was unable to make a connection between machine and computerLater on Genetech called and they logged on to the computer via Team Viewer and they were unable to connect to the machine via computer and offered to send a new connection cableThat is where that issue was left at, and nothing else was done since on the matter as it was waiting for [redacted] to make a decision about the fate of this instrument If you have any other questions let me know [redacted] (Scientist) Basically, after installation and it was determined that the operating system was so old in the machinery that was sold to us that it was unable to communicate with our current software from LabDaq, even though it was only purchased with the promise that all equipment would communicate with each other We were then told that we needed to purchase additional Dell computers to make that happen (quite honestly that really was not our responsibility but in an effort to work with GenTech and get the machinery up and working, we invested more of our own money to get their machinery up and working), which we did but those computers were kept at GenTech and never used for the installation We have since received those Dell computers back at our facility after making an inquiry and these are also are sitting here with no connection to any machinery It is easy to have the owner sign for equipment received at the time of service with the promise of a return to finish the job but the job has never been finished After many phone calls and emails, we have experienced empty promises and avoidance I was told to request RMAs for additional service requests, then they pretended to never have received those requests, I sent them copies and then was told the service manager would be in contact The service manager has never been in contact and no more responses have come from GenTech even though I have emailed and called on several occasions My calls are put straight thru to voicemail and my emails are not responded to We believe that GenTech is unresponsive because they are guilty of selling antiquated machinery to a new laboratory that relied on their expertise and guidance when the purchase was made They charged $75,for machinery that STILL does not work! What are we supposed to do with it and how are we supposed to run our business with machinery that does not work? We no longer have any confidence in GenTech and do not want to swap out the equipment, nor trade it in for 42% of the value We simply want GenTech to pick up their equipment and give us a full refund.Regards, [redacted]

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